Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

A Story by Earl Schumacker

Love at first sight


Vanilla Ice Cream

The stranger man, dressed in a long brown trench coat, galumphed up to the young woman on the street and proclaimed in his bold chocolaty voice, “I like Vanilla ice cream!” Instead of running for the hills screaming bloody murder, the woman responded in kind, “I like vanilla ice cream too.” The man said, “We should get married… Right now!” The woman said yes right on the spot. She could have just as easily said no but didn’t. It isn’t every day that someone like her, an unattractive government military bureaucrat gets proposals of marriage so she jumped at the opportunity.

They immediately danced down the street hand in hand in the middle of the night looking for the justice of the peace to give them a peace of justice that they so eagerly sought and deserved. They only wanted their just deserts.

Mr. stranger guy had to be careful meandering blindly down the road as there were many broken wine bottles along the way and he had no shoes. His filthy feet were covered in caked on dried mud which gave the illusion of shoes. The young woman wore Prada leather pumps so she had to be ever mindful of her footing as well. High stiletto heels were not really meant for running and dancing you know.

Shortly after the happy nuptials Mrs. Vanilla Ice Cream Loving lady starts to pop out many babies. They shot out of her like tiny bullets from a Gatling Gun, one after another in rapid succession until she was done. That might be an epic exaggeration or maybe an over simplification of what really happened but many children were born to them over a short period of time. In fact there were 10 in all who flew out from her womb in just under 5 years. But enough about her womb. How is it humanly possible to produce that many babies in such a short time you might ask? Apparently they had the good fortune of having twins in their gene pool so 2 at a time popped out all over the place with smiles on their faces.

Mr. and Mrs. Stranger made it their mission in life to teach their kids to love vanilla ice cream.

It was an easy enough task to achieve because who doesn’t love ice cream? That is not to say there were not obstacles in the way.

Mr. stranger man was stunningly poor, non productive by nature, a street urchin by trade and practice. He carried a stone around with him in his pocket. He would bring it out from time to time to suck on as a reminder of what food might taste like. He enjoyed the memories of eating since he has no money to afford such luxuries these days.

In fact he had never tasted ice cream of any kind. He imagined that vanilla must be something pretty special. It looks so delicious in pictures he has seen.

What a wonderful relationship! What a wonderful life! Here are two people coincidentally, perhaps even existentially in love, who have built their lives together with their love of vanilla ice cream. True, they may never taste it but they can dream and their dream lives on in their children.

© 2022 Earl Schumacker

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Added on November 30, 2022
Last Updated on November 30, 2022
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Earl Schumacker
Earl Schumacker

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