Forever Changed

Forever Changed

A Story by Dixie Carnley

A mysterious young woman, dangerous in all forms, shows up at a school.

Five years.  That is how long it has been since I had lived in this hole of a town, and now I realize why I left in the first place.  It is all the same; small houses, normal cars, boring, brick building schools.  It's a wonder dad did not save me any sooner than he did.  I was thirteen when he showed up at my mother's door, adoption papers in one hand, warrant in the other.  To this day, I still do not know what exactly those slips of paper said, but apparently it was enough for my mom to sacrifice her eldest twin.  Her special one, her baby.  Yeah right.  She was using me, just as she is now using Aurora.  I hate her, and this place.  The only reason I came back at all was because of her.  She is my sister, and she always will be.

As I drive down the main stretch of road,  my black camero hums along the main road, causing people to look.  They don't know who it is, thank the gods.  My window tint is too dark for that.  But the black and blue police tag on the front could be a hint.  I should have taken it off, now that I think about it.  But is it too late for that now.  As I pull up to the high school's main parking lot and turn off the engine, I sit for a moment, thinking that this was where I could have graduated.  I should be in school now, finishing up the last month before graduation, but I have a different profession now.

The SEA, Supernatural Enforcement Agency, hired me on two years ago, the youngest agent in its history.  It's no wonder, really, giving my lineage.  I hold in my power the ability to manipulate the four main elements.  It's a hastle, but it is something that I love to do.

Stepping out, the early summer sun beams down, sweltering and steamy.  My black, knee high leather boots click on the concrete sidewalk, covering the lower legs of my black leather pants.  My leather tank top stays snuggly in place, and as I walk into the air conditioned building, it makes me wish I had changed.  I do not know how the school officials will react to a leather clad, armed SEA agent walking into their school.  They'll probably think there is a loose changing imate running around or something of that magnitude.  And sure enough, as soon as I walk to the administration counter, the secretary behind the desk goes into panic mode.  Sighing as she runs off to get the principal, I slip my black sunglasses off my face. 

"What seems to be the problem?"  A tall, frumpy man in black pants and a polo shirt comes out of the office, holding the air of someone in charge.

"Yes sir.  I am SEA Agent Arwen Nicolias of the Elemental Division.  I've come to check out my sister, Aurora, if  you don't mind."  I run my fingers through my blood red hair, sticking my shades on top of my head.  "And if it is no problem, I would like to go and get her myself.  Kind of a surprise."

"Very well,"  he turns to the secretary.  "What room is she in?"

The woman rushes to her computer, scrolling through and entering data.  It was a full five minutes before she gave us an answer.  "Mrs. Gallagher, english.  Room 210."

"Don't worry about the escort, Principal Douger.  I know the way."  He just looks at me as I walk off, checking my out I suppose, as he has to fix a particular area down below.

I just roll my eyes and follow the halls, anxious to see how much my twin has changed in five years.

© 2013 Dixie Carnley

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Added on October 7, 2013
Last Updated on October 7, 2013


Dixie Carnley
Dixie Carnley

Mountain Home AFB, ID

I am a novice writer originally from southern Alabama, though I now call the Treasure Valley of Idaho my home. My passion is writing and reading, though if you really want to get to know me, put me a.. more..

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