Horas del Crepúsculo

Horas del Crepúsculo

A Poem by Ryan J. Sanders

A poem about the sun falling in love with the moon, wrote for a story I'm writing.


Horas del Crepúsculo

(Twilight Hours)


From under the horizon line, El Sol raises his dreary head

The black of night fades away, replaced with scarlet red

The stars begin to twinkle out, the shadows are chased away

As El Sol rises high into the sky, and nighttime turns to day


El Sol rests upon the trees, his radiance warms the morning air

But from his perch on woods of birch, he spies a maiden, pale and fair
She was more beautiful than all the stars, more graceful than a dove!

And as El Sol gazed upon her face, his heart was filled with love


“Fair maiden!” Called the smitten El Sol. “Fair maiden! What is thy name?”

“Are you the fabled La Luna, fair maiden, whose beauty is the stuff of fame?”

The maiden gave no sign she heard El Sol, at least none that El Sol could see

But he could tell from her bounteous beauty that La Luna she had to be


El Sol rose in the sky as fast as he could, for his maiden he wished to be near

But as he got closer to his lovely La Luna, from the sky she began to disappear

By the time he had reached the top of the sky, La Luna had gone without a trace

So El Sol sunk back down to weep in the birches, a look of pure woe on his face


But before he drooped back under the horizon, he took one final look above

And glowing in the night sky was his beautiful La Luna; his darling, his maiden, his love!

“For now I will treasure our twilight hours together.” El Sol cried to her with a grin

“But the darkness of night will soon be alight, and tomorrow I’ll chase you again!”  


© 2010 Ryan J. Sanders

Author's Note

Ryan J. Sanders
Don't complain that the syllables don't match up or anything. I already know. I like it that way.

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I really thought that this poem flowed very nicely, the poem itself seems rather playful in its tone and execution, which I'm sure is what you intended it is also very unique, good job

Posted 13 Years Ago

I cried and then I stabbed my foot out of frustration (not really. sign of my frustration of love being forbidden by the size of the sky.)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 7, 2010
Last Updated on August 7, 2010
Tags: Poem, Sun, Moon, Twilight, Romance, Hours, Cosmic, Sol, Luna


Ryan J. Sanders
Ryan J. Sanders

Haughton, LA

I'm seventeen. I like to write, especially comedy (parodies, ridiculous humor, and dark humor mostly) and I'm a pretty decent poet, though I never count syllables because I've got better things to do .. more..