Ranting And Raving About The Way It Was

Ranting And Raving About The Way It Was

A Poem by AHHHHHHHH! Heath.

Allow me please to venture to the stand,
To get up on the soapbox so to speak and reprimand.
Now, I understand there are different views on art,
Yet still I think there’s a certain premise we need to understand.
I have in mind one of the many forms of art,
Poetry is on the table today please give me ear.
See, I have this issue with how you people write it these days,
In fact that issue is a burning annoyance with what I read and hear.
You write with brilliant imagery and colorful words,
But when the verse is at an end nothing rhymes.
Sure there’s a good story or thought or perspective,
I respect all of the above but to seal a “wow” is rhyme at just the correct time.
It shows you can articulate with ease and creativity,
It proves you’re smarter than the average joe.
Now many of you claim, probably in case someone like me arises,
That you’re simply the average man not an Edgar Allen Poe.
I concede if you are so avidly bent to counter,
Yet I think you could still do better than the faint frail lines.
Yes, even a kindergartener could rhyme better than you,
It’s not abstract art if you’re completely confused about “rhymes”.
Your point is clear enough, well sometimes it is,
I usually understand the idea you had or at least I think I did.
See without the rhyming I’m too bewildered to understand,
That if 2 + 5 = 7 then how’d you get seven hundred?
Just a thought for you to ponder once you’re done ridiculing me,
I know I may be ignorant to your “art” cause heck King David’s didn’t rhyme!
Can I refresh your memory that he wrote and spoke Hebrew?
So whether English translations don’t jive, in Hebrew I’m sure it sounds just fine.

© 2012 AHHHHHHHH! Heath.

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Added on March 23, 2012
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Wherever the wind blows! Hahahaha desert!, CA

Hi! I have no idea what I'm doing I just do, sorta like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do with one if i caught it! Yes, that is a Joker quote thank you for realizing that. Honestly.. more..