Dream battle.

Dream battle.

A Story by Franki Valerie

This is a dream I had, and applied to my main writing character and turned into a short story. It was a badass dream but I'm not all that good with words~

"We will call you Kekeris, child..." She handed me some kind of uniform and 2 long crystals. As she continued I held one of the crystals and turned it over in my hand. "Let  it be said we welcomed another new initiate into our family." I wasn't wholly listening. I was studying the gems. There were odd symbols carved into the sides. Some I remembered from my initiation into the darkness when I was a girl, some others from the tattoos of the mother and father of this group.. otherwise they were foreign to me. 
I looked back up to my new 'parents' and the father now rose to speak directly to me. 
"You are to place the crystals in your desired elements, though you are forbidden to use them unless within the training grounds. Do I make myself clear, young one?" 
I had to hold back a smirk and simply nod. It was totally delicious. These people thought they were so perceptive and yet they couldn't see the real me.. The darkness, power and chaos coursing through my veins. 
The two then turned their backs and beckoned me to follow. I took the chance to glance around me. Most of the other 'family members' were young. Perhaps between the ages of 16 and 25. Then there seemed to be a massive age gap, and the only others were the mother and father, and 3 elders. Who were very elderly elders.
I stepped up onto their ridiculously high pedestal and followed them into a back room. The elders followed me, and then the rest of the family piled in. 
We walked slowly, at a kind of wedding march pace. Infuriating. Finally we reached a stone carving. It had been made to look ancient but I could tell it was relatively new for an ancient carving. It had more of these mostly foreign symbols and indentations, spaces to place the crystals. 
They parted and turned to me, holding their arms toward the carving. The mother was smiling warmly as the father explained. 
"You will place your keys into the locks and unlock your potential." The father barked like a pup trying to look tough, "Careful what you choose. The powers they will give you will stay with you forever and will change you if you let them. Now listen closely," He went on to translate the carvings and then explain which symbol related to each power; Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Fury, Shadows, Spirit, Light and Destiny. It didn't take me long to decide which I was going to choose. The second the parents stood back I jammed the first crystal into the symbol most familiar to me, and dear to my heart, shadows. 
I felt the tension in the chamber rise, perhaps they were finally seeing the real me? 
I took my time with the next crystal although I was almost sure I was going to choose Fury. I hovvered over the Light and spirit first to throw them off then jammed the second crystal into the Fury indentation. They lit up and I could feel the elements racing around inside me, exploring my inners and coupling with the power already there. There they coiled up together and tensed. like a cobra waiting to strike. The parents then pulled the crystals out and placed them back onto my stack of folded clothes. The rest of the group were carrying their crystals in their robes I supposed I would be expected to do the same. Though it would have been more exciting to wield them as weapons I'm sure they would have been very effective as maces... 
The tension coming from the parents radiated to the group and came with us all as we exited the chamber. I was then sent off to don my new uniform and reminded that using the crystals was forbidden until I was in the training court. 
The oldest initiate walked me to my new living quarters. He looked about 24, walked with his head down and his hands in his pockets. I stared at him, studying him as we walked. He was typically a red head. Bright orange messy hair and a swarm of freckles plaguing his face. He was very tall, though walked hunched over, as if he was ashamed of his height. When he noticed my staring his eyes widened and his face and ears burned bright red. I smiled, giggled and then stopped staring. He walked over to a small wooden door and opened it, mumbling, "this is where you'll be staying.." 
It was so hard not to play with him at this point.  I stroked my hand down his chest as I entered, feeling him tense up at my touch, and walked in through the door. The room was small and simple. A single bed, a wardrobe and an open door showing a simple bathroom. 
He called in after me, "I-I.. uh... I'll w-wait here for y-you to... um... change... then I-I have to ask you- TAKE take you ou-out to the yard." 
He shut the door behind me without waiting for a reply so I stripped and pulled on my new robes. They were long, wide and did nothing for my figure... I pulled the string out the loops and tied it tightly around my empire line, pulling the folds it made around to my back. Surely later I would be asked to put it right but for now I needed the appeal. 

I heard another voice outside talking to the red haired boy and listened closely. 
"Father wants to see you both. You're gonna practice on each other in the training yard..." The voice was female, young, and sounded worried, "Brother... be careful. Remember your defences." 
"I will, Tenaku, don't worry." He sounded more confident than he had done earlier. 
I pulled my boots back on, and tied my hair into a braid before shoving the crystals into the slots on my robe and exiting the room. 
"So, training? What's your name anyway? I'm Keris! Uh.. I mean Kekeris." I tried my hardest to slip back into a younger state of mind. 
The boy turned bright red again and mutter "R-Rinult-tat..." he cleared his throat and shook his head as if shaking away his insecurity, "My given name is Rinultat."
I smiled and nodded, "Rinu! Shall we go?" I stepped away from the door and waited for him to lead me again. 
He led me silently to a large yard. There was sand on the bottom, a line through the middle, and huge concrete walls surrounding the hole area, save the entrance. Father was already waiting for us inside and motioned us forward. "Kekeris please wear your robes in the traditional manner." he didn't frown but gave me a look that seemed to be a mix between pride and and acceptance.
I loosened the rope and pulled it back down to my hips where it was supposed to be. Father clapped his hands together and shooed us off to opposite ends of the yard. When we were in our places he barked his orders. "You are to take turns attacking and defending. On my command only you will attack and on my command you will stop. Understood?" 
I smirked and nodded, copying the stance Rinu took up. 
Father snapped, "Rinultat, on my command you will attack. On my second you will defend, Kekeris will attack." Rinu nodded, I mimiced, father clapped his hands and Rinu pushed both his hands forward, sending a wave of water towards me. I stood up straight, clapped my hands and then pushed them apart, the water split infront of me. Father clapped again, and I smirked, giving Rinu a second to get his stance back before throwing my arms back and over my head to attack with Fury. He dodged, but barely.. 
Father grunted and clapped again, I got myself ready for whatever Rinu could throw at me, but I could tell he was intimidated and feeling uneasy. Clearly his confidence got in the way of his potential. 

After the training, Rinu was instructed to take me to get some food. He obeyed... like a well trained puppy. 
He called it the food hall. It seemed too quaint. I picked up a plateful of sushi and took it back outside. Rinu eventually followed with another 2 initiates. A girl with striking eyes and white blonde hair tied up into a bun and another boy with dyed blue shoulder length hair, and smooth handsome features. The boy sat next to me, Rinu on my other side and the blonde girl next to him. 
The boy offered me his hand "Tiran" I looked at his hand but didn't take it, instead I studied his hair and eyes, using my hands to unwrap the seaweed and get to the raw fish. 
The blonde girl nudged Rinu and he spoke up, "And this is Piyuki, she's the only other girl here apart from mother..." 
She leaned forward to study me but I didn't look up, just kept shoving food into my mouth. "We were surprised to see Father bring up another girl, usually he doesn't look for female initiates, you must have been quite good." 
I didn't answer. 
Tiran stretched and laughed, "Father's kinda like that, I think it gets to Mother though, she likes seeing the girls blossom more than the boys, I reckon." 
"Kill them all... Crush them...."
I'm the type of person who's used to hearing voices in my head telling me to kill, but this one wasn't my own. I froze and listened hard for it again. 
"Destroy the island... kill them all..."
I looked up and scanned the horizon, trying to block out the meaningless chatter around me. Then I spotted it. At first glance it looked like a big wave but it grew and then sprouted tentacles. 
i shoved the rest of the food down my throat and stood up, turning to the others, "Get the parents, tell them to follow me."
I started running down the hillside, ripping off the bottom of my robe as I went, to save from tripping and allow myself a wider stride. 
As I grew closer to it, the voice got louder, "She's here... Kill the dark one... Destroy the Island" 
Once I gained a fair speed I was able to use the shadows to teleport me steadily closer through the shaded back alleys of the village. By the time I reached the shoreline, the beast was right ahead of me. 
"Kill.... Keriissss" It hissed, bringing a giant tentacle down over me. I narrowly dodged and stepped back into the shadows to hide from it, though I knew it could sense me. Perhaps the others would join me in a few minutes but for now I was on my own and in the sunlight, which was dampening my abilities. I sat in the shadows and pressed my hands together, closed my eyes, concentrating. Within a few moments I could hear thunder rolling above and the humidity in the air rise. I opened my eyes and was met by another tentacle coming in toward me. I managed to meld back into the shaded wall and allowed the shadow to transport me to safety. Now the sky had darkened and my weakness blotted out by the storm, I had a better chance of defeating this thing alone. I stretched out my arms and let the shadows surround me, then commanded them to lift me into the air. From the air it was easier to study the creature for weaknesses, or a control point, and I could move a lot quicker; The shadows responded to my thought processes not just my commands. 
I could see a kind of membrane deep in its head. If I could get to it, I could stop it... I attempted to stream shadows to it, attempting to penetrate through it, but there was a kind of defensive skin around its watery flesh which stopped my attempt before it gained any momentum. 
I tried with the new fury power I had been given but it had the same effect, if not with lessened force. I would surely need more training with it. 
As the heavens opened I saw the Parents, Rinultat and Tiran rushing down through the town, Piyuki must have chosen air as one of her crystals, she was soaring through the sky towards the beast, and managed to slice off a tentacle with one swipe - which I had to dodge on the other side. 
She looked at me in a boastful "you're welcome kind of way and I fought back the urge to snarl at her. There were more threatening matters at hand. 
The others began their attack from the ground and Piyuki carried on her attacks, though she didn't seem to realise how she was wasting her energy. Every slash or swipe she made was quickly healed up. Still I let her distract the beast long enough to develop some kind of plan. I pretended to duck and dodge around its flailing limbs to make it seem I was attacking, and searched for a point of weakness. The only chance I had would be to remove or destroy that membrane... 

I soared and grabbed Piyuki, she objected but I ignored her and pulled up and around to the beasts head, pointing down to the membrane, "Cut here, and use your air to keep the wound apart, do not let it close!" We ducked out the way of a sweeping limb and then she threw her arms forward, hands together, slicing down the back of the creatures 'head' then opened her hands, pushing the wound open and causing the creature to roar in agony. I lunged toward the opening and held my breath before diving into it. Its inners were a lot thicker than they looked, it took a lot of force to reach my target but with a few slashes I reached the membrane. It was bigger than I was, but I managed to wrap my arms around it and dislodge it from the nerves leading off it by wrapping it in my darkness. The liquid around me thinned, I could feel vibrations shooting through it, most likely from the others' attacks. I pushed myself back through the liquid building up power to burst through the opening - and hit something hard. I turned to find the wound closed and Piyuki was wrapped up in a bleeding tentacle, squirming uncomfortably as the thick limb squeezed her. 
I turned my attention back to the membrane in my arms and closed my eyes. Concentration got harder the longer I tried; I wouldn't be able to hold my breath much longer. I felt myself sinking, and the mass in my arms raising, my grip was loosening. Now or never. 
I used my remaining strength to push everything I had out my body and into the membrane. 
And with that I blacked out. My lungs ached and my mouth filled with water, and I knew no more. 

© 2012 Franki Valerie

Author's Note

Franki Valerie
More to come soon~ [again]

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