A Poem by DepthWriter

This atmosphere I breath... a somberness.... of sorrow.

Marooned within a time

(I know nothing of); left to endure a Genocide,

war stricken, weather-beaten...

Hunger set in; like a inflorescence- nacreous rose...

its' petals nodding from its theme, its axis canted to the precise side

Sockets with no eyes; psychotic, cavernous, corrugated -

an uninterrupted route

to an aching, a never ending symptom piercing you....

I lie here...

my body in stupor-

sweating profusely, quivering

from head to toe

solitary, bare, unable

to concentrate...

I pearl to the unclothed caps of my knees...

asking Supreme Being, ''Why?

It would have been okay... to take the grownup's but the children....

they were the endowments of tomorrow,

they held the knowledge to succeed...


You take everything, but I... be waged

such a blow....

When lives dropped like flies,

to an icy thumbed ground....

Camouflaged are the shadows... of forgotten dreams,

its wants ablaze in bloodthirsty seas

seated in the halfway of an outlined abyss...

fog consumed stares, the moments

that held hell by its soiled hand...

Husking the last bit of flesh from my cheek, watching

it be carried of into a dead zone; where life does not act....

I took an ambrosial, as I look through the quiet--

walking straight into the darkened spaces to look for others...

that may be as I, and all I found were more shadows, the spikes

of the solar

--- catastrophe blanketed by more deceased bodies...

strangled zombies crucified for their natural appearance-

It is the dark side of the moon I witness; its' euphony

lingers in a distant constellation, drawing, pulling me near

I am panicky... I don't know what is there...

I find the same there, as here... into the unknown...

This atmosphere I breath, asphyxiation, strangulation...

the sun does not shine... only shadows of devastation

brings down a blanket of somberness, of stripy sorrow...

with tattered wings; torn from backs, the marooned...

 © 2o12

© 2012 DepthWriter

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Added on February 14, 2012
Last Updated on February 14, 2012



Hague, NY

I have been writing for five-years, been through hell and back. My writing has evolved from rhyme, to depth... a profound deepness for all things around me. I believe as writers, we all must be able.. more..