The InFidelities of InFidels

The InFidelities of InFidels

A Story by Easter3

How can one simultaneously be an InFidel and the InFidelity ?

“Please, oh please, oh please, don’t shoot me dead, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug.  I’m just a little ‘ole recently, and prematurely released Schizophrenic.”

“What ?  No, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug.  I’m not making Fun of you or me.  I’m just trying to let you know that I’m not worth Mug-a-Lugging, Robbing, or Shooting……”

“Uh oh !   Wait a minute.  I feel an Aura coming on….. Uh, oh !”

“Hello.  No, no, who did he say he was.  Forget what that InFidel said.  I’m a young School Girl from Nigeria.  I am but One of 287 School Girls kidnapped to sell in the Slave Markets, and held Captive, and for Ransom by the Boko Haram-Ho-Hum.”

“You, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug would feel an immediate kinship with the Boko Haram-Ho-Hum Terrorists.  You have much in Common.”

“Why are they holding young Nigerian School Girls hostage ?  Well, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug, they came in the night and kidnapped all of us Girl from our School.  They do not Believe that Girls should be Educated.  Especially not with Western Ideas.  The Boko Haram-Ho-Hum Terrorist Thug-a-Lugs say they want to do away with Christianity, and have the whole World convert to the Muslim Religion and Traditions.”

“So, the Boko Haram-Ho-Hum Terrorist Thug-a-Lugs kidnapped us to sell and to hold for Ransom.  They made a video of us to show around the World, because they want other imprisoned Terrorists to be released by the Nigerian Government for our release, because EveryOne in the Whole World is watching, and upset by what has happened to us.”

“In this video, they had many of the School girls sitting in Muslim dress and wearing the hajibs over their heads, as Obedient Muslim Women do.  They had the School Girls reciting Prayers from the Koran, and denouncing Christianity.  They had the School Girls Forcefully Seceding from their Previous Beliefs, Dreams, Ambitions and Lives”

“Well, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug, some of the School Girls may really be Muslims, but some are saying what they have been Told to Say by the Boko Haram-Ho-Hum because they are afraid of Torture - afraid of Rape - afraid of being Sold into Slavery - afraid of being Murdered.  Fear for One’s Life is a Powerful Tool of Persuasion and Conversion.”

“Oh no, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug, what I am telling you is the Truth.  I escaped to Tell the Tale of the InFidelity of InFidels.”

“What is an InFidel ?  It is SomeOne who is UnFaithful or DisLoyal to a Moral/Ethical Obligation or a Religion.  A DisBeliever.”

“How are the Boko Haram-Ho-Hum InFidels ?  They are making a mockery of the greatness of the Moral/Ethical Teachings of the Koran.  Muslims are not to move through Life as Murdering, Raping, Stealing, Burning Everything to the Ground Terrorists.  Muslims are not to be Destroyers of Peace, Stability and Civilizations, but the Creators of Peace, Stability, and Productive Civilizations.”

“The Boko Haram-Ho-Hum are drenching themselves in the Blood and draining Darkness of their continual Acts of Infidelity.  They are the 
Infidels !”

“Uh-oh….Oh no, I feel an Aura coming on…..Oh No !”

“Hello.  No, no.  I’m a young Man from East Ukraine.  Are you a Putinite ?”

“You know, a Putinite.  One of the Masked Russian Special Ops or Pro-Russian Marauders sent to Terrorize, DeStabilize and OverRun Ukraine for the sake of Ancient History and the Territorial and Energetic Usurpation of Land and Wealth for Mother Russia’s Glory and Benefit ?”

“Oh no, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug, Masked Marauder, you have me all wrong.  I see that fully loaded Gun you have pointed at my head.  That Gun tells me everything I Need to know, if I Hope to go on Breathing and Living.”

“This East Ukranian young Man is very much aware of your proclivity to Torture those who dis-agree with you, Shoot, Bomb and Burn Buildings to the Ground at a quiet, stealthy nod of ascent/descent from Russia - from Putin and the other Oligarchs.”

“So, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug Masked Marauder, out of Fear, and the Need for Self Preservation at any cost, I will Say and Do what you want me to Do.  I will even Say that I am One of you, and Act as though that I am One of You.  I will participate in your Forced Referendum.  I will Vote as my Fear for my Life would have me Vote, because all of your Masked Marauding Eyes are Watching me, and everyone else.  I will Secede from whatever you tell me to Secede from.  You have our Borders surrounded.  We are your Hostages.”

“Do you know anyone in the Boko Haram-Ho-Hum ?”

“No, no, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug Masked Marauder.  I am not being Dis-respectful.  Not me.  Never.  It’s just that all of you Terrorists are soooo much alike.  I mean your Tactics and Strategies of inciting Fear and Trepidation in EveryOne through Physical and Psychic Violence and Pain in order to get your way.  And if anyone does not bend and bow to your Wills or Whims you Torture, Rape and Murder them mercilessly.  You Rule through the Destructive Forces of Violence and Fear.  I’m just saying…”

“Uh-oh…Not again….I feel an Aura coming on……Oh no…..”

“Hello.  Oh my God !  You’re still here ?!  And holding that Gun in my Face.  I told you, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug.  I’m just a little ‘ole Schizophrenic.  I don’t have anything worth your Terrorizing me over.”

“Do you want me to be a Boko Haramian (Ho-Humian) ?  A Cliven Bundyonian ?  An Aryan Nationalist ?  A Talibanian ?  A Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug Global Militarist Terrorist ?  I’ll be it.  Just don’t kill me.”

“I know how to BeCome a Terrorist just like you, Mr. Bully Boy, Thug-a-Lug.  I just Need to hide my Ignorance, my Fears, my Hatreds, my Bigotries and Prejudices behind the Violent Masks and Veils of Radicalized Religion and Nationalism.  And Focus on all of that, and only that.  I can Do that !”

“I can Do all of that Violence and Mayhem in the Name of God - in the Name of whatever Town or State or Country you want me to.   You want to Secede from myself ?  I can Do that !”

“You see, all of you Mr. Bully Boy/Girl, Thug-a-Lug Terrorists are basically the same.  Your Tactics and Strategies of Terror are the same.  By any other Name you’re all the Same.  I can Do you.”

“Just give me a chance.  Tell me what you want me to Say and Do.  With that Gun to my Head, heck, I’ll become All of You.  I mean it.  I’ll Be and Do All of you Terrorists.  I can Be the InFidelity and the InFidel.  I’m a Schizophrenic.  I can Do ’em All Simultaneously.  Anything !  Just don’t Shoot me Dead !”



© 2014 Easter3

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Added on May 13, 2014
Last Updated on May 13, 2014
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