A Poem by Fairplay

Written By An Unknown Author.............


An endless searching in the
eyes of aunts and uncles,
cousins and grandmothers for a
hint of belonging, a familiarity.

A separateness insufficiently
bridged by stroke of pen or
mahogany gavel after words
of rote, repeated as an exercise.

A constant fear while judging how
deep the love could be in
those who made the choice but
contributed nothing to life's breath.

A wariness of all who know
and wax effusive that no
distinction's made, but whose
blood is thickened by biology.

An effort omnipresent to keep
the boat on even keel because of
tasted fear that rocking it will
challenge right of passage.

A lifelong thirst for perfection
to justify the conscious choice,
unable to discern why such need
burns strong and overshadows all.

A sadness never knowing one or
both of those whose true or
momentary love sparked life and
impressed strengths and weakness.

A mature assurance that actions
notwithstanding, equal footing is
elusive, a bitter herb tempered
by the sweetness of the gift.


A stocking with a name filled
by hands of love to equal bulge as
the stockings of those who followed
without questions unresolved.

A bed as warm as any in the house
in room with purple bedspreads shared
with those for whom life would be
gladly traded to buy their happiness.

An unspoken belief that the moon
follows every step to inspire
unattributed gifts for which there
is no evident explanation.

A familiar lullaby hummed to child which
once quieted cries and soothed the
singer's soul to sleep when the fears
of new surroundings seemed too strong.

The pride of blazing trails which
the younger might walk one day, in
shoes that, in the closet, have no
bloodlines and are indistinct.

The unconditional love of one once
carried on a shoulder, who nurtures
love in the hearts of the souls
which sprang from her, just because.

A continuity in what was there when
struggling to grow and what will
craft the future, hoping that
some contribution remains after.

A good tired upon reflection of
realized and unrealized goals, and
a satisfaction that a soul unique
passed this way and left its mark.

© 2009 Fairplay

Author's Note

Who would write a poem like this I would be pleased to know if anyone claims the work

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Added on May 9, 2009
Last Updated on May 9, 2009



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