Deliver Us From a We Must Have Nukies World !

Deliver Us From a We Must Have Nukies World !

A Story by Easter3

Why does the world keep on proliferating Nuclear Bombs.....etc. ?

What’s got your dander up, Pete ?”  Sam asked his obviously disgruntled buddy.

“I’m sick of livin’ in someone else’s so called Reality, that’s what,”  Pete snarled.

‘And what Reality might that be, Pard ?”  Sam asked.

“A Reality that makes no Logical Sense, Sam,”  Pete shook his head from side to side.  “Makes no Sense at all.”

“Well, are you gonna’ tell me about this Reality of yours that your goin’ on about or just leave me guessin’ ?”  Sam prodded.

“Sam, why would anyone or any Nation for that matter want to Create, and keep on Creatin’, what the Earth already has too many of ?” Pete asked rhetorically.

“Why, I don’t know, Pete, but I might be able to help you answer that question if I knew what we were talkin’ about.  Are we talkin‘ about rabbits or fire ants ?”  Sam suggested.

“I’m talkin’ about Nukes, Sam. Nuclear Bombs.  It makes no sense to continue to make and give room and board to more and more of ‘em anywhere on the Planet.  Why can’t folks see that ?  It‘s as plain as the nose on their faces.”  Pete grumbled.

But before Sam could offer an answer, Pete continued, “Humans spend millions and billions of dollars makin’ ‘em and takin’ care of ‘em, and protectin’ ‘em from anybody else’s gettin’ their grubby little hands on ‘em.  Money we should all be spendin’ on more meaningful things like Education or Medical Services for everybody or givin’ a hand up to the poor and sick.  But instead, we just keep on spittin’ ‘em out all over the World just so one Country can thump its chest at another Country and threaten it with population annihilation if one or the other doesn’t do things this way or that’a way.  You do things my way or your whole Country will hit the Nuclear Highway.  It’s just ridiculous !  Plain ridiculous !”  Sam almost shouted.

“And we’ve got this kind of crazy thinkin’ all over the World !  Big Countries lordin’ it over Smaller Countries with Nukes, makin’ the Smaller Countries wanna’ have Nukes so that they can Play in the Fields of the Lords with the Big Countries.”  Pete said exasperatedly.

“What a Mad Hatter Game all of these World Leaders wanna’ play, Sam.  What a Game !  My Nuke is bigger than your Nuke.  And it flies faster and Jumps higher than yours can.  And can take out a bigger chunk of Planet Earth than yours can.  Nanny, nanny, Boo-boo !  Hack me off and I’ll Nuke you !  Gol durn it, Sam.  It’s all Hogwash !”  Pete said as he began to walk around in a tight circle.

“Have you heard about the Iranians sittin’ down in Geneva with some of the Europeans and America to discuss their Nuclear Program ?”  Sam queried.

“Of course, I have.  I heard it on the news.  And then those dad burned Republicans had ’ole Netanyahu come to America and speechify over at The Hill about what a bad idea havin’ an Agreement with Iran about their Nuclear Program was to the whole World. And then they followed that punch at ’ole President Obama with another Right Hook when forty-seven of those same knot headed Republicans, some of ’em wantin’ to be a future American president themselves, see if they get my Vote, sent a letter to Iran sayin’ that Obama had no power to make an Agreement with Iran, and that the next elected President could void any Agreement made with the Iranians.  Completely and arrogantly ignorin’ the other Countries involved in all of the Agreement meetin’s, and pushin’ the Integrity, Good Faith and Credit of America in the mud all in one really stupid, mean spirited, nukifiyin’, political stunt !  The World has gone completely crazy, Sam !  I don’t like the Reality that all of these Crazies with Nukes or wantin’ Nukes or wantin’ to take down their own American President, and America’s Good Name with it, in front of the whole gol durned World !  Not one little bit !”  Pete explained as he continued to pace around his friend, Sam.

“Pete, I can understand why you’re upset.  It’s enough to upset any red blooded American or anyone else on this God forsaken Planet….

“No sir !  Don’t you say that, Sam !  You take that back !  This Planet is not God Forsaken !  It’s forsaken by Humankind !  Humankind !  And Humankind has got to take it back from all of this madness !”  Pete declared.

“And how do you propose to do that, Pete ?”  Sam asked pointedly.

“We need to gather up all of the Nuclear bombs and devices all over the World, and put everything into a specially made Space Ship.  And send it all off into Deep Space and set it off like a big ‘ole fire cracker.  Let all of that Earthly destructive Energy create another Star !  Another Planet !  Another Galaxy !  Another Big Bang !  Ba-ba-ba-Boom !”

Sam looked at his friend incredulously, “Are you serious ?”

“Serious as a heart attack, Sam,” Pete replied folding his hands up in front of him as if in prayer, and looking up into the wide blue sky, Sam smiled widely and said loudly, “Lord, Deliver us from a Loopy We Must Have Nukies World !”

And without knowing why, Pete muttered, “Amen.”


© 2015 Easter3

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sounds like two old timers sitting around talking about the world today
and a great subject to talk about but I can see it in the near future

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on March 12, 2015
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