A Poem by Tabitha Marie

You sit there and you watch as the days go by

But when will you finally look me in the eye

And tell me that you know you were wrong and you wanna make it right

Even though i know you'll be far too gone by the end of the night

Bottle in hand i watch you fall

Deeper and deeper, but im not helpin you at all

This is who you chose to be, this is who you are

I'm nothin to you, I'm just here to fill the bar

Can you tell me what you said today, yesterday, the day before?

No, you can't, you were to busy laying passed out on the floor

I'm sick of all the lies you tell through your alcohol drenched breath

Soon you're gonna be all alone, whether it's cause i leave or because of death

If you think I'll sit around and watch you rot away

Then you really have lost your mind, cause I'm not here to stay

The next time you reach for the bottle, think about what it means

Are you really risking all you have just to escape from the past forgotten things?

Just you wait and you'll see

Someday you'll realize how much you needed me

Like a moth to a flame, I'm destined for bigger things

Away from all the hate and the anger that the alcohol brings

Everyday you'll lose yourself more and more

But all you have to do is sober up and come knockin' on my door

Cause there I will be waiting to help you through

Everything from the past, but today, I'm leaving you.

© 2011 Tabitha Marie

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Added on January 29, 2011
Last Updated on January 29, 2011
Tags: alcohol, abuse, life, lessons


Tabitha Marie
Tabitha Marie


I'm a pretty simple person, with a complex life. Don't try to figure me out, because I can't even figure myself out. I love to write, expression is what I'm all about. I'll write about anything, life,.. more..