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What really moves Putin ?

Rootin’-Tootin’ Putin is Scootin’ and a- Shootin’, Stompin’ and a-Chompin’ all up and down the Territorial Sovereignty of Ukraine.  While with ‘Eyes Wide Open’ the rest of the World Watches on and Allows it to happen.

The Corporate Oligarchs have been and still are Buying their way into Political and Judicial Leadership positions Globally in order to gradually Establish Corporate Territorial Domains, and call them Countries (Shell Corporations to hide their real Intentions and Goings-on within), and have their UnAware EnSlaved Workers Shout and Sing for the Team, and call it Nationalism (but it’s really just plain ‘ole  Capitalized Corporatism).

Corporate Leaders have been used to Pushing and Shoving Political and Judicial Leaders, and the Nations they are supposed to Represent, Serve and Protect around for ages in the name of Manipulated and Capitulated Nationalism (but it’s really just plain ‘ole Capitalized Corporatism).

Putin is a Rootin’-Tootin’, Rompin’-Stompin’, Wheelin’-Dealin’, Lyin’ and Deceivin’ Oligarchic Capitalizing (and Capitalized by other Oligarchs) Corporatist.  A past KGB Bureaucrat.  A Master of Covert Action and In-Your-Face ReActions/Actions.

Putin is making his grasping moves on Ukraine with his Hand in the Cookie Jar, while staring blandly into EveryOne’s accusing and critical Eyes, and telling them, “My Hand is not in the Cookie Jar.  And I am not Eating the Cookies you think that you See me Eating.  How ridiculously delusional you all are.  You are the Imperialists, not I.  You are the Deceptive Liars, not I.  You are the Invading Usurpers, not I.  See what you are doing in Iraq and Syria ?  You are the International Bullies, not I.  Care for a Cookie anyone ?  They taste best with a Gallon of Georgian, Crimean, Ukrainian, etc…. Oil and Blood.”

“What ?  I am not eating Cookies, I tell you, and I am tired of you falsely accusing me of doing so.  Excuse me, can you move over a bit more, I dropped a crumb.  What was I saying ?  Oh yes, so what if I am blatantly breaking International Laws and Courtesies by slowly Invading Ukraine !  I need Ukraine to be DeStabilized and highly Emotional so that I can have my way with her - with them - with it !”
“Ukrainians are all just Wanna’-Be-Russians anyway.  What’s the big deal ?  Give them time.  They will willingly, and when needed, forcefully, Join my little Corporate Rakeover-Takeover - I mean, Russian Nationalism, and will  eventually be happy, be safe and secure from other Corporate Rakeovers-Takeovers - I mean, Nationalistic UpRisings - I mean, that they will be safe and secure from the encroaching ISIS, the Jihadists‘, Invasions and Caliphate Usurpations.”

“ISIS InCorporated with Allah as the Heavenly CEO.  And their Earthly CEO’s are truly InHumane and Brutish Fellows.  They never stop enjoying shocking others with their beheadings, throat slittings, stonings, lashings, acts of torture, stealing, double-dealings and murdering anyone who happens to Dis-Agree with their horrific and World Ending Corporate Ideologies.”

“My Corporate Oligarchy, Mother Russia, is nothing like that.”

“I work my Cogs to the Bone while stealing every penny I can from them.  They love me.  I deserve my Blessed Fate as they De-Serve theirs.”

“I am a hard Working Oligarch.  I need an endless supply of Re-Placeable, Capitulated hard Working Cogs to Manipulate and Control to make myself
More Powerful and Uber-Wealthy with and for.  They give me Purpose and I give them Work and Drudgery.”

“Corporatism is the new Nationalism.  Get used to it.  Stop your whining and go be a good little Cog for me and other so-called Self-Made, Cog-Made, Oligarchs to come.”

“But Comrade, we digress, and I am trying to speak to you of Progress.  Corporate World Order and Progress for the Oligarchs and the Few, and the churning ho-hum-hum-drum for the Masses.

“The things I am discussing with you are Things as the should be and I, and my cronies and cohorts, are Working very hard to obtain and maintain Worldwide Power and Control.”

“I Love being Greedy for Power, Money and Control.  It’s Suitin’ this Putin.”

“So, EveryOne, calm down.  Enjoy the unfolding Travesty and Parade of Lies and Theft.  Your time is coming.  You must remember, this is nothing more than a Global Corporate Rakeover-Takeover that you think you see me and my trained men and War Machines shoving down Ukraine’s sore and squeaking throat.”

“This is my, and many other Oligarchs, Global Strategy.  My version of Putin-o-nomics is to covertly Invade, Usurp and Rake it In.  It is an Ageless Strategy.  A Strategy of and for Pre-Historic Chest -Thumpers like me, and my cronies and cohorts.”

“This is only the Beginning, because what the Cogs do not Realize is that the very Governments they want to abuse and dis-mantle are the only effective Tools they have to use to keep Corporate Oligarchs like me at bay.  Ha !  Ha !  As they say in America, ‘Stay Tuned“ and ‘get ready for one really Wild Ride“.”


© 2014 Easter3

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Added on August 30, 2014
Last Updated on August 30, 2014
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