Connecting to Control

Connecting to Control

A Poem by Sunshadow Coyote

Gods hunt for mortal wives for a reason

Connections can tame the fear and awe in people.

Looking out my window I discover the world

In a blade of grass

I often see colors in such wondrous complexity,

It excites my senses, telling me beauty is just.

If only my mind stopped and just thought about the rain.

I would have time to control myself for once.

So who has control?

Connected to the webs of functionality and peace,

I want more of less.

© 2012 Sunshadow Coyote

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Okay, I'm reading this again, but I still don't think I have it all. I definitely have most of least from my perspective. The only thing I don't have all the way is why you chose a blade of grass as a symbol of connections and it's functions. I believe it's because they're everyone will understand it easier, as well as it being a distinct color that everyone is familiar with, and it's connection to the rain later mentioned.
Anyway, in the first part, I believe you're talking about connections themselves. That they have more value than people give them credit for, and that their importance can be (and usually is), of utmost concern. Hence why gods hunt mortal wives.
You then mention how connections can control people in unbelievable ways. Such as a connection to another person can make you feel a hand full of emotions like love, calm, anger, happiness, ect.
The next part i already slightly explained but i would also like to mention that I believe you mentioned because of how you can easily be reminded of your connections by a simple daily glance out of a wind and what it holds.
You then explain how connection to beauty is a valuable asset as well for multiple reasons that are different for everyone.
Then, you identify the rain, which clearly shifts the poem. Saying what the rain is capable of and what it represents. Saying how if you just took a second to would realize the BEAUTY in all your CONNECTIONS. It can halt the world. If you just take a second...a second most people don't have the time to spare.
Who does have control??
Whoever they are, they have a clear connection to the reality and peace that we all need to function.
"I want more of less" is obvious...

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sunshadow Coyote

11 Years Ago

.....your honeslty got it spot
Sunshadow Coyote

11 Years Ago

you didnt however find the deeper meaning in "i want more of less"

11 Years Ago

Oh well I want more of less is kinda something we talk about on a normal basis...or like things like.. read more
Okay, this ones very deep. Even I don't understand it all. My perspective is being blurred by the words in this one. Quite an amazing job, I really enjoyed it. I think you're lost...but you're exactly where you want to be, if you know what i mean

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Sunshadow Coyote
Sunshadow Coyote

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