Cancer, The Crab

Cancer, The Crab

A Poem by VertoAtrum

Moody would be the keyword for these signs that sums them up well. The good and bad sides of Cancer, The Crab, June 21st-July 22nd.


Cutting words like knifes,

Their jealously never hidden by sugar coats,

Running for their lives,

From the world they believe wants to bury them,

Unable to function,

They lead a life of lies and injustice, amused,

Believing their word is sanction,

They whip and strike their lovers' lives,

Vengeance is second nature,

Any who deceive them get Hell in return,

So afraid of failure,

It consumes their mind to be almighty

Eccentric more than most,

Their imagination flourishes like a blooming flower,

In their eyes, all are engrossed,

Their sea of emotions is endless, beyond fathomable,

They shower their powerful love,

Over family, friends, and lovers alike, a guardian,

Making real all they dream of,

Their adventure never ends or slows down,

Though they have a shell,

Sensitivity and caring lies underneath, for those who look,

In the past they do not dwell,

The center of their universe is warm and accepting

© 2014 VertoAtrum

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I loved the ying and yang concept to this, so true..

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on January 27, 2014
Last Updated on January 27, 2014
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