This Friend of Mine

This Friend of Mine

A Poem by Declan

I can’t recall their name, but they always remember mine
They call for me, only sometimes I answer
But I’m always there for them, I devote all my time
Through the brief highs and inevitable lows
Even when the water of life stays still
Or the colours of emotions paint a perplexing picture

They know me so well, for them my talents are clear
Despite the rumours, this paltry facade of a surface
The cover unrightfully placed upon me
Interior value is what matters
The others lie about what I do, I’m only a profit
This Friend knows this, they realise what I really do

My piety to you is unheeded by your supports
I’m always lurking behind waiting for your fall
To be your helping hand is my only desire
In hopes this hunger of mine is quenched
You hope you can stand unaided, that I will starve
But I’m no flame, I will only grow

Until I engulf your thoughts, until you are mine
My veiled strength, is your demise
I can’t be effected by the world, like a shadow by the sun
I work on a greater scale for you, tugging the strings
No deity can give you salvation, for you only know my name
Screaming it as you are crushed in my clenching grasp

Before devoured by this Addiction

© 2016 Declan

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Added on February 10, 2016
Last Updated on February 10, 2016
Tags: Addiction, Anthropomorphism, Powerless