The All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye

The All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye

A Story by Easter3

What's happening to our daily individual rights and privacy ?!

     Once again, due to a little place in America called Lighthouse (more like Blackout), Florida, police and legal beagles are pushing placing cameras Everywhere to take pictures of each and every Citizen’s license plate (and eventually the Citizens themselves) to control crime - to control the general populace.
     The All-Knowing, All Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye is on the Rise !
     The dangers ?  Possible future Changes in the definitions and prerequisites for being labeled a criminal.  The All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye’s data base and private information System becoming so lucrative a Corporate Business for the police, the military, the lawyers, the jails (and the corporations who create and build the jails and pay the jailers), the politicians, the bankers, the corporations supporting the money-making (and possible money-changing) mechanisms perpetuating the visual clicking and whirring antics of the All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye, that it will develop a Life of its own.
     Interesting, but (once again) it’s the Middle Class and the Poor who always ultimately pay the heavy price and suffer under such All-Seeing, All-Knowing Myopic Systems.  The Elite will almost always burrow into loopholes, escape clauses and hatches.  The Elite will almost always make sure (and pay for) a well oiled machine to slip and slide through unscathed.  The Elite rarely suffer from time lost from work (and much needed pay cheques), time behind bars, exorbitant legal (or is that criminal) fees and fines paid out of pocket in order to pay their bail or be released from jail - released from harms way.  And for what ?  Being too poor to buy auto insurance ?  Many poor Citizens do not buy auto insurance because their Life Choices - their Life Imperatives come down to a roof over their heads, groceries and clothing for themselves and/or their families, and transportation to and from work.  Life Choices and Life Imperatives which daily involve balancing out things a Citizen definitely Needs versus an insurance policy they may or may not Need ?
     That’s right !  It’s the Middle Class and Poor who pay the true prices (and punishments) for such punitive, intrusive, money-making, money-changing Systems.
     Also, if some of the Middle Class and the Poor can’t afford insurance in the first place - how will they be able to pay the legal fees, fines and penalties placed upon (and against) them ?  What Corporations and Banks will prosper from the loans the Middle Class and Poor may have to go begging for ?  Or family members will have to sacrifice in order to get their loved ones out of jail - out of hock ?
     The Punishers and the Punished.  The Money-Makers/Changers and the Money-Losers.
     One of History’s unsavory Life Lessons is that Innocents (Average Joe’s and Jane’s) can become the Reviled at the flick of a legal, political or corporate pen.  Atrocities can be legalized depending upon the Wants and Desires of the Hearts and Minds in Power.
     Oh, the potential abuses and misuses of an All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye System are endless - are boundless. 
     What about the inherent potentialities for Profiling.  Hmmm, that man’s hair is a little too long, that woman’s hair is a little too short.  That teenager is dressed like a Goth.  That Cowboy looks a little too independent and rowdy to the Entity (and the Entity’s List) behind the All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye.
          Get out of line (whatever the Watchers view that line to be) - Vote the wrong way - look, talk or dress differently, and You can be labeled a Criminal - a Miscreant by Whoever is in Power.  Once this kind of Power (total invasion of Privacy and Independent Thought and Action) is given to any Entity, that Power is the Entity’s to Humanely and Justly Defend and Protect or Inhumanely and Unjustly Abuse and Manipulate.
     Ooooh, it’s a hot potato !  Fresh out of the burnin’ coals !  It’s a slick and slippery slope !  Slip, slidin’ away !  Hold your Breath !  Hold your Nose !
     Another thought, why give Insurance Corporations any more Power than they already have ?  Due to law suit, trigger happy folks (or so the story goes), everyone else finds themselves scurrying about for the money to buy insurance for their automobiles, their businesses, their homes, their health, their possessions, their Lives.  In Fear of what might happen in the future !  Making their Present fearfully uncomfortable. 
     In fact, most Citizens are worth more Dead than Alive to other Individuals and Corporations alike, because of Insurance.  What does that say about our Economic Ethics ?  Our Societal Morays  ?
     Why give the legal Bloodhounds, jails, jailers, government, corporate and private Entities that collect and disperse the expensive fees and fines from the so called (Poor and Middle Class) Criminals more of our hard earned cash ?  Why give them even more Power to pick our lean, hard-working bones even cleaner ?
     And what else will those Surveillance Data Bases be used for ?  What other parts of our Lives will the Elite - the true Power behind the All-Knowing, All-Seeing Myopic Cyclops Eye - judge necessary to Control the Middle Class and Poor privately or publicly ?  How will Our acquiescing to the Myopic Cyclops Eye affect/effect or Change our existing Laws ?  Who will our Laws protect more - protect less ?  The Elite ?  The Middle Class or the Poor ?
     Besides, it’s easier to keep The Masses (if they become disagreeable or too difficult to manage) under Control if the Powers that Be always have their Cyclops Eye on them.  The Cameras and punishing Institutions and Mechanisms are already in place.  Already primed and ready for Action - ready for the Unfortunates of Society.
     Most Americans, most Western Societies have been taught to think of Capitalism as a Benevolent System.  Because most Folks are Benevolent in Heart and Mind.  So much so that many are failing to Recognize and be Aware of the Shadow (Malevolent) Self of Capitalism.  Many are overlooking or just outright in denial regarding the destructively voracious Propaganda and Agendas lurking and twisitng within the Shadow Self of Capitalism.
     Global Capitalism is truly out of Balance.  And the Puppet Masters (and Mistresses) - the Mighty King (and Queen) Cons are wrestling, wheedling and cajoling for more Power.  Taking Us All to the edge of the Abysmal Precipice of Malevolent Corporate Capitalistic Totalitarianism.
      The Puppet Masters (Mistresses) and Mighty King (Queen) Cons just don't Care as long as they get what they Want.  They already have all that They Need.  The reckless Engine that’s driving the Ruling Elitist’s Circles (Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, etc..) is all about what they Want - they Desire.  Power over Every thing and Every Body, Mind and Soul.
     Amazing !  During this period of History when the American Public is Awakening to and Interacting more with the Enlightened Ideas incorporated within Their Constitution and Bill of Rights as Individual Voices and Voters.  And other parts of the world are responding to and in places crying out for Democratic Ideals and Government.  That Capitalism is the tool being misused and abused by the Ruling Elite to destroy - to gobble up the Great Good of Democratic Republics and Benevolent Capitalism.
     Perhaps, the Middle Class and the Poor Peasants, Serfs and Slaves of the World should turn Their Multitudinous All-Knowing, All-Seeing Eyes of Enlightened Scrutiny upon the Myopic Cyclops Eye (and those controlling it).
     After all Seeing is Believing.

© 2010 Easter3

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