Silver Sufrace

Silver Sufrace

A Story by Battlecry

Just a page long dream-like scenario.

One singular step towards a glorified outcome. Each breath taken, heavier than the last. my hands clenched into fists, laying by my sides as a most professional, goal-orientated look stays masked upon my face. Another step upon the broken concrete, past the rubble of the faded past. Another memory torn out forcefully. Another dream manipulated to fit my emotional desire. Never dragging my feet, gliding along the reflective, wateresque silver surface that lays beneath me and across the world. Ignoring all the burnt anger raging on beneath my skin, I press onward. An Eastern Lily sprouting from the mercury-like substance, it's reflection seeming to glow fluorescent against the silvery liquid. I give only but a moment to glance downward at my own reflection, halting for but a second. The reflection staring back seems dark and twisted, a sadistic gleam within the eyes and a malicious smirk spread across the lips.  My clenched fists tremble as I simply press forward. The ripples from every step seeming to collide with the last. A soft voice whispers within my ear, "Turn back. You aren't capable of such feats." a million voices join in around me, a disembodied chorus chanting that I'm incapable of getting past my own flaws. I break out into a sprint, the surface of the worldly room turning dark, thralled in midnights blanket. The ceiling drips down and the floor drips upward, the liquid combining in front of me as a darkened figure of me steps out, the rubbery substance snapping back into place. I sprint again, no longer taking note the beauty of the ripples in my steps, or the mystical feeling the lone Eastern Lily presents. I no longer take long, calm steps to my stride, I now run frantically through this disembodied room. The shaded figure of myself following close behind with darkness seeping from it's being. I now unlock my clenched fists from my sides and bang them against the wall upon slamming into it. I wail and scream trying to break the wall of the singular window to the real worldly realm. strike after strike tears fall from my eyes as I continue in a hopeless effort to break the one thing that blocks me from my freedom. Falling to my knees as my shadow towers over me. She whispers softly a goodnight... as the darkness begins to obscure my vision... and I begin to fall lifeless against it... I whisper softly in reply... "Goodnight..."

© 2014 Battlecry

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Added on November 20, 2014
Last Updated on November 20, 2014
Tags: dreams, dream, dark, darkness, fear, fearful, Lily, Silver, Surface




I adore the fact that I can knit together a blanket of emotions using nothing more than an object to write with and my own mind. Music and passion are what drives my soul to ignite. To be the best.. more..