"Fogg Pike by Starlight, Boonesborough by Snow. (A to the Z)"

"Fogg Pike by Starlight, Boonesborough by Snow. (A to the Z)"

A Story by FarisGreybear

- -a song northeast across the bluegrass...- - written 1/5/2014.A.D. at Boonesborough, KY


A. Crossin' Riney B, second street send me north bound.
B. The saddest son to leave Madison, and I ain't even from here.
C. Colonel's party zone's left me sick for home,
gotta leave all that alone.

D. Oh the calm, beyond that via-dock,
icy road has me drivin' at a walk.

E. Squeezin' under L & N, then dogleg over the long gravel mound,
F. Follerin' Boone and comp'ny down from thick hill to bottom clear.
G. Three eighty eight, somewhat maintained by the state,
through parts still unknown...

H. Ah the river, below those log walls,
parked by heavy snow, white as chalk.

I. Climbin' the raceway, snail's pace, not a single solitary soul around,
J. On through Clark, slipsliding sideways, shivering cold, fear is near.
K. How was I to know, we'd comeback thru Boonesborough by Snow?

L. Ooh the cool town lights, beautifying the clouds above,
open mouth yet can't talk.

M. Sailin' past the bright bustle, the nineteen sixty wye shall be found!
N. Fifteen, Ol' Campton Pike, there 'tis! Now run like a deer!
O. On through to the Fogg Pike, by starlight the roadway is shown.

P. Eh! The heartache, behind is what we left,
ahead the front yard of cornstalk.

Q. Circlin' about Mount Sterling we shout. We make glorious sound.
R. Short muffler from manifold, huffin' monoxide fills me with cheer.
S. Fellow motorists must surely wonder, "Is their engine blown?"

T. Eee, I happen to see, between big beastly billboards,
relief at three o' clock!

U. Speeding away, over into Bath, against the pavement we pound,
V. Big rigs dustin' us, barrelling by like bullets, making it hard to steer.
W. Sickened to the stomach, scared to the spine,
whimper, moan, and groan.

X. Uh, back to the Midland Trail, beside that C & O,
Can't take anymore freeway shock.

Y. So from now on, it's Fogg pike by starlight,
Z. And Boonesborough by snow!

© 2015 FarisGreybear

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Added on February 27, 2015
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