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Numb Till you

Numb Till you

A Poem by DisturbedGoddess

This song is about when you've gone a very long time feeling numb. Then you come across that one person that wakes you up from that.


This song is a song that’s very personal to me. For the longest time after what my ex did to me I felt numb.  And mixed that in with all my friends turning against me. I felt nothing, no sadness, no depression, and no pain. Nothing but maybe content, and a little bit of happy. But when I was happy I wasn’t really happy. At least not as happy as I was when I was with him. I was like I had never been happier. This song is just about when you go a long time feeling numb like that then you find some one new who just wakes you up from all that. Who seems to take all that away and makes you happy again. Even happier then you were before.



Woke me up out of my dreams

Opened my eyes to the things around

Made me feel fortunate

To have some one like you

After all I've been through



For what felt like an eternity

I felt numb

No pain inside

Nothing could get me

No words could hurt me

Numb till you come into my life

Numb till you fixed me


Picked up the pieces left by the one before

Healed my broken heart

Finally brought happiness after all this time

Saved me from this world of nothingness

Only you can make me feel this way

Make me feel like I deserved better


Repeat Chorus

Now that you're here

Don't leave me alone with these feelings

Don't know what I would do

If you were to walk out the door and leave

Without a trace

Without a word of good-bye

Don't want to be put through it again


Repeat Chorus


What felt like an eternity

Never thought I would find some one

Like what I found in you

Couldn't bare the pain if you left


Repeat Chorus

© 2010 DisturbedGoddess

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Again, really great job Kat :) You gave me chills with the meaning and the lyrics!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 12, 2010
Last Updated on September 12, 2010