Mystery Death

Mystery Death

A Story by Natasha Gibbz

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted so much more than what she already had. Her name is Isabella Nicole Santos; she is fourteen almost fifteen in a few mouths. She had nothing left after her parents, her brother Benjamin, and sister Tenisha was killed by a mysterious man. 

Years later since her family was brutally murdered she cant forget that day. it was so brutal , she cant forget that day and doesn’t think she ever will. Does anyone really get over losing his or her entire family? Do they forget what happened or what they saw? That is what she was thinking on her walk home from work that day. She remembers the man she saw before she found her family dead in their home. He was in his mid twenties and was very muscular and tall.

It had been ten years since the attack happened. As the years went by she changed just like any normal person would. She was now twenty-four and changed a lot. Her old friends would not recognize her any more. Over the years, her hair grew longer, her eyes were darker, and she was at least a foot taller. If she saw the man again he would probably not recognize her, but she would recognize him right off the bat.

She was walking through the allies at the small store and that was when she him, the same way he looked ten years ago. He glanced over and that was when he saw her looking directly at him. She kept getting the things she needed and he seemed to do the same. They passed each other in the allies a couple times  but she kept walking like she didn’t know who he was.  He was always around for the few years after the  attach. He always looked the same and never seemed to age, like ever one else had. She kept seeing him around watching her till the day he was gone, she never seen him after that till this day in the store. She asked herself why he looked the same as ten years ago, but couldn’t put her fingure on it.

For about a week she saw him here and there, but she kept her distance and didn’t get to close to him at any time. When, she saw him for the eighth day, he looked surprised. He started to walk towards her but with his every step she took a step backward was form him. Then, suddenly he said “why are you following me everywhere I go?”” her heart started to thump harder who he spoke then when she saw him anywhere else.

“Why are you following me?” he said, when she didn’t answer the first time.

“Who are you?” said Isabella asked.

“Tomeka!” he said.

“Well I’m not following you. I’ve lived here ever since my parents, brother, and sister where murdered by someone!” she said with a strong voice.

“Do they know who killed them?” he asked as the end of his lips turned upward.

“Not really!” she said “but whoever killed my whole family and I’ll kill him or her when I figure it out?”

“How did you not die with them?”.

“I was in the horse barn taking care of the horses. I was walking toward the house when I heard them scream and I turned an ran back into the barn and hid in the stalls with a horse. When, I heard no more screaming I came out and I went to the horse and found them.” said Isabella. Her good mood had vanished when she started telling him what happened, but what she didn’t know was he already knew what happened. 

“Where you scared?” Tomeka said.

“Yes, she said “when I got to the front door, the front door was open. I walked in and when I glanced toward the living room, and my parents were laying on the floor a few feet away from each other, my sister was laying on the stairs and my brother was in the next to the stairs. My brother moved to I went over to him and knelt down beside him. He grabbed my arm and muttered “sorry” and that took the rest of him and died then!” Isabella said. Then she added “sorry don’t mean nothing to me after he died lying in front of me.”

“Well that’s a sad story and I’m sad that happened to your…. your family.” Said Tomeka.

            “Bye!” Isabella said. She turned around and walked through the door. When she got to her car, she stood there a second and got in and drove off.

It was dark when she pulled into her long drive and drove up to her house. She sat there for a few minutes and looked at the sky. She was thinking to herself how tomorrow will suck so bad. Tomorrow will be the eleventh anniversary of her families death. She climbed out of her car using all the strength she had. She walked up the stairs that led the front door,  she put the key in the lock and twisted, and the door swung open.

“Don’t!” said a harsh voice somewhere in the dark.

“don’t what?” she asked.

“Turn on the light!” it said again.

“Who are you?”

“You know who I am. Don’t tell me you forgot who your brother is!”

“My brother is dead along with the rest of my family. There is no way he can be alive.”

“How do you figure that?”

Because he died in front of me after he said one word!” She said practically screaming.

She could now see the figure in the room walking towards her. As he got closer she could see the features of the man. There was no way he could or could her be. Alive.

“What word did I say when I apparently died?”

“Sorry!” she remarked.

“What does that word mean to you now?”



“It was your last words.” She said with a calmer voice.

He still had groceries in her hand since she walked through the door. She walked into the kitchen and couldn’t seee a thing. Suddenly, the light above the stove switched on ans she could see all his features now. He looked the same wayhe had almost eleven years ago when he died but some how was standing in friont of her.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, you can ask me anything?” he said.

“Ben, how are you alive when you died? I watched you! You was right in front of me! I watched you!” by the time she got done she was breathless.

“It’s a long story!” Ben noted.

“We got time!”

“Well you went out to do the chores when it was my day to them. But if I went out instead of you then you would be dead. Anyway you knew that much.” He paused then started again “as I watched you go through the front door and down the steps I saw a man standing at the end of the drive. As you rounded the corner if the house he started toward the house. i watched you both for almost ten minutes, he went near the barn and disappeared for a few minutes and I thought he was messing with you. Then I saw you coming toward the house and that when it all started, sis yelled, you froze, then dad went with no sound, you didn’t move till you heard mom scream and that’s when  you shot back into the barn.” He paused probably because the look on my face. A few minutes went by and he started once more. “I started walking toward the back door, but he got in front of me, so I turned, ran through the kitchen and when I got to the hall he was already there in front of me. He moved so fast that he had me pinned up to the wall and I didn’t know till the last moment. He bent down and bit my neck and drank my blood, but he only took a enough to change me to what I am now. I was lying on the floor when you came into the house, when you glanced the direction of the living room I expected you to run in and try to wake them up, but all you did was put your hands up to mouth and the tears fan down your checks like flooding rivers. It killed me not to have the strength to get up and go over to you, but I couldn’t move. Then, you looked toward the stairs and saw Tenaha laying there just like mom and dad. I moved my hand and you went from a statue to a speed faster than man. You knelt down and I said “sorry” after I grabbed your arm and instead of dying I just fainted, but I didn’t breathe or move so you all thought I was dead. I was lying in the cold morgue when my door and he stood looking at me like he was going to say something but never did. He pulled my slab out and helped me to my feet, got me dressed, and we walked out of the building. I saw you sitting in the waiting room, you was crying harder than before and you was nestled into a strange women arm soaking her shirt with your tears. She didn’t seem to bather, but when she looked up from you and over to us, she nodded and we left. When we walked out he doors it was night so it didn’t brother us like the day light would have. We watched you for several nights but he stayed around during the day and watch till the day he decided to leave and let you go. You always had someone with you anywhere you went.” By then he was looking out the window. It was almost sunrise.

“Why didn’t you come back sooner, Ben?”

“I wanted you to have some time for you to heal and go on with your life. When you got that much done I would come back and see you and explain exactly what happened eleven years ago.” He said dryly.

“Thank you!”

“I have to go before the sun rises to full height. Can I come back tonight?”

“You can stay in the basement. It’s completely dark in there.”

“No I cant, he’ll get mad at me if I don’t get back!”

“Okay come back tonight then!”

She watched out her living rooms doubled windows as he disappeared down the drive. when he got to the end he turned around and out something in the mailbox, then kept walking. She ran down the drive till she got to the mailbox, she open it and there laid a cross necklace on top of a folded piece of paper. She picked up the necklace by the hook and let the cross dangled, then picked up the letter. As she walked down the drive back to the house she read the note on the paper. It read:


     This cross necklace belonged to our mother and she told me one day that she wanted you to have it. So I figured eleven years was long enough for you to wait to get it. So I’m giving you this necklace since mom can’t.

              Love You

          Benjamin E. Santos

When she got to the house, she put the necklace around her neck, and the note on the table beside the bed. Before she got into bed she changed into a spegheti straped and

got into bed she changed into a spaghetti strapped shirt, and a pair of short black shorts and crawled into bed. Before sleep took her, she stared at the ceiling for at least two hours.

When, she was asleep she dreamt of the day of the accident. She saw the man. She heard the screams. She saw her parents, sister, and her brother Benjamin.  She heard him speak. She saw herself dial 911, and watched the vehicles come in one by one. She watched the scenery go by as she rode down to the station. And oddly she saw pictures of all the foster parents and families go by as the years went on till she graduated and went to the two year college alone and scared. When the memories of the other day when she met Tomeka and that was when she woke up. She was covered in sweat, her hair was matted, and her pillow was drenched.

When she crawled out of bed, she didn’t stand up right way, she put her elbows on her knees and put her forehead in her hands. She sat there for almost for almost ten minutes and then got up. She pulled out a pair of clean lei jeans and a black tank top and walked over to the bathroom door.

When she had got to the door she saw a small brown jewelry box laying on the in front of the shower box in he far corner of the bathroom opposite of the door where she was standing. She walked over and to the shower and squatted down to the jewelry box and picked up.   She opened the box and there sat a diamond ring.  She didn’t know where is came from or who it was from?

She pulled on her jeans and her tank top then plugged in her blow dyer. When she got he hair dried which took about fifteen minutes, she pulled some of it up and that left a few strands of hair down her back and grabbed he hair straightener, she did small sections at a time because her hair was so long.  Straightening her hair takes about five times longer to straighten her hair than to blow dry it. After she got her hair straightened she putt on her make up. Today she didn’t put on much just eye liner, mascara, and a little eye shadow to put some more color on which always matched the color of her shirt, today her shirt was black so she put on a dark gray shade.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she went to her closet and pulled out her Areo hooded jacket. This jacket was her favorite out of all the jackets she owned. This jacket she loved because of two reasons: number one because it had both her favorite colors on it which were black and blue

 and second it was thick enough for cold, chilly weather and light enough for warm, breezy day. She pulled it on and then pulled the hood over her head till all you could see was her skin on her face.  She walked over to her dresser and picked up her two bracelets, three rings, and her sun glasses. The sun glasses was her favorite pair and has had them for about three years, and what made them special was they had her name Isabella engraved on the lenses. Instead of putting them straight on like normal she put them in her jacket pocket. She walked straight into the kitchen and over to the refrigerator, opened it up, and grabbed an orange Gatorade. She always has plenty of Gatorade in the fridge so she didn’t run out. Before she grabbed an orange Gatorade she noticed that one of the other Gatorades were gone. She grabbed an orange Gatorade and shut the door.

  She got in her car and it was about two o’clock now and it would be a few hours before dark and before her brother would come back and then leave before the sun came up the next the day.

She decided to go into town to the store around four and the come back home. She went down the drive till she got to the mailbox, the mailman had just left about ten minutes before she even came out of the house. She parked the car on the other side of the drive opposite of the mailbox, and walked over and opened the lid. Nothing. She never got any kind of mail besides news papers and junk mail, and then she noticed there was something in the news paper box. It was a box, this box was ordinary box, it was made of card board unlike the box that was still laying in the top drawer in her bathroom she through it when she was done taking her shower. Thinking nothing of it she picked it up and walked over to her car and got in.  She put the box in the passenger seat.  Putting the car in drive she pulled onto the road. Seeing the box in the seat made her think about who gave it to her and what was in the box. She was about two miles from her drive when she decided to pull over to the shoulder to look the box. When the car came to a stop, she threw it in park and grabbed the box.  Her fingers started to open the box automatically. It didn’t take long  to open it, but when she lifted the lid she froze.

When she got to the alleys of the store and started walking when she stopped at the meat section.  She didn’t have much meat in the house since a couple of weeks ago. So she picked up some meat, Gatorade, and also a few others items and left the store.

When she got to the house it was about thirty minutes till sun down and she couldn’t wait any longer because she got one of the thing she loved that was taken away from her. She walked up the stairs to the porch, through the door, and straight to the kitchen to put the groceries up.

When she got done putting things away it was completely dark. She heard the front door open then shut a few seconds later. Then her brother Ben walked the corner whistling.

“Hello, sister!” he said in a voice, but his face gave off something totally different.

“What’s wrong? And hello back!” she said.

“Oh, Tomeka, He’s being stubborn! Again!”

“He wanted me to go hunting with him tonight but I said I was coming here.”

“Oh, I see but do you need to hunt. If you do, you can come back tomorrow night!”

"No, Im fine, i would rather be here with you instead!"

"Oh, okay."

    So that night they sat on the couch and talked about everything on earth. Isabella fell asleep around three in the morning, Ben sat there at her feet till he had to go the next morning. Before he left, he wrote a note, covered her up, turned off all the lights in the house, and before he left he locked the front door behind him on his way out.

She heard the door shut and saw her brother walking down the drive way to the highway. When he got to the highway he turned and looked at the house. He must have seen her standing at the window watching him because he smiled and then disappeared.



© 2010 Natasha Gibbz

Author's Note

Natasha Gibbz
this is the rough copy not the one i had to turn into my teacher with so there are a few typos or any other mistakes....

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