A Poem by Celie Rose

innate gifts entrusted gifts


many of us are born with gifts.
Innate gifts, and entrusted ones;
from birth that were given from above.
however, there are few that are
selected and entrusted with special gifts
carrying great burden and responsibility.
Discernment, never-ending compassion, 
empathy, unconditional love are among those. 
abusing this grand privilege 
could result in dire consequences.

so…carefully and cautiously, 
this one must tread;
spreading a message of hope;
that it is certainly not dead; 
it is still alive.
also helping those who are deeply 
in despair, is her mission detail.

consequently, there was a subtle
nudge; soft reminder and whisper. 
reasonably, discernment did disturb her.
glimpses, flashes, places, de ja vu 
over and over again; unknowable 
things speaking within; 
about people she’d never met before,
creaped her out! 

unexpected encounters, spontaneously 
feeling of others bothering her,
by simultaneously delivery,
her reacting, understanding, compassion,
empathy and agape’ love heightened.
she did become very frightened.

realizing she was quite different;
her importance needs a-mentioning.
t’was a hard struggle, battle, upheaval,
wrestling within her essence because 
of her defiance and rejection;
of this something that always will be
part of her; ignorance is blissful,
she thought.

in the beginning, never taking time; 
setting aside her inner-most self
reflections, stubbornly resisting.
she fought against her gift,
did not want anything to do with it.
why me? why me? 
don’t want this misery!
i’m not worthy! i’m nobody!
obviously something wrong with me!
in frustration, she cried and pleaded!
missing her specific reason regarding
an upcoming journey.
simply did not understand why
these things were happening.

her glass was negatively half-empty; 
not half-full, being her point of view;
thinking that her gift was no more 
than a curse instead of a blessing; 
she continued insisting.
feeling perplexed, afraid, scared, 
confused; arrayed in complete dismay; 
trying to run away and escape; in helpless
denial with an up-side-down smile and 
frown she did wear.
pulling back, avoiding, fighting against,
totally refusing to accept. 
surrender was inevitable, there is reason
for everything she did ponder.

accepting that she had meaning and 
purpose, uncertainty, doubt and disbelief
did flee, giving her relief and peace.
she is wise; born with a vail covering her eyes.
she is an old soul; processing the ability 
to discern, two-fold; this she did not study 
or learn. her age does not apply in this matter
at all. 

almighty walks through her.
he guides her well; obtaining spiritual 
direction and understanding of things, 
that most cannot comprehend. she is 
fashioned with a glow of never-ending 
compassion; attracting all walks of life 
despite her shy quiet demeanor.
she does not stand out in the crowd or 
draw unwanted, warranted attention,
or trouble, she does not cause. 

she is unassuming, plain, nothing special 
for naked eyesight. but...she exudes abnormal 
intelligence; she is firm when need be, 
well-spoken, has no bad intention, naturally 
honest, innocently curious; reserved and 
modest in action and word,  and as everyone 
else, she is not perfect.  

© 2016 Celie Rose

Author's Note

Celie Rose
Prose poem. Open to comment, suggest and review.

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Many don't know how blessed they are to have such gifts. I love this piece thanks for sharing.

Posted 3 Years Ago

So great poem I like too much

Posted 4 Years Ago

Life is falling in proper place.
"her glass was negatively half-empty;
not half-full, being her point of view;
thinking that her gift was no more
than a curse instead of a blessing; "
The above lines are true for many. Want more or less. Life seem to take us where we don't want to go. Thank you dear friend for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 4 Years Ago

in most cases they will always reject the gift,they think they are not suitable,but god gives the gifts to whom he chooses ,great write 1

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Celie Rose
Celie Rose

Syracuse, NY

I've been gone for a while but now I have returned. My name is Celie. I mainly write prose poems and stories, but my focus is on short stories. I hope to publish my first book one day. I am learning .. more..

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