The Lost and Helpless

The Lost and Helpless

A Poem by Marchosias D'Azreal

A girl finds her true love, only to be ripped apart at the most inopportune moment.



"Where is my one true love?

"Where shall I find him?"

She walked to the window,

Only to be depressed by 

What she saw.


A barren landscape,

Belonging to her and her alone.

But she has nothing to do,

Except to watch and wait.

Always waiting.


In time, she would come 

To realize, that life doesn't work.

It never has. It never will.


A small movement catches her eye.

"What's that? Out there?" 

Her shrill voice, shriller 

Because of nervousness, 

Rings out in the silence.


Another movement, and the

Man is in sight. He runs,

To the tower she's standing in.

She catches sight of him,

Swoons at the sight.


He is wearing nothing

More than a red pair

Of breeches, his muscled

Chest bare. She watches 

Him slow, come to a stop, 

Beneath her window. 


He looks up, Their eyes meet.

A chill runs through her,

At his brilliant green eyes.

The same time, he melts in 

Her beautiful violet ones.


They connect, the energy

Runs through the air. 

One moment, they're standing

Still. The next, they run to meet 

Each other. 


She gathers up her skirts,

Running quickly. He sprints,

Eager to meet his one true

Love. They run into each other's

Arms, her crying happily,

Him shouting for joy.


A loud crack sounds,

A witch appears. The witch

Stalks to them, power visible

In every step. "Wicked child!

You have disobeyed for the last time!"

The witch pointed at her,

Another loud crack. The girl disappears.


The witch turns to him, a malicious 

Grin planted on her face. "Your turn."

She cackled wickedly. He turned to

Run, fear coursing through him.

"Not so fast, little toad." One last crack.

A frog drops from where he stood. 

Croak. Croak. The witch's foot comes

Crashing down. True love no more.


© 2009 Marchosias D'Azreal

Author's Note

Marchosias D'Azreal
This is prose, not a regular poem. So no saying its not a poem! It is!!

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Awesome description:) So sad though:( Shows alot of lonliness and despair. Keep writing:)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on November 24, 2009
Last Updated on December 9, 2009


Marchosias D'Azreal
Marchosias D'Azreal

Underground, WI

LOL!! (Go ahead, I dare you.) Don't click here! more..