The War

The War

A Poem by astoundinglyattractive

she sits and

she cries

then wipes the

tears from her eyes

as she stands and

pretends to be strong.

young girl is so old

and the days are so long

and she ages through the night;

in the warmth

she feels cold,

even though,

she has all that she desires-

a bed a pet and cool clothes.

what she wants

she recieves

all but the one thing

that she needs-

a mothers love

and a welcoming home.

along her wrist she slides

the flat side

of the cool medal blade

imagining the blood swell and fall.

but she will not hurt herself


than what she is now.

so young girl just feels

fake and hopeless relief

in her broken mind.

the girl turns around,

drops the knife to the ground,

back inside

back to pain.

but shes ready, now,

for another day

of the



© 2011 astoundinglyattractive

Author's Note

my friends like this, but they don't know its about me. in case you don't understand, its about being strong enough to not cut~

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I really like the emotion in this...if i can make a suggestion though you should break it up so it flows more fluently and each stanza or section w.e. you wanna call it conveys either a point or image but i love it great job

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on January 30, 2011
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