An End

An End

A Poem by Great God Bird Sibylle

All that’s left, all that’s kept,

When you wept is where you slept.

Those ascending stairs always creak

And nothing allowed us to speak.

No one’s dancing in the dark

When there’s a fire in the yard.

Of all things that you have seen,

And you still refuse to believe.

There’s nothing out there,

Into the darkness you’ll always stare.

Colored senses beaten by the rain,

Direct impact intact of the fact

That you’ll never be, you’ll never be

What you ever wanted to see.

I loved you in all that you were,

But to stay would only blur

and insure nothing to endure.

Whisper your whimper, dear,

And I’ll crawl near, so near.

What’s that echoing sound,

Reeling, steal around, abound.

There are thing’s I wish to say,

If only I could make you stay.

But all the same as my name,

You’re a scorched sheen dream.

Diamond dear, hear my fear,

Silhouettes of trees on fire near.

It is alive, It is alive, It is alive.

Like a weed wrapped, wringing,

The spreading, stretching’s stinging.

A twitching, bewitching hand can

Make a stake still with my will.

I hear a song, I hear a song,

This wish must kiss what’s missed.

Nothing can escape the shape it takes.

Here it wakes, what I want, what it was,

Was never enough to love so tough.

Vapor taper and wake her in the night,

Must be fed, Burn the shed, all’ve fled.

Flicking flames lick the porch,

oh no, now torched.

The fire’s spread, we’ll be dead,

This is the end.

© 2010 Great God Bird Sibylle

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Added on September 18, 2010
Last Updated on September 18, 2010


Great God Bird Sibylle
Great God Bird Sibylle


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