A Friendly Discussion of Politics and Fishin' Tips

A Friendly Discussion of Politics and Fishin' Tips

A Story by Easter3

Two friends - a Democrat and a Republican go fishing...........

Travis waved his Fishin’ Pole in the air and hollered at the approaching man coming down the trail along the river’s embankment, “Stevo, you ‘ole burned out Hippie, you !  How’re you doin’ you son-of-a-gun ?!”

Stevo, waved back with his free hand and said, “Life is good, Travis.  How about you and Betty Jean ?”

“Ha !  You know Betty Jean, Stevo.  She’s the Eveready Bunny.  She gets a direction set in her head, and she just keeps on goin’.  How’re are Amber Lynn and your two boys ?”

“Fine, fine.  Full of vinegar, and always on the go with one event or another,” Stevo said as he put a wriggling worm onto his fishing hook, and whipped it out into the water.

“Travis, I’m glad you suggested this Fishing Trip today.  It feels good to be out here by the river, and away from the regular grind of things.”  Stevo admitted. 

“Don’t mention it, Pard.  Anyway, I had an ulterior motive,”  Travis said with a guilty grin.

Stevo, raised his eyebrows and said,”  And what might that be, pray tell ?”

“Well, you know that I’m the Republican Chairman in these parts, Stevo.  I came to you to get an idea for the inner workings of the opposition’s screwed up thinkin’, my man.”

“Ahem, so, you think that my thinking is screwed up before we even get started with our discussion of whatever it is that you want to ply from me ?”

“Just remember, you said it, I didn’t,”  Travis laughed.  “Listen, Stevo, straighten me out if you need to, but I hear that you’re a Bernie Sanders Man.”

“Yes, indeedy.  You got somethin’ right today, and the ‘ole town grapevine has got that right as well.  Bernie speaks to this old Hippie turned Mechanical Engineer Capitalist Sell-Out’s Heart, Mind and Soul, but I’m votin’ for Hillary Clinton to be president.”

“Say it ain’t so,”  Travis retorted in genuine surprise.

“Yep, it’s so, Travis.  Hillary’s the president for me.”

“But, Stevo, she’s a woman, and she’s a Clinton.  Have you gone loco ?”

“No, Travis, no I haven’t.  Hillary will make a fine president.  A worthy president.  She’ll do her bit to break another patriarchal brass balls ceiling, and be America’s first, First Lady to become President of the United States of America.”

“So, you’re votin’ for her just because she’s a woman willin’ to take on turf only allotted to men so far ? “  Travis asked sardonically, shaking his head from side-to-side.

“No, Travis, you know me better than that.  That’s just icing on the cake.  I’m votin’ for Hillary because she’s really smart, knowledgeable, common sensical, has loads of domestic and foreign policy experience and bridges already built in diplomacy as a former Senator, Secretary of State, First Lady and a Lawyer, and has the jungle savvy, determination and skills of a lioness.”

“Travis, Hillary has had her feet walk around in the Worlds of the Middle Classes and the Poor, and she knows how to navigate through the World of the ultra-rich and powerful.”

“She’ll make an ideal Transitional President.  She won’t make radical Changes, because she’s too pragmatic, but like Obama, she’ll take more incremental steps toward the Changes for Equity, Justice and Fairness in our country, and around the World that are already on the move toward an Enlightened Evolution.”

“Change makes everybody nervous, scared and disgruntled, Travis.  You know that.  And that’s why calmer and wiser dispositions like President Obama’s and Hillary’s need to help guide us through them.”

Hillary has been through the Fire and Brimstone of very Antagonistic Energies several times, and it has not crippled her.  She came out fire tempered, more knowledgeable and stronger than before.  She is indeed an Iron Maiden. A Lioness.”

“Hillary will do a good job, and make America glad that they put her at the helm, Travis.”

“Stevo, you have gone plumb loco en la cabeza, my friend.  That is heresy to this ‘ole Republican’s ears.”

“Well, who are you plannin’ on votin’ for, Travis ?  Trump, Cruz or Kasich ?”

“I’m a Trump Man, myself, Stevo.  He’s a self-made millionaire….”

“Off of his daddy’s millions you mean to say,” Bernie interrupted.

“Trump is not a professional politician, he’s run several business enterprises….

“Which he has bankrupted several times,”  Bernie interrupted once again.

“Trump has been a Television Star on a reality t.v. show…..”

“And is famous for shoutin’ ,‘You’re fired’ and years later, ‘You’re a 
Loser’.  Now, that’s some decent and appropriate leadership skills and role modeling for Americans and folks abroad, I’ll tell ya’,”  Bernie interjected.

“And Trump always says what’s on his mind.  He’s no mealy-mouthed, high and mighty polished political pole cat,”  Travis said loudly.

“And that’s a good thing, Travis ?  And all of those dubious qualifications you just listed make him presidential material ?  I think not, my fine 
Republican friend.”

“Well, Trump is a lot better than that ‘ole establishment political hack, Hillary Clinton, that you’ve gone all gang-busters over, Stevo,”  Travis shot back.  “Hey, Stevo, pass me the container of worms would you ?  The perch have nibbled my other one right off of my hook.”

“Sure thing, Buddy,”  Stevo said, passing his friend the container filled with moist, black dirt and wriggling earth worms.

As Travis placed another worm onto his hook and threw his line back into the river’s water, he said, “Trump is a Man’s Man.  He knows the score.  He knows how to get things done.  How to get Walls built and paid for by Mexico.  He knows how to get China and ISIS in line.”

“And why are you using China and ISIS in the same sentence together, 
Travis ?”

Travis deliberately ignored Stevo‘s comment.  “Trump is not like those useless bums playing at politics, and spoilin’ our Government up in Washington D. C. right now.  And Trump is white.  He’s not foreign to the Eyes or Ear of most Real Americans.  He tells it like it is.”

“Oh, does he, really, you ’ole misogynistic, bigot ?”  Stevo asked accusatorily.

“Listen, I may be an occasional bigot, but I have never had a massage in my life.  That is somethin’ only sissies participate in,”  Travis said defensively.

“Travis, I don’t want to argue with you.  I honestly want to carry on an open exchange of communication between us.  I want to understand you and your Republican cronies, and for you to understand where I’m comin’ from as well.” 

“Now, that does not mean that I’ll agree with you - ever.  But at least I’ll better understand why you would even consider voting for a Bad cultural Seed like Donald Trump.”

“Besides, there are many reasons that it was a good thing for Obama to be America’s President for the last few years.  Aside from the fact that he has a wonderful Intellect and strives for Fair, Just and Compassionate Action.  It was important for America to be made Aware of the destructive Racism hidden within the depths of her Heart, and the areas of Systemic Rot that continue to breed and perpetuate its dark energies.”

“Sometimes you sound downright UnAmerican, Stevo.”

“And sometimes you sound like an imbecilic air-head, Travis.”

“Well, now that we understand each other, I think, let’s have at it, “  Travis said with a ragged grin.

“Alright, shoot….I mean ask me a question, Mr. Open-Carry, ’Johnny git your gun’, and I’ll tell you no lies.  Or at least, I’ll try not to,”  Stevo chuckled deeply.

“Okay, if Bernie speaks to your Heart, Mind and Soul, then why in blazes are you votin’ for Hillary Clinton ?”

“Bernie is the Leader of a Movement that he Needs to continue to Lead and help Move Forward long after this presidential campaign is over.”

“Bernie and I, and many like us in our youth, were a part of the ‘ole Flower Power, Dawning of the Age of Aquarius movement.  The Movement for Social Justice and Civil Rights Changes for the better for Everyone.  Our generation helped to Sew the Seeds of those Awarenesses of the overall Social Changes that needed to be brought about for all of Humanity through our Music, our Art, our Movies, our Protests, our Sit-ins and Love-ins,…”

“And Drug-ins,”  Travis interrupted.

“Yeah, there were those, but those were a distraction from the real Power of the Truer, Purer Energies of the Movement against all Wars, Big Business as usual steeped in Malevolent Capitalism, and for Peace, Harmony, Understanding and Compassionate Good-Will toward all Humankind and all of Mother Earth.”

“Stevo, you are such a disgustin’ ’ole bleedin’ heart, lily-livered Hippie.  You sound absolutely crazy to these two red-blooded American ears,”  Travis said gruffly.

“That’s no surprise, Travis.  You and I took different paths after high school and college.  And when we both left our ideals for Benevolent Capitalism and Democracy behind, and became Malevolent Capitalist Sell-Outs to the overall Corporate System, because it was the Path of Least Resistance.  Because it was the easy thing to do, and the easy, greedy Life we were told and sold, day-in and day-out, through the press, the radio, the television, the movies, the ad machines, and the Prosperity Churches of the Golden Calf, and Business, and Politics, and the “Joneses’ next door that we were supposed to Want and Need and Have.”

“Greed is the Need and We, the System, Need you to Need Greed as your Primary Consumption Feed,”  Stevo continued passionately.

“Well, the Bible says that we cannot Live by Bread alone, Stevo.  And good ’ole Greed has been the Feed that has kept me and mine afloat and in the black.”

“Indeed, and are you happy, Travis ?  Do you feel complete, and whole and happy ?”

“Heck no !  A fella’ can always Have more, Want more and Need more.”

“Do you hear yourself, Travis ?”

“I sound like any red-blooded American Man, Stevo.  That’s what I was born and bred to be in this dog-eat-dog world of ours.  I am a Winner.  Not a Loser.  I am a Free Market Consumer and a Predator.  I will not be Consumed or be Prey.  I am an American Winner !”

“And what does it mean to Win, Travis ?  What does it mean to Lose ?  What and Who really defines What those States of Being are if not the Systems and Cultures we’re born into ?”

“And Human Beings created those Systems and those Cultures, Travis, and we can Change them for the better for Everyone.  We do not have to remain stagnant within them or continually repeat Destructive Cycles of Insanity.  We can Choose to do things and Life differently.  We can Choose to Be something else better and brighter entirely.”  Stevo stressed.

“But we’re Americans, Stevo.  We’re already the Best.  Why do we need to be better ?”

“Are we the best ?  What does it mean to be the best ?”

“Bein’ the best is bein’ a Winner.  “Cause if you’re not a Winner, you’re a Loser ?”

“Do you See the Circular Philosophical Trap you’re Choosing to be in,  Travis ?”

“What ?”

“Yes, exactly, What and Who defines What and Who a Winner and
Loser are ?”

“And is How we Choose to define a Winner and a Loser right now the Right or the best definition of those two very Powerful Life Deciding and Guiding words and Cultural Models ?”

“Travis, some folks, back in the day, would have Seen Christ as a low life, homeless, Loser, Hippie.  In fact, they were so frightened and intimidated of this low-life Loser’s Powers over people and events that they butchered, tortured, and humiliated him on a common, every day, splinter-filled wooden cross.”

“How do you think that Christ defined what it is to be a Loser - a Winner- a Failure - a Success ?  Think we’d find the answer to that in a Ledger Book somewhere ?”

“And when Christ died his ethereal ideological Spirit rose from the tomb, and became a Rising Phoenix of Transformation.”

“Was Christ a Loser, a Winner, a Failure, a Success ?”

“What about Gandhi ?  What about Martin Luther King ?  Or Moses, who gave up the possibility of being a Pharoah - a President of Egypt to become a Leader of Slaves - of the Jewish People, and create a Movement that Freed his People by Blood and Birthright from Cultural and Physical Bondage.”

“A Movement that changed and shifted the Cultural and Ideological tectonic plates for years to come, and the Transformative Ripple Effects of things still to come for years yet to come.”

“Bernie, and his people, need to recognize these things and embrace the Power of what it is to be the Leader of such a Movement.”

“The Millennials are some of the Hybrid Seeds sown by the previous generation of so-called Hippie Dippys like me, and Movements like ours generations before we were even a gleam in our parents eyes.  Today’s young’uns are a Continuum of those Energies, and that Movement.  However, they are a more Powerful, more Grounded and Knowledgeable Continuation of those Energies.  And with today’s Communication Toys the World is their Transformative Oyster Bed.”

“I am personally thankful for them and to them one and all.  These young people supporting Bernie so vigorously Seek a Better, Brighter, more Fair and Just World, and are embracing the hard work it will take to Create just such a World for Everyone.”

“And what about Trump and his followers, Stevo ?  Where does he fit in with your whacko ramblings and imaginings ?”  Travis asked heatedly.

“Trump is the other side of the equation.  He represents the Bad Seed that flourished in the Systemic Seed beds of Greed,”  Stevo answered calmly.

“Trump is the Ugly American.  The age old Flim-Flamming Con Man, Snake-Oil Salesman.  He’s the epitome of what ails Society as a whole.  He’s the Let’s Make a Deal Mentality that is reading the fine print of how to get  out of a Contract before the ink is even dry upon the dotted line.  Trump is the Autocratic, Bullying, Misogynistic, Xenophobic, Bigoted, Wheel of Fortune Negotiator for everyone, Bruto-crat.”

“Trump is Bernie’s nemesis.  He represents, and is a part of, the Big Corporate/Banking Empires that are standing in the way of America and the World’s forward movement toward further Enlightened Evolution Socially, Culturally and Systemically at every level.”

“And Cruz ?  What do you think about him ?”  Travis asked suddenly.

“Cruz and Trump are Dividers.  It’s their way or the highway.  They are petulant, opportunistic War Mongers.  One War Mongers for Greed and Power, and the other will take us into the Armageddon of the End times, because he believes God has told him to do so.  Cruz and Trump are both very dangerous men when it comes to the Presidency of the United States, Travis.  Trump needs to stick to real estate, hotels, golf courses, and casinos, and Cruz needs to continue being a lawyer for the Big Corporate/Banking Empires he already represents.”

“And what about Kasich ?”  Travis asked with a little less hostility.  “Wait a minute, before you answer, pass me that worm container again, Stevo, those dad-blamed perch have pulled another worm off of my hook.  Have you checked your hook yet ?”

“Why, no I haven’t.  I’ve been too busy chewin’ the fat with pig-headed ’ole you to take notice,”  Stevo kidded.

“Ha !  Now that’s the pot callin’ the kettle black. I came out here for large mouthed bass, and so far all I’m windin’ up with is empty hooks.  I’d sure like to get my hands around a few of those perch.  I’d squeeze everyone of my worms right back out of them,”  Travis grumbled.

“Now, that’s somethin’ that might be interestin’ to watch, ha !”  Stevo chortled.

“So, what about John Kasich, Stevo ?”  Travis persisted.

“Kasich is the most sane, grounded, and  governmentally experienced and qualified candidate the Republicans have right now, and instead of nurturing and sustaining him, they’re giving all of their energies to the two sociopathic Divider and Destroyer energies.  Go figure,”  Stevo said shaking his head in disgust.

“But after the one day fiasco of Cruz and Kasich joining up to defeat Trump, Kasich lost some of his forward momentum and mojo.  He allowed Cruz to snake bite him, and it made some folks wonder about his judgment and sincerity.  It was a bad mistake for him.  And then ’ole slippery Ted jumped into bed with Carly Fiorina.  And that was a mistake for her future, ’cause ’ole Ted believes that every woman has her place, and he’ll see to it that she stays in hers,”  Stevo shrugged and added, “Oh well.”

“Well, as far as fishin’ goes this was a wasted day, Stevo.”  Travis said as he began to gather all of his equipment together.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that, Travis,”  Stevo declared as he wound up his fishin’ line and examined his empty hook.  “The perch got fed, and after our little fishin’ expedition into one another’s Political Mindscapes we’re still speakin’ to one another.”



© 2016 Easter3

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Added on May 1, 2016
Last Updated on May 1, 2016
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