County Cabell Catharses (warrant, entry, survey, grant)

County Cabell Catharses (warrant, entry, survey, grant)

A Poem by FarisGreybear

A collection of wild and wonderful words in WV… By Feres Graybaer, compiled 3/1/2015 A.D., an appalachian song in four movements.

--First the Land Warrant….

-“Twelve Steps of Freedom (brief US History)”
-Barboursville, West Virginia, 11/18/2014 A.D.

This young tree of liberty, a sapling long ago,
Amidst invasive species and crucifix trees…
Manured in tyrant’s blood, first peoples had to go!
Erasing histories for more free land to seize.

Growing trunk, ‘tween stagecoach n’ canal.
Betwixt inferior means, more iron horse seen…
Western surge, human purge, Wounded Creek finale!
Enhancing slavery, wildnerness nevermore clean.

Now aged Oak, pruned for wires at the bank,
Inclusive surveillance where privacy flees….
Hollowed and sickly, yet beside, new acorns sank!
Exclusive phalanx, growing them liberties.

--Second the Surveyor’s Entry….

-County Cabell, West Virginia, 1/30/2015 A.D.

Wudellga, to the west, it rises
Galuhlatee, up above, touching sky

Ah-hnee, inside, stone surprises
Odalluh, mountain, before my eye

Promontory, idiom lost in translation,
Red cardinal signals the presence..

Ah-mah, water, I gaze across
Eejayee, new and green, the scene

Ooh-noe-lay, wind, cold as frost
Noe-yah, sand, island in between

Promontory, here and there at once,
Flying away while standing still…

--Third the Land Survey….

-“Deer field and Iron-horse”
-County Cabell, West Virginia, 2/27/2015 A.D.

Columns of pine, groves of maple,
Ground’s paved over, tracks upon high.
Happy sun dances, western parable.
Story told, spectrum gold, of course!

Log cabin and ole Guyandotte…
How they graze, hoof prints a-plenty.
And all the coal passes by this spot.
Tale of the Deer field and Iron-horse!

Cell-phone tower, sentinel high above,
Opposite my stone ballasted levee.
To the south by the west, pure love…
The dirty snowmelt, sparkling porous!

Again the glow, surely to know,
Waiting for black steed to make speed.
Wrapped in the embrace, what a show!
At home in the deer field, with Iron-horse…

--Fourth the Land Grant….

-“Knob-spur (Homan Square Hoe-down)”
-County Cabell, West Virginia, 2/28/2015 A.D.

At once, it did occur,
There atop the white knob-spur
Reception was so clear.
Suddenly, yet it disappeared.

Like the unlucky in the Chicagoland,
Where the wild onion grew from sand.
Hell on Homan awaits in the fascist state.
Missing finger, mayor, invader of hate.

Northwest the course, County Cabell to Cook,
Late winter gray in the Loop and in the nook.
More will choose Chuy, from Lakeshore to O’Hare,
And they'll send the intruder straight back over there.

At last, it did pass,
Interference of the adherent class.
Enormity of conformity, too much too learn.
Inextinguishable heart, forever it will burn.

Melting atop the knob-spur, fearing only heaven’s fury.

© 2015 FarisGreybear

Author's Note

sing it or imagine it to be sung, in jest! :D

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Added on March 1, 2015
Last Updated on March 1, 2015
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former kentucky land surveyor. ancient cherokee living in modern appalachia more..


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