The Cookie of Persistance

The Cookie of Persistance

A Story by Leumas Relwood

A short tale of my struggles with eluding delicacies.


     I feel hungry for a snack, so I naturally migrate to the kitchen area. My eye catches the faint glimmer of the cookie jar. My predator-esque instincts are triggered and I move in to engage the target. I slowly remove the jar's lid, which has quite a bit of suction on it to preserve its contents. With the top in one hand and several open fingers in the other, I slowly mechanize my hand to enter into the treasure chest, abounding with bounty. Suddenly, I feel a queer disturbance in my entire being as the crane that was supposed to retrieve my prize sank deeper and deeper into the apparently empty jar!

     I must not give up hope, I think persistently but with slight pessimism. Down I reach until my fingers scrape the cold glass bottom of what I had believed to be a fountain of happiness. With a frown on my face and a fracture in my heart, I reluctantly begin the long journey home to search for a more hospitable chamber.  But, to my very pleasant surprise, my right ring-finger knuckle barely kisses a rough surface: there was cookie left in the cookie jar!

     I hastily secure the treat in my fist-- a sound home for any tasty delight--and move it to my mouth with much anticipation. As my lips fasten around the chocolaty mass and my tongue feels the sugar melt at only a light touch, my teeth severe a fragment for my body to annex. Yes, the reward for persistence is magnificent, and the consequence of a fickle mind is Insipid!

© 2013 Leumas Relwood

Author's Note

Leumas Relwood
I was bored one evening...bored AND hungry!

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Added on February 22, 2013
Last Updated on February 22, 2013
Tags: cookie, short, fun, imagery, picture, food, kitchen


Leumas Relwood
Leumas Relwood

Thomson, GA

I have not quite found out exactly who I am, so I jump from hobby to hobby--from art form to art form--in search of an answer to my greatest question: What am I supposed to do, and how? I have writt.. more..