Play Cards With Me, I Need a Break

Play Cards With Me, I Need a Break

A Poem by Foxemerald

Just another crazy night that is full of all things creative and sad (they go hand in hand).


Caffeine, moonshine, brie cheese and bread.

Pangs in the chest that cannot be quiet, maybe that's just another word,

For heartbreak.

Cups half full of emotion, and half full of wine.

Book on the other side of the me,

A bank account that is only half filled with green.

Half of your earnings, half of your heart,

Drugs and pictures of brains and hallucinations.

Words from Andy Warhol sit open and his voice echoes,

And circle around my plate with crumbs leaping out from the sides,

Scattering out from beneath the humongous mound,

The cheese reminding me that I am-

FAT today,

As my inmate blows gas from the other side of me.

Words cleverly spun, making me feel at ease in my aloofness,

Hidden beneath a hat pulled over me at a sharp perpendicular,

Jutting out from me face like a prophetic thing,

So I know I am a little better than the sea of humanity,

As I speak prophetic words into my screen to make myself feel important,

A little more able to deal with the fact that I have not sinned enough this week to feel good

As my cat jumps the table,

Putting her paws into my milk she looks at me,

I see her mocking gaze,

And suddenly my beautiful image I have created fails me,

And I fall back into nothingness,

The cheese, moonshine, and orange simply reminding me of 

My disenchantment with this type of craziness, or the fact that I am just playing 

A game. But, what game is it? Maybe the secrets-

Lay between the flaps of Andy Warhol's biography, which has been sitting flat,

Calling me for several days, and his pale face,

A likeness of Dorian Gray's, a taunting flash, they speak of secrets which 

I do not wish to know, about myself,

Speak to me,

And beckon to me, they are open with me, like they know

Who I am, and that I am riveted by them. Are we all just crazy, or are we 

Too damn intelligent for this stupid 

Degradation of an uneventful life? God, play cards with me, or something . . .

I need a break.

© 2022 Foxemerald

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Added on April 20, 2022
Last Updated on August 16, 2022




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