Dark Alice Comes to Call

Dark Alice Comes to Call

A Poem by FlatDaddy

Sometimes pain itself is a disease.


She gnaws

jaws and claws

like silver to a vampire

burning fire

ripping, tearing through my back

down my leg nerves ripped from deep inside

screaming, seeming like I'm dreaming

so damned unreal

skin, muscles bones

breaking, taking me to places

no man ever has been or wants to be

please god oh god yes god


to make her stop! --

on fallen knees my pleas

"Jesus! God Mohammed Budda ANYONE!" scorch my lungs

and burn the very air

my hair must be on fire

the screams awake the house the block the universe

must know must see me writhing on the floor

my body twisted in bizzare tortured ways

sirens wail lights so bright

flashing in the night

white coats flapping

soothing voices

"there there" whispered in my ear

hands grasping hot flesh

tears pouring out in waves,

ghostly grey, soaked in sour sweat

needle in at last

firing up my arm



my wife's stricken face

sails away in clouds of fog

her eyes too large


drags me





She's gone.


"Alice threw the looking glass,"

someone heard me mumble


© 2011 FlatDaddy

Author's Note

When you've lived for eight years with pain so bad you almost never leave your bed, it becomes another person, dominating your life.

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Its so interesting to me what we do with our pain...we manipulate words into poetic phrases, somehow endearing "it" to us through this creative medium...makes it palatable, I suppose.... writing is such a life saver for this very reason...bc honestly FD, what to you do with THAT? The enormity of your painful reality is irrelevant to itself. The pain has no empathy, compassion. We can't bleed tenderness from its wiry fingers...so we fondle it, drape it in ornamental decor, to ease its burden. However, let me point out one thing that I'm intrigued by with this write....you haven't glorified your survival. You gave us a detailed account, but did it without the cushion of adopting a "hero" persona. And you didn't glamorize the morphine. We are made privy to the heinous torture of your pain, but in such a straight up way that I didn't feel unable to see your impressive creativity throughout the entire piece...I find this very unique and surprising (again, with the surprises....).

Throwing this into my vault of "favorites", fo sho.......

Posted 9 Years Ago

Superb write. Entirely enthralled, I found myself seeing and grasping at your raw portrayal... Undeniably do you possess the ability to call upon the true beauty of a poets words, emotion and pain abiding and clinging savagely within your every verse. Perhaps the best factor regarding this poem is its narrative and expressive tone.

I look forward to reading more of your work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 16, 2011
Last Updated on December 26, 2011
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Austin, TX

Former performance poet, actor and singer. I was injured in 2004 and no longer perform. I have written for many years, mostly performance oriented material. My injuries have caused me to be restri.. more..

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