Let the Rain Fall

Let the Rain Fall

A Poem by astoundinglyattractive

So let the rain fall down.

Everybody knows

the sun can still shine

on a rainy day

how else are rainbows made?

what else makes the flowers bloom,

and all life be renewed?

So don't try to stop it baby.

Just let the rain fall down.


If the sun never shows its face

And the clouds stay forever,

If the only one you love

I gone for a while,

And if the one thing you believe in,

Burns and turns to ashes,

Let the rain fall baby

And it will all be washed away.


And if the river ever overflows

And the streams, too,

become filled,

And the weeping sorrow you feel

Feeds their flow,

Know that you will be loved

until the end of time-

Even if time is only one moree day.

Know that the sun will shine again.

And let the rain fall baby.

Just for now.

© 2011 astoundinglyattractive

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Pretty uplifting. Inspirational to anyone who has ever felt down and out for even a bit.

Posted 11 Years Ago

absolutely beautiful.
one line stuck out to me,
"everybody knows the sun can still shine on a rainy day, how else are rainbows made". I feel inspired by that, like it should be in a song:) good job!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

it's amazing! i love it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 26, 2011
Last Updated on January 26, 2011



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