Scarlet Crimson

Scarlet Crimson

A Poem by Celie Rose

pagan ritual

Scarlet Crimson
last event of the month approaches. 
it is the final day of octoberfest,
a featured jack-o-latern carving contest
is in full swing.
however, an eery incident did occur,
witnesses can attest to a strange 
disappearance without a word,
gone, absolutely no traces or clues 
not to be found, totally bizarre. 
an innocent life never again to 
be heard of.
nevertheless, someone went missing, 
and is assumed to be dead.
an unsolved mystery pursued in vain,
baffled town people will never be the same.

in an abandoned cornfield hangs an old
tattered scarecrow, his hat is worn, clothes 
are torn and are loosely fitting.
he points in the direction of the south,
revealing a secret location,
using his straw-stuffed left hand, 
this private invitation.
at the edge of the field is a half-eaten red lollipop,
that seemed to have been abruptly dropped.
perhaps some kind of scuffle, forceful struggle
did come about.

deadfall covers the dark and damp entrance way.
a blood-curdling shrill echoes throughout the bowels 
of and ancient cave awaken.
walls of the cave bleed scarlet crimson,
at the very moment a soul was taken.

a narrow pathway leads to an insidious 
and evil slaughter, chamber or horror.
chosen victim lay smitten and compelled,
paralyzed in a black laced coffin on display.

bats hang up-side-down, 
from long jagged spikes from 
ceiling prongs..
sharp teeth and mouths drooling,
a non-stop salivating, dripping.
noisy cooing.
anticipate their partaking
of the bloody remains and
left-overs, awaiting.
a brutal merciless killing,
cruel ceremony, undertaking,

a satanic ritual begins.
an offering of a fresh soul,
ceremony with chilling dances 
of death, wild and savage
demonic forces are out of control. 
high-pitched, ear-piercing voices of 
shadow banshee warriors,, 
undead soldiers.
provocative movements, snarls and shouts,
giving honor and sacrifice to their pagan god,
moans and groans from innocent blood,
soon to go silent in the twilight of this
dark cold and deadly night.

© 2016 Celie Rose

Author's Note

Celie Rose
This poem is for a 10 word contest. Words have been assigned and are underlined. I am open to suggestions or comments.

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Scary! Who, what and where did the poor unsuspecting innocent go? Down down down into a fiery pit of whoa. Creepy and perfect for the Halloween season upon us. Good use of all 10 words that fit nicely into your story with ease. Thank you for your entry into the 10 Words I Give contest!!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on October 4, 2016
Last Updated on October 8, 2016
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Celie Rose
Celie Rose

Syracuse, NY

My name is Celie. I mainly write prose poems and stories, but my focus is on short stories. I hope to publish my first book one day. I am learning so much. I appreciate suggestions and comments from .. more..

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A Poem by Celie Rose