A Poem by Drifting Blue


She takes her summer baton
And conducts a field of flowers-
                Black-eyed Susan, Queen Anne’s Lace-
The wind whips up the seeds and makes new
Every spare dandelion
Filling space, taking up the vacuum inside/outside.
Constant smell of dead skunk
A prayer composed/decomposed-
                To grant one day more-
Orion rides the night sky and
Captures the eyes wide in wonder
Of simple patterns gleaming blue.
And I feel real
All is real
All real
Hereafter/everafter/nevermore is overrated and the now is an underachiever
What stains is the past and all its intricate weaving-
                The loom assumes unions-
Time caps off the fallacy of who we are and
Who we are
Fails to appear out of the hat.
I am filled with Gnostic/nostrums, thoughts
Denying the body and blood coursing, careening –
                 Empty hands throwing punches-
Desperate slanted arguments of nothing
When something catches the eye
A portrait turns on an urn
The curator is suspicious of specious vases-
                Categories fall contaigious-
Vestiges veer off center leaving
A stick man in a hangman’s noose.
And I feel real
All is real
All real

© 2008 Drifting Blue

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Great stuff, like wathing a magician do his stuff. I like the refrain, which is like a calming bit of architectural scroll work. But the like that I think is great is 'Time caps off the fallacy of who we are'...and then you even weave in a crafty pun with 'hat'. Normally when I've read something strong like 'Clear' I find its still bossing my mind a couple of reads later. But that has not happened here. So I concluded I think this is the better of the two poems, at least for me. The use of deft little repeats clearly runs in the family!

Posted 13 Years Ago

love the imagary

Posted 13 Years Ago

At turns playful and philosophical, its breezy pacing belies its weight. A first-rate piece of writing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

"Stick man in a hangman's noose", haha, I liked that line. This poem was chock full of whimsy and the dandylion fluff of daydreams with a nugget or two of profundity thrown in to make it truly interesting! I liked this, sort of a boundy, bouncy hard to follow in a way, but totally understandible in a non-sensible logic. I liked it. Great work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh, the descriptions and imagry in this is just so wonderful. It's truly magnificent what you have done with your words here.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Drifting Blue
Drifting Blue

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