‘I was scared stiff...’

‘I was scared stiff...’

A Story by Faiza Iqbal

Nothing serious happened after this. Just a few rantings :P


 How aesthetically it was created! Its pleasing colour combinations would satisfy anyone in the very first look. It had an extraordinary beauty in it. The patterns on it were done so neatly- just the way to steal everyone’s heart! The bottom line ends with dazzling crystals to hold down its beauty.

The beautiful creation was destroyed just in a glimpse in my very hands. I saw its broken crystals and crushed pieces fallen on the floor. All my mother’s definition to describe her dearly vase surely went in vain.

 I could foresee the hell I was going to face soon. With the same tension pinching and reminding me everytime �" I’ll be throttled with in a few seconds in my mother’s bare hands for breaking her beloved vase. I was so much tensed that my heart would leap out of my mouth. It gave me shivers down my spine. My legs shook and my hands trembled. A chill started at the top of my head and began to trickle down. All my senses were locked to an escape out of this.

 If somehow I can manage to throw those broken parts not even a single bug around should know what had happened. Choosing the window might turn out to be a risk so I decided to sneak out of the back door and do my job. When mom would find her vase missing I can conclude by saying, ‘How can a vase disappear just like that?’ Little did I know that none of my plans would come into any use.

 As I quietly started picking up those broken parts, I heard my mother’s footsteps and dropped those pieces back on the floor. She rushed in like the wind in the living room as the noise of the shattering glasses reached her ears. I immediately froze into a statue when she stood in front of me ever so mighty! My furious mother with blood shot eyes asked me in a grumpy voice

‘What exactly happened in here?’ My voice squeaked and face grew rigid with fear. Panic was setting in as my hands clutched nothing but air. I could not speak. My hands went numb, heart rumbled and I was scared stiff!

© 2012 Faiza Iqbal

Author's Note

Faiza Iqbal
Curious to know how it turned out to be, let me know!! :D

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Faiza Iqbal
Faiza Iqbal

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