A Hearts' Ache

A Hearts' Ache

A Stage Play by Alex Fegley (Extro Zifer)

A short monologue I wrote on a spur of thought.

I want to tell him so badly. How I feel now that he's gone.
But what good would come of it?
Maybe in my dreams that works, but not here. Not in real life.
Most days fly by, without a hint of true joy. Y'know what I mean?
The kind of joy that is just so serene, like nothing could possibly be better?
They say the future is always bright, to look forward to new begginings.
I don't want "new beginings". I want "him" back. He was my beggining.
I want him to be my end, and I his. He was true joy, with serene beauty. 
How could I ever let him get away.....how could I allow myself to be so foolish?
-pulls out a picture-
I keep his picture near by at all times. I know it'll serve me well.
I often wonder, when I stare up at the moon, if he's staring too. We both loved the moon.
It sort of, gave us energy. Y'know what I mean? We felt so much better about everything.
-moment of silence-
I...I feel, broken. It hurts so much.
On the inside.
-points to my heart-
Right here, this is where it hurts. Right, Here. -more silence, then drops my arm-
Everything just happened so fast...I wasn't ready. I wanted him forever. I love him.
-crys lightly-
He was my sweetheart,
my Hunny Bunny. 
I still love him. 
Forever and Always.

© 2012 Alex Fegley (Extro Zifer)

Author's Note

Alex Fegley (Extro Zifer)

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Added on January 16, 2012
Last Updated on June 18, 2012
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Alex Fegley (Extro Zifer)
Alex Fegley (Extro Zifer)

Grand Haven, MI

I'm young and full of emotion. I tend to have sudden mood shifts and so far almost all of what I've written has come from the depressed side of the shift. I really just wanted to get my work out to th.. more..