A Story by czech

all quotes. kind of a challenge but i think it turned out well

“I kind of want to suffer, I mean, its the only time its ever going to happen. Might as well experience it to the fullest. I mean sure its pain, but the short-lived nature of it kind of comforts me in a weird way. ”

“Hell no man. I’d rather be flyin’ high on 4 times the lethal amount of heroin. No pain, no worries, just you and and ol’ friend taking one last walk out of everything we know and into something greater than any of us”

“I don’t know about you guys, but I'm scared shitless. I mean, a hunk of lead catches me the wrong way, and I could be like riding on a boat to eternal suffering and brimstone and fire in a  matter of moments. Like what if what we are doing here is wrong, like what if our entire moral compass is askew then we are all just fucked, right?”

“Ya know, according to the bible, mankind is jus’ naturally evil”

“screw the bible. its just the same as your heroin blanket, just a way to dull reality. An attempt to cast some form of light into the void, when all it does is illuminate a hole just big enough to stick your head in.”

“I could like use a blanket right now”

“I could too man. An’ who the hell wants to live if you don’t believe. You ever slept without a blanket man, makes the soft gentle night turn into a cold jagged enemy.”


“Ahh s**t guys, I think this is it. Do you hear that? we lost the river! Were like gonna f-f*****g d...”

“Man shut the hell up. Aint no use in sayin that stuff”

“I hate how nobody ever addresses what you are before you are born. I mean, the way that I see it there is this timeless reality that you partake in, and you disappear from it just as soon as you entered, so why not expose yourself to everything that you can”


“No, you c-cant leave m-me!”
“You’re gonna be fine man, just stay with me. Aw hell don’t you leave me goddamit stay with me man! Just keep breathi... eghh... im... h...”

“What a beautiful day. I just wish that I could stay for a while.”

© 2012 czech

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Added on May 30, 2012
Last Updated on May 30, 2012
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A Story by czech

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