When Names Escape

When Names Escape

A Poem by Earl Schumacker

Really real estate


When Names Escape

Mary knew John before you

Who knew Jane before Sam

Obviously there was Sally, Melvin and Tim

The Tim who wore glasses

Since the other Tim did not

The brother of Mary, who's name escapes me

Visited John's mother yesterday with Tim

Mom was not in so they left together

A day like no other day is a day without mom

Dad lived in Spain without mom

Sally and Melvin were not invited as well

Someone who spoke Spanish stayed behind

Juanita or Junia or something like that explained

Names are too long and forgettable in Spain

Sister never heard of Mary before John arrived

Jane didn't care for money only property

Ben came before her birth, before the time of Pan

According to legend, Ben should have never been born

Lost pagans and anti-biblical names prevailed with him

Ben was assigned an alternate name, that would be Tim

Not the Tim with or without glasses but another

Tim 3 will do for now as a designated nomenclature

To avoid confusion, there was Mary, first executrix

John came second, than Sam, then Melvin, Tim 1

Tim 2, Tim 3, (a/k/a Ben) and so on down the loins of lineage

Mistakes abounded with each generation

Mary's brother remains a mystery to this day

Of all the signatures of people, witnesses and sources

The will would be challenged not by names but faces

Ben was too complicated for lawyers

Too confusing to absorb

Tim 3 would have to sign for family members

John and Mary but not Sam or dad or mom

(Out of town forever) Amended

They are found on pages five through ten

Which will remain unmentioned here

Since they came before the time of Pan as well

Remember to name the baby something different

Something other than Tim or Ben when dividing land

Splitting hairs on who is there and what is fare

When time comes around again to settle

When names escape you

When dividing real estate

Remember who you are

Thank God you are not them

© 2017 Earl Schumacker

Author's Note

Earl Schumacker
It looks confusing and perhaps it is but is it?

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Added on May 5, 2017
Last Updated on May 5, 2017
Tags: names, confusion, land, misunderstanding, history


Earl Schumacker
Earl Schumacker

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