Math is a Gifted Wrath

Math is a Gifted Wrath

A Poem by Nicolo Marcelo

Well, a lot really loves comedy so I tried making this one quite humorous. It is all about math, some syllables are so much yet I do free writing! :) Please tell me your comments about it, thanks! :)


Fools are worth do saving forth,

Hence they are mindless boars that brawls!

When number saves the newbs of north,

Oh great do math when a clueless man crawls!


Math is every man’s need and fuel,

That starts with stones and sticks,

As many as the legs of Tentacruel!

And ends up making buildings of bricks!


Math, o math, save us all innocent!

The great display of numbers and challenges related!

Things gone wrong when the day needs a cent,

Because of mind so broad, we make things complicated!


Bring us the knowledge, bring us the thought,

For every decisions we make with the calculator we bought!

Formulas, postulates, theorems, geometry so great!

It is what some people like, it is what most of the people hate!


Yet step aside all thou haters for math is nice!

It will help thee calculate everything even thy hair problem of lice!

Math is almost everything, from countings to measures!

Bro, things would be easier if thy won’t make any erasures!


Math is truly a gifted wrath!

It what makes history whole by what every man hath!

It even composes of Olympic battles,

Which is so weirdly different when thou mind suddenly rattles!


Praise to all the great mathematicians!

Whom my brother calls all weird, crazy, extraterrestial martians!

May thou be enlightened with math’s gifted specialty!

Oh, how wonderful and crazy math could ever be!

© 2010 Nicolo Marcelo

Author's Note

Nicolo Marcelo
Math version of words! *laughs*

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Added on March 1, 2010
Last Updated on March 1, 2010


Nicolo Marcelo
Nicolo Marcelo

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