No More

No More

A Poem by astoundinglyattractive

Love took me hostage

and made me its slave.

I bend ani break

and i do the best i can

so that maybe one day

i will be free.

or maybe one day

i will recieve

my end of the deal.


Love took me hostage,

i'm sorry to say.

i fell for the lies

and the tricks that it played.

i fell for its promise

and its good name.

i fell for the mystery

and now i see why

others tried to hide

when love came looking, that day.


Love took me hostage,

and up to this day

i never believed

i would believe

in fate.

i never believed i would

follow the play

as it was writen,

as it was made.


Love took me hostage,

i'n down on my knees.

The chains are so hevay,

the shackles so thick.

in my right hand,

i hold the wilted rose.

and lying in my left

my heart, my soul.


Love took me hostage,

but that has made me strong.

my spirit has soared

above these walls and beyond.

and now i come to hear

that the one i hold dear

has fallen in love,

has fallen for lies,

and there beside me

he resides.


Love took me hostage,

it takes others as well.

but my time with these chains

has built me up well.

the snap and they crack

break and shake

until i am free

no longer bound by its ways.


Love took me hostage,

and yet i escaped.

i guess maybe that means

there is such thin as fate.

all that i know,

is what i have seen

and the chains that had bound me

are gone,

they no longer hold me.

© 2011 astoundinglyattractive

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I like 100%

Posted 13 Years Ago

I am so far relating with 100% of your poetry. This one and will you remember me are probably my two favorites.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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