Uncertainty (Haiku)

Uncertainty (Haiku)

A Poem by EDRC

This poem was written by: Erica.

Vast uncertainty,
the world's defects spilling
over into a

Whirlpool of pain
and confusion, spiraling
out of control at

a break-neck pace while
consuming everything in
it's chaotic path.

Destruction of all
is imminent and all that's
left is a numbing

throb where everything
used to be but was ripped out
of Mind, Heart, and Soul.

An empty void in
the world that refuses
to close the door of

Anguish. Never will
it stop. Never succumb to
the feeble world.

Yet still we cling to
a tormenting hope. That one
star that won't go out.

It sits in our hearts
and warms us. But that warmth is
a curse, and when it

freezes over, it
tosses us into a land
of bitterness and

Ice. Freezing the good
and humanity out of
the universe. It

is fast approaching.
Be ready for the end.
Be ready, to die.

© 2010 EDRC

Author's Note

This poem was quite dark. I have never though of death in this aspect before.

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Added on November 11, 2010
Last Updated on November 11, 2010
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