An Untitled Confrontation

An Untitled Confrontation

A Story by Leah

A friend and I were having our usual discussion of Loki one late night when she asked me, what would happen if Loki were to appear on my bed out-of-the-blue and question me on my little synopsis that I had previously written about him. This thought inspired the following:


Blue irises? No… green beryl, with flashes of cutting intent…

So this… is where my, inquisitor, lies her unguarded head.” Voiced the eyes as a rich ivy green nebula, coveted and dripped over the seat of a once dull grey sofa bed.

He came in uniform. Too bad. Cassandra would’ve loved at least a photograph of that voguish scarf of his if he had popped up in pretense... Inquisitor?

His waxen lips creased slightly with a salty greeting, “ Leah.” whilst faintly cradling his scepter that stood erect on his right, against the dark wooden floor of the unkempt master bedroom.


Mirth wrestled watchful counsel upon my visage, with a grin that eventually failed to surface. I returned his acknowledgment with a slight dip of the head, “ Loki.”, foretasting slander. A charred impression on the purple paint of the wall on his left, made by the flames of an over-heated night-light, stole away his focus for mere seconds.

“ Excuse me,” alien, “ are you lost?” I enquired…

Little streaks of electric blue tore across the black chandelier fixture, reflecting Loki’s pique in a mass of dangling pieces. The Scepter. Oh, to have it in my possession…

 “ Lost.” He hissed, impairing my wonderment, still watching the burnt stain, as though he and the charred marking were as thick as thieves.

“ Tell me,” he tested, dragging his scrutiny against my leer, “ what does the fellow stray have to offer, for my beloved sincerity?” His query claimed my mind perfectly.

 “ That depends.” You have it. “ What does fiction need?” You have my best offering.

The dim white light had mingled itself with the purple contrast of my room alongside the blue brilliancy of Loki’s scepter, subtly tinting his sallow face and melted in a swirl with the radiant green of his eyes. He was indeed an enslaving sight to behold. Too f*****g beautiful.

 “ Fiction?” He retorted. “ I have not a hollow wound on my side to make a votary out of you but surely you cannot deny my substantial presence.” Indeed, he was there, tangibly manifested right before me. Still, there was a muted silence that had raised the skeptic in me.

“ Why are you here?” I asked.

“ Why not?” He replied.

“ You have, literally, a legion of fans who would give anything just to hear their names spoken by your very lips. But you came here, to me, instead. Why is that?” I asked, quite bewildered by his vacuous answer.

“ I am not in need of such mortal worship.” What a moony reply. “ Neither have I want, of meager admiration.” He sneered. “ For one to be so similar in terms of aspirations, you are remarkably barren of diplomacy.”

“ Don’t categorize me along with you.” I replied, almost spitting at him. Wait a minute… “ How long have you been observing me?” I became most irritable by the second. And I was appalled by what was fueling this vexation as Loki, was bizarrely not the transgressor.

“ You would dare speak to your God in such a manner?” He asked placidly, as I watched him lift the scepter off the floor, turn it ever so slowly, so it now hovered horizontally in his hand and lingered its curved sharp end, right under my chin, all the while successfully nurturing a murderous glare.

“ You are not a God. You’re merely a prop for my castle in the sky.” Yet, I felt no fear.

An amusing scowl appeared on his face. Ah…“ Have I offended the great, Lord Loki?” I jeered, taking hold of the scepter’s blade and jostled it back to its wielder. “ My corpse has nothing that will intrigue you.”

He let out a laugh. “ Quite right. But it will however, be the end of your draft. You see, my anatomy-”

“ You prefer your adorers sympathize and feel sorry for you, then?” I interrupted out of a bad habit.

“ I prefer,” he started slowly, with a straight face, “ judgment by a superior power, far more glorious than my own… And it is such greatness that will forever be beyond the bounds of a tender race!” He stood up on that last note and hit the ground once with his scepter causing a tremor that jived along with the plasma globe effect that the scepter was giving off.

But it’s so quiet. It was like a silent concerto in my room…

“ You underestimate the power of the human mind greatly, Loki.” Did I just say that out loud?

“ Oh? You think me to be perfection when you fail to realize the mirrored image in your blood. Rather contradicting, are we not?” He remarked.

“ You and I are not alike, so stop-“ Amidst the muted disarray, I felt the abrupt need to look around and soon spotted the cure to my irritation.

Lace, my old black spaniel, was fast asleep and even snoring. Under the usual circumstances, the mutt would be barking at almost nothing. And she’s not even aware of Loki. I had to be certain, so I threw the nearest item I could find towards the sleeping dog, which happened to be a large case of rewritable CDs and it bounced off of her. Not even a little, did she stir. Oh, glee.

Loki turned and looked as though he was about to leave.

“ You can’t kill me even if you wanted to, can you?”  I said to Loki’s back, “ Can’t hurt me, even a little,” swallowing a giggle.

“ I have no reason to.” He replied without turning.

“ Sure you do!” I taunted after him. “ The God of Mischief, or to some, the God of Chaos, turning down the opportunity to toy with an unarmed target? Oh, for shame, dear sir!” I was enjoying this, mayhaps a little too much.

“ You have made my visit here tremendously pleasant.” What polite sarcasm. Loki smoothly turned around and positioned his scepter between us. “ I shall greatly look forward to the next.” He concluded with a smile, fixating his eyes on mine, “ Leah.” He echoed along with the tremor, leaving me a migraine as I pen the last words of this short story…

Next visit? You don’t even exist.

And yet, I have your best offering.

© 2012 Leah

Author's Note

A little advance birthday gift to myself. (No, not really. I don't celebrate birthdays.)

Note: Yes, there is a HUGE difference between 'Mischief' and 'Chaos'.

Disclaimer: The Loki mentioned here is owned by Marvel and is no way of my creation.

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Very cool story. I liked the idea of having a fictional character like Loki randomly spring into existence.
Thanks for the read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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