Lyra, From Guard to the princess to Princess Part one

Lyra, From Guard to the princess to Princess Part one

A Story by DreamyKari

Our heroine Lyra hides a secret, well actually two. Her dislike of the princess who she is forced to protect and her father is the king.

The room was dark the shades drawn. We couldn't afford to be found out, caught off guard. Outside rain pounded on the roof sounding like the footsteps of marching beasts. I shuddered and pulled the blanket tighter around me. The memory of barely escaping Sven's beasts still clung to me. Had it truly been three days now?
My breath created small swirls of steam in the air. I was so cold, I was always cold these days. I had healed my battle wounds just a day ago, but I didn't move an inch closer to the fireplace. Princess Lara sat on an embroidered pillow in the fire's warm glow. Although I knew she wouldn't mind me sitting next to her, it was I who couldn't handle such closeness with her. 
She embodied the true form of what a princess should be sweet, nice, perfect. It sickened me. She seemed to be acting, but I hated her more because I knew she wasn't.
She sighed sadly and I knew what was expected of me.
"Are you alright?"I paused and then added,"Majesty?"I simulated worry in my tone.
"Yes, I just want them back safely."She said. Them was her other guards. Veon an element wielder and my fellow guard. Jasper a bounty hunter we had befriended. And Prince Eli of Clarion, her boyfriend. She had everything I wanted without even trying.
They had gone to gather news about the state of the kingdom which had been attacked by monsters and beasts sent by Sven. Sven who wanted to overthrow the king. 
Kao from the ally elf kingdom of Soar walked into the room. His burgundy eyes looked from me to the princess and he was brushing his long silver hair. He came and bowed to her. I knew at once that he had news, I got to my feet quickly and came closer.
"I've had a vision,"he said,"They will be with us shortly."
"Safe?"She asked getting to her feet.
Kao nodded. She squealed happily,
"Isn't that great news, Lyra?"
"I'll try to contain my excitement,"I said with a false smile.
Kao looked at me and shook his head. As far as I knew he was the only one who knew of my distaste of the princess.
When Lara wasn't looking I gave him the finger. He smiled and walked away waving me off.
"I should pretty myself up,"She trilled as she brushed her long golden hair.
"Eli would love that!"I gushed. Seeing her pampered and relaxed while he was out risking his life for her kingdom, yeah he'd love it.
"He would!"She squealed as she ran up to her room. I rolled my eyes and sat near the fire. Kao came back,
"If you don't like her, why do you hang around?"he whispered.
"Because it's my duty and... my mother asked me to. It's the only way I could ever be close to my father,"I answered.
"Who's your father?"he asked.
"Who do you think?"I said sarcastically.
"But you are three years older than Lara,"He said.
"It's complicated. My mother is a commoner."I explained.
"Well, at least now, I understand why you are the way you are."He shrugged.
"Buddy you have no idea."I said.
At that moment he walked in. Brown glossy hair, hazel sparkling eyes. So beautiful to look at it was painful.
Eli Prince of Clarion. And Lara's boyfriend.

© 2013 DreamyKari

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I think this could definitely be the begining of a great story. I'm intrigued as to why Lyra resents the princess so much, among other things. Can't wait to read more; I hope you continue it!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 10, 2013
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Clayton, NC

I've been writing for years mostly fiction, but I've never thought about becoming a published author. Until now when I have a great story that I'm very intrigued with myself more..