Newport Living.

Newport Living.

A Poem by Ellie W. Montreal

You are a sellout, but you couldn't even do that right. So your price tag has been slashed and now you're chillin on a half-price clearance rack.


She spoke dangerous words,
Cursing, learning how to swerve
And contort her phrases into bittersweet lines
Of charm and wit; A fear so alive.

He kept to himself,
Quiet, didn't bother anyone else
Or anything but knew she was a trick
Of beauty and skill, but didn't fall for it.

Her words danced in the air,
Floating, swaying in ears with flair
And style; She definitely was sweet
To say such things of radiance to me.

His silence was loud,
Thumping, and scaring crowds
Of girls and boys to and fro
But never letting anyone know.

She sang her lies,
With a voice so nice
No one ever knew
That she could be lying to you.

He watched her commit that crime,
And hoped she could handle the time
She just might get away,
With this sin; Until he says,

"You are beautiful and free.
But not strong enough to be
The woman proud enough to tell
A truthful tale so well
As you do your pitiful lies.
When these people find out, their hearts will die.
You have lied enough; Where's your head?
Is it hidden behind that makeup you spread
Across your face? Around your eyes?
Don't make me waste more of my time;
Be truthful -- PLEASE! -- Or spare these feeble minds,
For they love you only for your well-told lies."

She grew silent and still,
Humble, Everso honest and filled
With bottled up moods and emotions inside
She never thought she had nothing to hide.

He now blurted his thoughts,
Blunt and angrily loud
He stood up for what was right
He didn't love, but he loved to fight.

Her thoughts were kept in mind;
To keep from telling a lie,
She had to smile and tell the truth,
But it really hurt me and you.

His attitude grew nonchalant,
He never wanted his knowledge to flaunt
But intelligence never flew from his mouth
And if it did, the words dropped south.

She told the truth, no longer a lie
And kept it honest everytime.
Many hated her, Those who loved her were more
Numbered in size, and provided her with moral support.

He grew arrogant with his intellectuality.
His mind process changed everso quickly.
Nobody kept him around, and why?
Because he liked to make you cry.

© 2008 Ellie W. Montreal

Author's Note

Ellie W. Montreal
Mhm n.n

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Who's this about?
I really liked the last lines:
Nobody kept him around, and why?
Because he liked to make you cry.

When you have the whole rhyming scheme where
he is saying something, I think it can be a bit
Has a nice flow although there were parts where the
flow would abruptly stop. *shrugs*
Much Love :D.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 11, 2008


Ellie W. Montreal
Ellie W. Montreal

The Sunshit State!, FL

i'm Mychelle; you can call me Ellie, if you please, & i'd prefer you do. ツ i'm a poet. a really creative one. i also do photography. which i love more than anything more..