My Let Down

My Let Down

A Poem by Kate

I bend over backwards,
Almost ready to break.
I sacrifice and I give
While you greedily take.

I'm drowning in promises
You have broken with spite
While you think you're a man
Your bark's worse than your bite.

I'm committed, devoted.
You're all work and no play.
I'm enamored with you,
Yet you push me away.

You assure me you love me,
And I fight to believe it.
If you quit disheartening me,
I'd realize that you mean it.

I'm protected, secure
Wrapped tight your arms.
You captured my heart,
Held charisma and charm.

It's alarming and frightening
How my love holds so true
You hurt me, you crush me
But I can't bear to lose you.

I feel angry, betrayed
Suffocated with lies
Would you feel no remorse
To see the tears I have cried?

Blindly, I trust you
Perhaps I'm naive
For the more that I care
The more you seem to deceive.

It shouldn't be difficult
To show devotion for me.
I'm dedicated to you
Are you too blind to see?

I need you beside me
Though I'm craving the past
We were a fantasy then
Time flew by so fast

You were so different then,
Full of affection and heart
Now you're rough and neglectful
Can we return and restart?

For if there were a king of deceit
You'd take the crown.
If there's anything you're good at
It is to be my let down.

© 2011 Kate

Author's Note

Sorry if there are any typos that I missed while editing ;)

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Great poem, excellent ending.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is an awesome poem! It sounds to me as if this person is holding onto a romance that has lived and died, but that still has a shred of hope left. That hope is slowly fading, and she is begging for him to give one of his promises life - to give their love life. This person may be a let down, but your poem definitely is not! ♥

Posted 14 Years Ago

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