I Think

I Think

A Poem by Zombieshot

Work in Progress

Take a minute and look up [or imagine if you will] at an early spring sky, with roves of fluffy clouds drifting across the horizon,/ Feel the breeze rolling up from the hills as the birds tweet, [not that twitter mind you], for their mother to feed them their early morning meal,/ See the trees rustling with the cool chilly wind as cherry blossoms float with the flow as they fall so gently to the ground, not a single a sound is heard, as the stillness of nature still hasn't been broken by the hustle and bustle of cars honking their way to work nor the crashing-crushing-kabooms of close by construction workers making room for another over-extravagant monument to a corporation's success, /little did they know of what was a midst the mess of rubble and debris on their path of destruction, was the nest of little birds who'd chirped so eagerly for their mother's return, or little did they know that they'd stained the sky with fumes of noxious gas that turned clouds into gray smog filled drifting smokes of acid-rain and gas, they knew nothing of what they've caused, only in what they've succeeded...
/ One's perspective could be a whole lot different in another' person's shoes, in how a scene so peaceful, could be taken as one of nostalgia and mourning, a scene so elegantly painted with sunflower's and daisies in early bloom as  with the sparrows and dragon-flies flying through, can be seen as a ragged distraught panorama of a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, scattered among the fields are craters of war heads where suburban houses once stood and where lil timmy use to play, its odd... to say, how one thing is something when it's completely another, only then( and when we reach then) is when we can understand each others' perspective 

/ life as we know it is a blessing yet unseen till we pierce the veil that we've so carefully weaved to shroud the dark broody bloody truth that we're too blind to see,

 it's an enigma, I think, to be so blinded by neon lights and flashy luxuries, from commercials made to take your focus from what's needed to be seen,/like look at that deal over there! buy one for the price of two and get one free!, [seems a little all bullshit to me]/

© 2012 Zombieshot

Author's Note

WiP right now it's pretty much just random scribble scrabble, maybe I'll end up separating it into three different stories rather than just cramming them all together, also thanks for the reviews

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This can have a lot of potential if you spend the time to develop it. Right now I find it to too vague - blah blah things are things blah blah. I'd recommend you find the focus of your message.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 18, 2012
Last Updated on August 24, 2012
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