The Loss of Music

The Loss of Music

A Story by Eli_Wolf-Queen

This is how I think music is important to everyone in a special way to all.


The Loss of Music

One morning Lila woke up in the hospital. She looks around the room, and sighs.

“Excuse……..” Lila whispered and her voice crokes. She looks around the room and sees machines all around her. Beeping and sounding like small mini alarms. A few minutes later, a woman in a stark white lab coat walks in the room.
“H….hello?” Lila crokes and looks up at the woman.
“Miss, you cannot speak. You were in a very bad car accident and damaged your vocal cords. You must not speak or sing. Nothing until a full 5 months or more. Which means even if you think you’re doing better, you cannot talk until I give you the go ahead to start talking. But when I do give you the go ahead take it easy when you first start talking alright?” the doctor says and looks at the machines and writes down everything she said. I shake my head in response and look around at the machines again.

“Now if there is nothing else that you need, tell me now because there won’t be any nurses on this floor until a couple minutes.” the doctor says and looks up from the clipboard. I nod towards the television set and look from her to the tv mounted on the wall. The doctor turns on the television and the channel that is on was the news about me getting into a car accident on the interstate. I c**k one eyebrow and keep watching. The doctor looks from me to the television set and back again.
“Hmmm, interesting.” She says and writes something down on the clipboard. I watch as her pen moves across the paper and get taken back to the times when I was writing down music and singing it once I was done writing all the notes and lyrics. Tears sprang to my eyes and I blinked them away as fast as I could so the doctor wouldn’t see them. A couple minutes later the doctor walks out after finishing writing down something on her clipboard. My eyes follow her movements towards the door and she looks back at me with sympathetic eyes.

“I hope you feel better soon, Lila.” the doctor murmurs and closes the door behind her quietly. I keep my eyes trained on the door for a full minute until a noise on the television that catches my attention. I look towards the television and see someone singing the national anthem. I c**k an eyebrow and sigh. I remember that I sang the national anthem for a hockey game. I was on center ice when I was singing, I was wearing a teams hockey jersey with black jeans, and the team’s colors on my shoes.

I move my fingers and slowly start to move my arms. My joints feel stiff like wood. I sigh and slowly move my hands to lay on my stomach with my elbows bent. I glance down at my hands and see that my polish was chipping off. I slowly start to wiggle my toes to get the feeling back into them. I sigh when I hear little pops from my toe joints popping and cracking away the stiffness. I inhale the sweet aroma when I smell a sickly sweet perfume. I think back to when my boyfriend bought me a really sweet perfume that I’d had my eyes on for so long. It was really expensive and I told him not to buy it for me, but men being men, he bought it anyway without a second thought as to how expensive it was. I smile at the memory.

It was a simpler time back then. No one was out to hurt others like people are doing now.

© 2019 Eli_Wolf-Queen

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This is a totally mesmerizing story. Not only was I transfixed becuz I was compelled by your storyline & your crisp straightforward style of writing, there were a ton of related memories popping for me, as I read. I also lost something very dear to me. Spent my life doing physical adventures then a neck injury made it so I can barely walk now. But at least I'm thankful for the little bit I can. Anyhow, I've told my story many times & I'm very impressed with the way you tell this story (which I assume is your own) becuz you SHOW instead of tell with so many vivid details that provoke strong feeling. I feel a little puzzled by the last sentence. It doesn't seem to follow from anything in your story. But I do agree with this, even if it's an ending out of left field! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Years Ago

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