No More Sunsets

No More Sunsets

A Story by *~DreamDeamon~*

I need help with this.... i deffinatley need suggestions!!!!!!!!!!



            I queitly laughed as the helpless girl was being killed or rather drained. Screaming, kicking, punching, thn suddenly she stopped, her body paralyzed. He looks up at me with those blood stained lips and calls me over to finish the pitiful kill. Slowly I slink closer but in my head im afraid, intimidated by his perfection.

            Staring at the girl for only for just a few short seconds, I slowly sink my pearly white fangs into her heart, straight through her chest. A few drops of blood ran down her chest, making me embareassed for making a mess. I looked up at him wonderong if he was going to be mad. Instead, he comes up next to me, licks off the blood before it could stain the girls shirt. Looking back up at me, he smiles, and raises an eyebrow. I lightly smile back, his eyes quickly circle the street, and he As soon as i smiled back he tackled me to the ground and violently kissed me. Pinning me down by my shoulders, putting one hand on to my throat, his kiss becoming more and more violent, but amazing.

             Five minutes go by, ticking to fast it seems it was only a few seconds. He jumps up in realization of ewhat he is doing, and he puts his head down in shame. Walking to the other side of the street, he calms himself from hitting the wall, and sits down. Slowly I follow him, trying to comfort him.

            "No, Ember I can't. Just stand back for a minute. I need," his voice gets tense, "some space."

             Fearful, I walk to a corner, sit down, and start to think.

             "Ember," he says queitly.

              Looking up, he put his hand out, I grasp it gently, and he quickly pulls me up. Quickly we stroll away from the girls lifeless body hand in hand. As we walk through Division Street my mind wanders. Mainly to the people and their new, confusing smells. Some of them smell so delicious and I just wanna follow them, bite them, suck them dry of their suculent nectar, but everytime I drift towards one of them he would swiftly pull me away.

               We walk for about seven more minutes, quickly comeing upon a huge building. I stand in front of it, staring in amazement. Using all of his strength he dragged me through the front doors. As we go int the building he makes us by pass everyone and go straight to the elevator.

                I become tempted to ask him where we are going but I am scared of his actions. He stands very stiff, in a menicing way that shoots shivers a fear down my spine. Although I might be afraid I am just to curious so I have to ask him, "Where are we?"

                He sheepishly smiles, "Be patient, you will see, " he expresses quite quietly.

                The elevator stops on the fourth floor and two teenaged girls hop on. A protective wave comes over me. Looking at him, he pulls me close to his perfect body, so close I can feel his cold breathe on my head. My eyes jerk from him to them. They both stand in the far corner snickering about god knows what.

                 Their vocies seem to get louder, louder, but they look as if they are still whispering. Within a few seconds I realize it is me not them. I am able to hear them without their knowledge. Although I really do not wanna hear them, all they are talking about is how cute and goregous he is. I scoff at them, and smile in an evil way. They look at me and quickly look away. I chuckle silently; he pulls my hair back making me look at him. He gives me this look, a look of understanding yet letting me know I have crossed the line. The girls immeditaly stop laughing and show fear, their eyes become big and their breathing becomes heavy.

                  I stare at them intensely, and without realizing it I am being dragged out of the elevator. Glancing up at the numbers, to figure out where i am, a big black eight was highlighted. I fight and squirm trying to get him to let go or loosen his grip on my arm. Then we suddenly stop, at room 802.

                  Walking in through the hand carved door I can't beleive my eyes. The room is dark but I can still see. I feel as if I have walked back in time, like I am back in the time of Kings and Queens. The room is filled with the aroma of elegant flowers, priceless paintings, beautiful vases, and rare silks. Moving ever so cautiously I go to the bedroom, where a mammoth bed draped in white flowing curtains and red satin sheets stand.

                  "Hmm.. Why do you have a bed?" I whisper under my breath.

                  Suddenly out of no where a gush of wind hits me, he was there.

                  "Well, I think it's good to keep up appearances. In case of... any problems," he says gently while looked down at me and smiling.

                  I just nod my head to show I understand

                  "Good!" He said quickly, grabbing my arm. "Now, come with me."

                  I followed willingly to ensure trust between us. We glided gently through the huge apartment. As we went along he closed the amazingly beautiful black satin curtians. He brought me to the furthest room.

                  He stopped abruptly, "open the door," he said plainly.

                  I reached my arm out to grab the dorrknob. Grabbing it I did not open it, instead I pulled myself towards it and spun around. Waiting silently to see what he would do. He put one foot forward, I crouched down, he did the same.

                  "Wait, stop!" I aggresively say.

                  He flings his gorgeous long black hair back and scoffs.

                  "What do you not have time to hear me out?" I question quickly.

                  He just nods his head and rolls his eyes, "fine what?"

                  "Thank you. All i want to know is your name."

                  "Well that, Ember, I will tell you once I completely trust you." he tries to say with a modest tone of voice.

                   "Wait, you don't trust me? Yet you have made me into what you are.....a....a Vampire, in stead of killing me and you dont trust me?!"

                    "I've only known you for twenty-four hours. Plus, I cant trust anyone too easily, there have been many who have turned on me."

                    "Oh..... Okay, sorry. I am just use to people trusting me."

                    He nods his head, "you will know things soon enough."

                    I turn to open the door, and he comes up behind me. He grabs my neck, lifts my head and whispers into my ear, "I promise."

                    His cold breath send s a shiver down my spine. He moves his hands to my shoulders, I close my eyes, and open the door. I open my eyes quickly as the door hits the wall, and he walks past me. The room is so dark and empty, except for that lonely picture frame in the far left corner of the room.

                    "Do you like it?" He questions excitedly

                    "Uhh.. Well what is it supposed to be, other than a room i mean?" I questioned back confused.

                    "It's my training room. I've trained alot of new vampires here. Plus, it's dark enough for me to do whatever I want, to be free. As you can tell it's so dark in here a mere human mortal can not see," He chuckles. "As long as they don't bring a flashlight."

                   "Ok well, it's dark and roomy, for a vampire I guess," I shrug and slowly turn away, watchign behind me. It was easy to tell that he was starting to get playful. Maybe it is because he can't really go outside, and do anything until night of course.

                   Woosh. He lunges for me, i quickly dodge and he almost hits the wall. Smiling devilishly he went at me again, he missed but got to me before i could turn around.




© 2011 *~DreamDeamon~*

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It's a very nice story, and I can't wait for more. But, when she says "oh, I'm just used to people trusting me" I feel like she should be more upset than she sounds...

Posted 13 Years Ago

I love this story :) good job

Posted 13 Years Ago

Awesome short story!

Posted 13 Years Ago

awesome! well conceived and masterfully written. i think you have been finding your true gift in this one. although i'm not a big reader of stories and books, i can see in this that you have a talent here to pursue...

Posted 13 Years Ago

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