Knee Jerk and Mosquito bitten Reactions

Knee Jerk and Mosquito bitten Reactions

A Story by Easter3

It never pay to get Slap Happy.......

Smack !!

“Gol’durned little Blood Sucker.  I’ll get that Skeeter yet,”  Sam said as he scratched at the fresh Mosquito bite on his right forearm.

“Hee-hee, they’re bad this year, alright.  We went from drought to floods this year.  Lots of standin’ water for those pesky Critters to buzz around and lay their eggs in,”  Jethro said to his out-of-sorts friend.

Jethro smiled mischievously as added, “And with those Zika Mosquitos givin’ some kind of virus or bacteria to folks in some parts of the World, that makes for tiny headed babies, a person can’t be too careful these days.  You and Janet Lee got any Citronella Tiki Torches on hand ?  I’ll help you get ‘em in the ground around your patio and the barbeque pit.”

“Yeah, I’ve got those Tiki torches stored in the garage somewhere.  I’ll look for ‘em a little later.  And we don’t have the Zika Mosquitos here in Texas yet, Jethro,”  Sam said abruptly.  “Don’t you go stirrin’ Janet Lee up with that kind of talk.”

“Mum is the word, Pard.  Not a word about Skeeters, much less Zika Skeeters will pass these lips,”  Jethro said while pretending to zip his lips up tight.

Sam grinned and said, “You are one of the biggest bull horns in these parts, Jethro.”

Frowning suddenly, Sam asked, “Did you hear about what happened in Nice, France last night ?”

“Yep, don’t know of many who watch the Late Night News who didn’t.  That cotton pickin’ Terrorist plowed over more than 80 folks with that big ‘ole truck.  More that thirty of ‘em were Children I hear,”  Jethro said.

“That’s what they’re sayin’,”  Sam answered seriously.  “They also claim that the back of that big ‘ole haulin truck was full of fake rifles and fake grenades.  What kind of ding bat drives around with useless weapons ?”

“Well, maybe they were symbolic to him somehow,”  Jethro proposed.  “Maybe he couldn’t get hold of the real thing, and he decided at the last minute for one reason or another that he’d use the Truck as his Weapon and have the fake Rifles and Grenades stuffed in the back in order to show his true, but unmet intentions.”

“What an imagination you have, Jethro,”  Sam chuckled, shaking his head.

“Well, you got a better theory ?”  Jethro pouted.

“No, no, I don’t.  And don’t get so riled up.  We’re just talkin’,” Sam conceded. 

“But I am riled up about all of this.  A lot of the folks at the Church think that we’re in the End Times.  That the Devil’s Work is at hand, and that we should turn this into a Holy War.  A West against the East War.  A Christians against the Muslims War.  And I’m beginning to think that they’re right,”  Jethro explained angrily.

“Now, Jethro, you know as well as I do that the uproar that the Middle Easterners and other Muslims are in around the World has nothing to really do with God, and everything to do with Sufferin’ and Despair, and Greedy Leaders and Mega-Corps and Mega-Banks leadin’ and keepin’ everybody at one another’s throats to keep ‘em distracted and side-lined from their own Profiteering Personal Power Agendas, while the self-same Elitists get their own Needs and Greeds met,”  Sam said firmly.

“Yes, you could say that their actions have been of the Devil and have wrought the Devil’s work, but it was Human Greeds and so-called Needs, and Power Lust, and War Lust that brought all of this about,”  Sam continued.

“Also, and I know that this is gonna’ make you mad, because you’re a Trump Man, but this is probably a part of their strategy.  They want a Hot-Headed Knee Jerker like Donald Trump as the President, because he’ll give ‘em the Holy Jihadi War that a few Sickos and rightfully disgruntled Miscreants want,” Sam said.

“A Holy War, they think, will Justify, Purify and Magnify their Murderin’, Rapin’, Torturin’ Stonin’, DeCapitatin’, Suicide-Bombin’, Truck Dozin’ Down ways.  And that’s all Hogwash !”  Sam blurted out.

“Hillary Clinton is known to be a War Hawk, but she’s got a Good Head on her Shoulders.  She understands the workin’s of things when she’s got the right information in front of her and around her.  Just as she should have as president,” Sam added.

“Now, Sam, you know that the Preacher has been comparin’ Hillary to Jezebel the evil Witch Queen of the Bible.  He’s been scarin’ everybody with all of his talk about her conjurin’ up demons and all kinds of evil spirits….”

Sam cut Jethro off.  “Sounds like echoes of the legend of the Jewish Bible’s Lilith.  The bride God originally gave to Adam before Eve. She lost favor with Adam because Lilith wouldn’t do sex the way he wanted to do it all of the time. And Lilith was strong-willed and had opinions of her own as to how things should be done.”

“So, Lilith ran off and started her own civilization elsewhere.”

“So, God took out one of Adam’s ribs, I guess to make Eve more a part of Adam, and so therefore more compliant, and created Eve.  But Eve had a Curious Mind as well, and wound up gettin’ all of Humankind into a heap of trouble bitin’ into that Apple from the Tree of Knowledge, on the Devil- Serpent’s Seductive say-so.  And then Eve turned right around and offered Adam that same bite of juicy, delicious Knowledge.  And when Adam took a bite out of that gol‘durned Apple, all Hell broke loose.  Literally broke loose,” Sam sighed.

“Anyway, in a nutshell, that’s what all of the ancient texts relate to us, if you trust all of the interpreters, and Political and Power mongerin’ forces that pushed and pulled whatever they needed or wanted out of the folks who ultimately put all of our inspired and inspirational Religious Texts and Traditions together into one form or another,”  Sam took a deep thoughtful breath.

“Yep, even the Bible had its Earthly Editors.  And then came along the Guttenberg Press, and the Bible became more or less locked into Printed Stone,”  Sam said.

“Sam, you are one of my best friends, buddy.  And my Betty Jean is best friends with your Janet Lee.  But when you talk like that, you scare me, and make me feel as though you are puttin’ my Mortal Soul in jeopardy,”  Jethro said uncomfortably.

“Well, we’ve all got a lot more to worry about than Jezebels, and Liliths and Devils, my friend.  These Crazy Violent Movements poppin’ up all over the World in the name of God, of Allah, of ISIS, of Al Qaeda, of Taliban, of White Supremacy, of Black Panthers, of Bundyonians, of Oath Keepers, and the list just keeps on growin’.  And the more Peaceful Movements of Occupation, Black Lives Matter, Bernie-ites, Inter-Faith Religions and Traditons are all filled with folks just wantin’ a Better World for Themselves in a World that refuses to Change in ways that Help and Accommodate and Raise us all up, Jethro,”  Sam said calmly. 

“They’re all wantin’ and workin’ toward the same things, and away from the things and conditions creatin’ pain in their lives.  Sufferin’ in their lives.  They just want a good, safe and comfortable life, too, Jethro.  Whatever that may look like for them.”

“But those two sides of the Same Coin are not all goin’ about gettin’ those things in the same way.”

“The Crazy Violent Movements want to make everybody, includin’ the Peaceable types Crazy.  War Crazy.  Holy War Crazy.”  

“And so they will continue to push, and punish, and torture, and murder and rape and Bull-doze over everybody they want to target as individuals or in a wide swath.”  

“And push all of our Crazy Makin’ buttons until we Knee Jerk or Mosquito Swat ourselves into doin’ the Crazy War Makers Will,”  Sam said gruffly.

“And don’t think that there are some Global Leaders and Mega-Corp and Mega-Bankers who are not usin’ all of this Crazy War Makin’ Behavior to their Evil and Profiteering Benefit.”

“In fact, Jethro, calm, cool and collected Leaders like President Obama drive the Crazy War Makers and others who are Profiting from all of their mayhem and chaos Crazy themselves - ha !”

Leaders, Smart, Thoughtful Leaders, who keep the Violence low key, who form Worldwide Coalitions, while we dismantle the Crazy War Makers Snake Pit of a Caliphate and gather more Intelligence around the loose Serpents forming Terror Cells, which are just other Snake Pits around the World, absolutely drive the Crazy War Makers even Crazier - ha !”  Sam laughed heartily.

Jethro suddenly swatted his arm, but missed the Mosquito he had meant to kill.  “That’ll leave a bruise, and I just barely missed that little Blood Sucker.”

Sam stood up.  “Come on, Jethro let’s go rummage up those Tiki Torches before the girls and kiddos get out here with our supper.”

“Ooo-wee, I cannot wait to put down some of Janet Lee’s Southern fried chicken, fresh squash and corn, and Betty Jean’s Cajun curly fries,”  Jethro declared.

“Yep, and Janet Lee also whipped up homemade strawberry shortcake for everybody and sweet tea,”  Sam added.

“Hard to complain about things when Life is this good, isn’t it, Sam.  Makes me feel guilty to be ungrateful,”  Jethro admitted.

“I know what you mean, Jethro.  We only have the moment that lies right before us, and this moment in time is mighty sweet.  It’s full of Family, good Friends and good Food,”  Sam said.

Smiling, Sam patted his buddy Jethro on the back and added,  “And fresh Sweet Tea.  Can I get an Amen brother ?”

“Amen, Sam, Amen,”  Jethro returned gratefully

© 2016 Easter3

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