What we do in church.:* (and the story of me)

What we do in church.:* (and the story of me)

A Story by Epoy

This is my first story...!

In our church this is our schedule.
On friday night starting 6:00 we pray "THE STATION OF THE CROSS"
From one to fourteen stations,I always pick the second station and the fourteenth station because i really get used to it..
Starting 3:00 in the afternoon we have our Chathecism led by our spiritual director Bro.James Sean Setal.By 6:00 in the evening we start the B.E.C procession.After the B.E.C procession we start our Knights of the Altar meeting led also by our spiritual director.
Starting 5:30 n the morning we start cleaning the church,we also gather flowers for the church's decoration,we help the decorator Sis.Mylene Patiga the decorator of our church...!
Then if my friends and i have plenty of time before the mass starts we go to the beach.
Then eat at our houses take a bath and wear clean clothes.
The mass starts at 9:30 in the morning.
After the mass 10:30 a.m. we take a break have some snacks and we start the "LEGION" meeting,me and my friends are all members of the "LEGION OF MARY"(soldiers of mary)here's the list of our members..:
Sis.Aleta Bantiles (my aunt)
Vice President:
Sis.Lucina Daga (my aunt)
Sis.May nine bantiles (my sister)
Sis.Joyce Daga

Other members...:

But that's not all this is also the story of me..
I'm a knight of the altar.
I love bring a knight of the altar that's my life...
I also like my fellow knights of the altar.
There are only seven members.
(Of course it's me) 
Vice president:
Bro. Edmil Orejola (our pig)
Bro. Rene Bendoy (our nerd)
BRO. Melvin copioso (my best friend)
Other members:
Bro. Reynold Coritana (freak)
Bro.Christopher Merjenio (calm guy)
Bro. Jonas Daga (simple)
Being an knight of the altar is a great pleasure for me.
Being close to god is also great.
My duty for my fellow knight of the altar is to be a responsible and a good leader to them....
And in the future who could say maybe one of us can be a priest,chef,teacher,attorney,pilot,tour guide,manager,et.etc.etc.
My ambition is to become  a tour guide,i don't even know why i just felt so but i hope we all have a great  future....

This is my first real life story.
And i'm not afraid what other people say to me if i'm not good at english i'ts ok,cause i'm a pure filipino and i know myself and even if i don't know it i will still find a way to know me best...!
This me and this is my story and my true life...!

© 2013 Epoy

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Added on February 2, 2013
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