A Story by hannah

Briley is a teenage girl who has been cooped up in her house her entire life. so she runs outside secretly to get away from her imprisoned life her parents gave her. But maybe thats for a good reason.


Running. That’s what I like to do. the adrenaline of just taking off where ever you’d like, with nothing but pure sweat dripping down your face the entire time and when the fatigue sets in all you want to do is fight it and keep on going. I can’t remember the last time I missed a day without running, probably the day when my dad died. Yes that was the first time in a long time everything actually changed for me. Growing up was never a challenge for me. Always being waited on, hand and foot. I got anything I wanted, the clothes, latest technologies, etc… not to mention just the lifestyle, the lavish parties and Christmas’s. The mansion I live in, beautiful, warm and spacious with a huge court yard filled with exotic flower gardens. Enough room for a whole town to live in. I would wonder why we had such great things, so I would start asking question, like why am I the way I am? Why do I have all these things? Does everyone live this way? My mother would tell me to stop being foolish and wondering so much but to just live the life that was destined for me. And to be honest I don’t even know what my dad ever did to get us to this point.  When I got older I started to understand more about the world through books and television.  I would wake up every morning feeling that all the parties and all the elegance of my life wasn’t really worth a whole lot then what was actually out there. Hunger, poverty, war. I was isolated from the real world. My whole life my parents were keeping me in a safe haven.

               I am homeschooled, another thing that has always bothered me. Not only I was being isolated from the entire world, I didn’t even have the right to actually have friends. Sometimes I would just see my life flash before my eyes like a play book. I would see me right now, being homeschooled all day long, then going to my mom’s rather ridiculous parties and just hanging by myself always putting a smile on my face. I sometimes don’t even think anybody knows my name. Nobody has actually really even said my name besides my parents. “Briley trinscott! Sit like a lady” my mother would always say. I was never too great at the whole being a girl thing. I liked getting messy; I hated the feeling of being trapped in a frilly dress. Or having the maid come in my room every day to reorganize everything so it is perfect, I actually get quite annoyed of everyone around me, which is usually just my mom, Sandra is what I call her. We don’t get along too well, especially ever since my dad had past. My dad, he was my only friend, so I guess you can say he was my best friend. The times when I felt truly alone and sad he was always there to cheer me up. I remember just a couple of nights before he died I asked him if I could go to the park by myself. Even though I already knew what the answer was I still asked. “listen Briley, you have to understand that you’re my girl, and I want nothing more than for you to have a wonderful life. So I think it’s best if you stay here in our home where you are safe.” I was 15 at the time, I felt outside of this gigantic home there shouldn’t be anything that out of the ordinary, I mean I was 15, I wasn’t a baby, so I started running. I would sneak out during the day even at night so I could free myself from my world. No one had any idea where I was, they would just think I was cooped up in my room doing my schoolwork just like usual. Every day I would run the same route I would always stop by the big willow tree by the creek and then I would turn around and go back. I never actually went straight into town, I guess I’m just nervous to. every day I would say to myself what’s wrong with being outside!? I see nothing scary, or strange. I’m very capable of being out here, running. I even like to run in the rain. It’s exhilarating gives me an actual thrill that I never get back at home. My sense of adventure comes out when I run. I just wish I could maybe meet a friend someday. It would be nice having one of those. I talk to myself a lot. My dad isn’t around anymore to talk to so I have to find ways to have a conversation with myself and seem really engaged with it, like I’m my own friend. But at least I’m able to get out, see the world that I have never seen before.

The town I live in or live near by, is quiet, small not a lot of activity that goes around from what I have heard at least “ there is nothing to see in town anyways darling, just a bunch of poor people with nothing to do with their lives.” That’s something my mother would tell me. I want to go to town even though Sandra says though’s things. But I like being outside of my prison; its peace gives me fresh air to breathe. Even though I have never walked into town I have took long glances at it from the willow tree. It almost makes me feel complete.

I woke up one morning with a real urge to get out. So before my mother awakes I figured I will go on my daily run right now. I tie my hair up and put some sophie shorts on with a black shirt that is very well fitted, and slip on my tennis. Without hesitation I ever so silently sneak out the back door. Not the front door because that is where all the house security cameras are. As I made my way past the fence and out towards town I can just see the sun creeping in about ready to rise. The cool fresh air whipping through my long black ponytail and the warmth from the morning sun gives me pure happiness. I enjoy running for this simple reason. Not for the sake of exercise that’s just an extra plus that keeps my body in a well fit matter. But still every time I go behind my mother’s back and step out of the boundaries from my safe haven I have a feeling of guilt. And oddly I have another feeling, that all my life my parents have been trying to protect me from something. But I don’t know what, I can’t imagine what it could be, because ever since I have been running in this on the outskirts of this town all I see is perfectness.  Nothing at this point can pop my delusional bubble that I am in, because if there was something dangerous in this town I wouldn’t want to know what it is, all I want is for this moment to last forever.  I stopped to catch my breath at the willow tree right by chawncy’s creek, it has been a great landmark for me which tells me I need to turn around before I get too close to town. Hearing the water trickling down to the rocks is a rather soothing sound that relaxes me.  As I approach the tree I first look around to make sure nobody else is near. Not that I have ever seen anyone for that matter, I do wonder if there are any kids here my age. Again having a friend would be nice. I look around and the close is clear, it’s not that I would be afraid of people it’s just if someone happened to know my mother I wouldn’t want this little out about get back to her. As I sit against the massive tree right by the creek I start singing to myself. I started to doze off until I heard the crushing of the leaves behind me and a huge sound of something falling to the ground. I turn around to find a tall, lean, muscular boy with sandy blonde hair creeping in on me. My defense mode completely shot up. “What do you want!?” I say harshly as if I was being really invaded but I wasn’t really.  The boy who I have never seen before was holding blocks of wood. I stared at his hands for quite some time and I could tell they were a working hands, with rips and creases all over them. “I don’t want anything, just gathering fire wood for this morning” he said as he was picking up the wood that he had dropped. “I live right over there ya know?” he was pointing towards the hilly valley that was ahead of us. His voice was deep and soft. I like how it sounded, almost reminded me of my dad. “No, I didn’t know” I said with a sassy undertone to it. “Oh well, I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just I usually know everyone from this town and I have never seen you before, so I thought I come and see if you were anyone recognizable, and turns out you’re a new face.” “Yeah, well I was trying to have a peaceful time by myself.” “I guess I’ll leave then” as he started walking away he quickly turned back around and said “I’m Jay by the way.” He turned back to his original direction and I said nothing in return. I started to feel pretty bad as he was out of sight. It wasn’t like he was doing anything to harm me. He just snuck up on me and was watching me. I wonder for how long. I find it odd that I have been to this creek a million times over and not once seen this boy before. I guess it’s the timing, but I still feel terrible and I feel like that was my only chance of actually making a friend. And I gave that up within the first 30 seconds of talking to him. He was the only human contact I have had outside my home other than my mother’s world and her anterough.  Oh well I thought, I probably won’t ever see him again. It gave me a slight sadness to know I did give that up, that chance to actually talk to another person my age. But who knows, maybe I’m better off being alone. I took one last long stare into the beautiful arising sun and took a long sigh as doing so and I began to run back from where I had come from. Prison.

               I returned home and hopped over the white picket fence that circles the perimeter of my home. I never really took noticed that my home really is in the most deserted place. I find that it would be almost impossible for anyone to be able to find it. But it doesn’t really matter no one ever comes here besides maids, and my mothers annoying rich friends. I could tell my mother was still sleeping as I walked back into the house. Silence, which is a good thing, gives me time to properly change she wouldn’t expect a thing as to why I am dressed the way I am dressed. I hate lying to my mom despite me not liking her as much, but I do love her. There was one time after my run I came home and she questioned me with her hawk eyes. It was like she knew I went out. “I just went out in the woods for a bit.” The sad thing is I am a terrible liar and she knows the woods that we own freaks me out because I hate spiders and such. I figured she could see right through me. “Well next time you need to tell me where you’re going on the property. Even though you are still in this premises doesn’t mean anything could happen.” She bought it. throughout my entire life my parents would always say things like that, “ be careful, you never know who is watching…your home is where you should be at…” but what does it matter, they are just protective and I guess if I had kids of my own I would understand more. But this particular morning and like most mornings or after runs she hasn’t been around to question me. I start heading for my room as soon as I got in, I crawled right back into to bed completely exhausted. I shouldn’t be that exhausted but I was. I slept until about one o clock in the afternoon, pretty shocked for how long I slept. Forcing myself out of bed still drowsy I head downstairs to greet my mother who is probably wondering why I was sleeping so long. But to my surprise my mother had guests over, so I stopped myself before entering the room and hid myself behind one of the house plants close enough so I could see or hear what was going on. It’s odd she never has guests over at this time of day and even if she did I would know about it before hand and there would be much planning involved. They weren’t people I recognized though. In fact I haven’t ever seen them before at all. Two men with sleek black suits and black sunglasses were standing in front of my mother. Her body language she was showing gave me the idea that these were intruders.  As I tried listening to what was going on, I could only hear a faint whimper from my mother something was wrong. I started to get worried, she soon began crying, then one of the men who was a lot bigger than the other man said in a sinister voice that shot chill straight up my spine “we will find her, and we will kill her, but first she is our key.”  “please no!” my mother’s voice was so dry she could barely get anything else out of her. And before I could say or do anything, the bigger man took out a long knife, and with one swipe, slit her throat.

               I didn’t scream, I just stared in terror. My body was paralyzed. It was as if the world had stopped turning, the birds had stopped chirping and the air streaming through my blood no longer made it to my heart. “Let’s go. We need to go tell Razi that we’re close.” The smaller man said. “Don’t you think we should search around first?” the bigger man said. “Dear god just leave” I was praying to myself. “I must be the one they’re after. Who else would it be? If they search the house they’re going to find me in less than a second!” I started to sweat, my heart rate shot straight up, this only happens usually when I run, but in this case I was in danger.  “Nah if she were here we’d know it. She would have been down here already trying to save her mom.” The other man nodded in agreement and they both headed towards the door. When everything was in the clear I ran to my mother who was laying in the kitchen bleeding to death. In fact, there wasn’t any use trying to save her. She was dead. I couldn’t believe for what just had happened. My mom was all I had left; now I have got nobody. I was trying to piece everything together but it seemed impossible. Who were those men? Who the heck is razi? And why are they trying to find me? What did the man mean when he said I am a key? I couldn’t answer any of these questions. But I could guarantee both my parents knew all the answers to those questions. If only they were here to explain to me. But now they’re both gone. My poor mother who did nothing wrong was murdered, probably because of who I am. I don’t know exactly what I am, but I am the reason for her death. And maybe my own father’s death, I have only been told that he died in a car accident but I have this feeling, it was all a lie. Looking down at my blood drained mother I only allowed myself a few minutes of sorrow and crying, I needed to get out of this house for good, it obviously wasn’t safe here. Because something tells me those men will be back again to get me. Hyperventilating, I sprint to my room and grab only the things I can carry on my back, grab some money I had been saving up from over years of birthdays, and I was out the door. Not even thinking about calling the cops, at this point I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone. Not even them. Running as hard as I could trying to think where I should go and what I should do next, I decided the best place now was to go to the willow tree by chawncy’s creek. No one knows I go there, besides seeing that one boy, Jay early this morning, but he seemed quite harmless, just a farm boy gathering wood, so it seems like the safest place to be at this moment.  I start feeling sick once I approached the willow tree, my head was spinning in every direction and my stomach couldn’t hold anything down, I flung myself toward the creek and threw up all my insides. I wanted to throw up; it made me feel better immediately. I was thinking way too much at this point, why are people hunting me down? What am I going to do if they find me? How come my parents never told me anything! I was utterly lost and didn’t know what to do at this point. The only thing my body was telling me to do was curl up next to the big willow tree and cry, so I did. Crying did help but after I was drowning myself in my tears I decided it was time to put it at rest and start trying to think logically. I need to get as far away from this place as possible. Too bad I don’t know how to get out; I suppose just start one way and end another. I just wish my parents gave me some street smarts instead of just being book smart. I don’t know the first thing on surviving on my own. I couldn’t gather myself up for my next move, probably was a dangerous idea but I just sat, sat and did some more crying.

               “Are you okay there?” I was startled by the voice I shot straight up and positioned my body into attack mode. Not that I could really “attack” at someone and be good at it, but hopefully I would be able to scare whoever it was off. My eyes met contact to my visitor and it was Jay, the boy from earlier this morning. He looked at me with a concerned face, but I didn’t want to plea for any help, especially after how rude I was with him previously this morning. So I managed to stutter out “oh yeah! I’m fine…I…I…I just…” words couldn’t come out; I just gazed into his blue eyes that were staring back at my distraught face. “Where do you live?” jay asked I looked at him with my watering eyes and just shook my head in disbelief. “Look I was just on my way back to my house…if you don’t have any place to go you’re more than welcome to come with me and figure things out.” I didn’t understand one bit why he was being so nice to me, after all I was such snot to him this morning. And besides he didn’t even know me, for all he knows I could be some physco killer just trying to lure him in, making sure he invites me into his home. But I’m not, and he seems way too sincere and just simply nice for me to turn down his offer, and besides I literally don’t have anywhere to go, and his place probably would be the safest place to be at this point. I didn’t say anything, he just gave me a small smile, and gestured me to start walking with him. With some hesitation, not really knowing whether I should trust Jay, I started walking along side of him. I guess I do trust him, for the time being at least.

               Walking along side Jay was comforting, knowing someone big, strong and intimidating who could probably take two scary men who were hunting me down to defend me was a good feeling. I couldn’t help but just stare at him, he was quite attractive, I have never really met a boy my age before so I guess I never really had that “first crush” but I wouldn’t call Jay my “first crush” simply because I didn’t know him. And I doubt I was going to be around him for that long. The plan is to go to his place where it is safe, and try to clear my head and figure things out, and then leave. I just hope I don’t rope Jay into anything dangerous he is just way too nice; I don’t think I could handle seeing anything happen to someone who is trying to help me. maybe I should tell him what’s going on…no I can’t, because if I did then he for sure wouldn’t want to help me out for a bit. So I guess all the secrets will start now, great way to start a friendship, my first friendship. It was a walk of awkward silence, he was probably getting a little creeped out because I kept staring at him, or maybe he didn’t notice.  “So are you going to tell me your story?” Jay finally broke the ice. “Not until you tell me yours first.” I said with a smirk. He chuckled a little and took a long breath and began to speak. “Well, my name is Jay Moore, I live outside of meadows brook in the country, right by the old willow tree you always stop by, I work with my dad on the farm and I have a cat named toots.  I like to fish and take care of my horses, I like being home, I keep to myself usually, but I’m fine with that, I stay busy. Need to know more?” “How do you know I go to the willow tree by chawncys creek a lot?” I asked with a lot of suspicion. “Like I said my house is right near that creek, and whenever I go and gather fire wood I see you running sometimes.” The thought of someone watching me run disturbed me. Even though Jay was just gathering fire would, I wonder if he watched me just because. Why haven’t I noticed him before? “So you have been watching me?” I could see at this point Jay was starting to really crack a smile, “more like observing who is coming around this area. You’re the only one I have seen lately that comes around here. Usually everyone is just in town.” At this point we were just approaching Jay’s farm. It was huge, the land, the property, the gardens, and the home was huge. I gazed in aw; I didn’t expect such a nice place coming from a farm boy. My house and my land is also big,             but seeing Jay’s place felt more like a home to me, it was beautiful. White painting on the wood didn’t have a stain anywhere, windows shining through the inside, gardens circling the entire house. The country was really spectacular; I was starting to gain a real sadness all of a sudden, looking at Jay’s home and seeing all the happiness made me realize that I will never have that again. But I shook it off because I didn’t want to show that I was still upset.  “This is your house!?” I said in amazement. “Ha yeah, didn’t expect a dirty guy like me come from a place like this did ya?” it was like he read my mind.  He opened the door for me and as I stepped in the house I could smell fresh lilacs and homemade bread throughout the entire house.  As I was looking around I saw from the corner of my eye jay staring at me with a smile, I turned at him we made eye contact. We didn’t speak, we just stared at each other, Jay’s eyes were like Blue Mountains with fascinating twirling designs, I didn’t know this boy very well at all, but I felt safe, around him and in his home. I just hope I don’t give away my trust too easily, because anything could happen at this point when it comes to danger. “Jay is that you?” a woman from the kitchen started walking towards us with a smile on her face. “Well who you got there Jay?” “Mom this is…” oh shoot I didn’t even tell Jay my name. How stupid of me, he invites me into his home and he doesn’t even know my name. I quickly extended my hand “Briley” she didn’t shake my hand, but she came in with a hug, to my surprise. “Well it is nice meeting you; Jay normally doesn’t bring anyone around the house too often so this is a treat. Will you be staying for dinner?” I look up at Jay and he quickly responds “of course she is.”  “Oh great! Well it will be ready at 7. In the meantime Jay, why don’t you show Briley around the farm.” He turns to look at me “shall we go?” I nod my head and I start following him towards the outside. After meeting Jay’s lovely mom I got a churn in my stomach, remembering what had happened to my mom earlier, and how I have two crazy men in black suits trying to find me because apparently I’m a key to something. I hated myself; I hated myself for accepting Jay’s kindness and coming with him to his home, putting him and his mom in danger. I couldn’t keep this up for long, so as soon as I eat dinner I have to leave. If anything happened to these nice people just because of me, I don’t think I could ever live with myself. jay started showing me around the farm, like I said it was huge. We walked through the gardens and went to see all the animals making small talk, and mainly talking about the farm and all the memories Jay has here. We soon came to stop by his old tree fort; it was way high up in the tree, I’m very afraid of heights so there was no way I was planning on going all the way up there to check out his tree fort. “Want to go take a look?” I looked at him with a blushing face I didn’t want to tell him I was afraid of heights I think he got the hint though. “Look, you start climbing first and I’ll be right behind you to catch you if you fall. And once we’re up there it won’t seem like we’re that far up.” I could tell jay wanted to show me his fort, and tell me about all the memories he has had with it. So I sucked it up and started climbing. Jay was right though, being in the fort didn’t seem like we were that far up, it was actually quite beautiful, you could see the whole farm, and the sun that was just about to set. I was soaking it all up, the beauty of it all. But I couldn’t be happy for that long, for that the memory of my mother bleeding to death in my kitchen is in clear view. And I’m not really safe yet, not until I leave this place for good. “Okay Briley, what’s your story? I have been telling you this whole time about myself and my life here at the farm and I got nothing from you but your name.” I looked at Jay who has been so honest with me this entire time now I have to spew out a bunch of lies about myself. I hate myself for doing so but it’s the only way for him and his mom to be safe, actually I’m probably endangering them more for being here in the first place. “I don’t really have one.” I said shyly. I was waiting for Jay to pressure me in to giving him more information about myself but he didn’t. He just chuckled a little “I’ll have to figure it out on my own then.” I gave a fake laugh back. I just know I don’t want to stick around for long for him to really figure out my story. We could hear Jay’s mother calling from the house for dinner, Jay grabbed my hand to help me up and led me back to eat dinner. “Is it just you and your mom?” I asked Jay “no, my dad will be around hopefully.”  Oh great! Another person I will be putting into danger. I said to myself silently. But I had to let that go for now and act like nothing is wrong. Walking inside the home there was a new scent in the air; I couldn’t make out what it was exactly but smelt like a bunch of spices all jumbled up. The mouthwatering smell made my stomach growl for I haven’t eaten anything at all today due to the unfortunate events that had just recently happened. So I suppose I will do myself a favor and eat; besides I’m going to need as much energy as possible if I am to run my way out of this town for good. Jay and I walked into the kitchen and the dinner table was set so decorative, the time and effort someone took to fold the napkins into a butterfly shape, and set all the candles and flowers in an order that makes the rest of the house seem less delicate. I should be used to this sort of thing because I attend many social gatherings and parties with my mother that have the same pristine look , I guess I was still surprised of the fact that a farm boy like jay had such an elegant life. I sat down right next to jay stiff as a board, I didn’t feel right being there, lying about what’s really my story, when jay and his mother opened up their home to me because I had no other place to go. I need to stick to the plane. Eat and then leave. “Here we are! My famous stew. I hope you like it Briley.” Jay’s mother said filling up my bowl. “oh it looks lovely, thank you.” And it did, tasted amazing too, the succulent flavors and meats that melted on my toaughn brought my hunger into a craze starvation, so I ate every bit that was in my bowl. Helping myself to another piece of bread I heard footsteps coming in through the kitchen door, a tall man with rugged farmers clothing caught my eye. “Oh darling! You’re finally home! Come join us for dinner, and meet Jay’s new friend, Briley” he reached forward to shake my hand, I got grasp of it and he said in a chill cool voice “hello, I’m Razi.”


               I started to sweat harder than ever, my breathing became rapid and I was shaking uncontrollably. Razi, Jay’s father is the man who is searching for me. The head honcho that the two men earlier were talking about after they had killed my mother. “Briley, well it is nice to meet you.” The most sinister smile came across his face that made every cell in my body quiver. I looked over at Jay, who probably has no idea what’s really going on I turned towards him but he didn’t look back at me, I smiled at Razi trying to hide the fear in my eyes, “I best be going right now. It’s getting late, and my mother will be worried.” “No, no Briley, I insist you stay longer, maybe you and I can get well acquainted with another. It’s not every day Jay comes home with a pretty girl like you.” Razi said. I looked at Razi and he gave me a stare that said loud and clear, “you’re mine now.” I didn’t know what else to do but sit and wait for what would happen next. Razi sat down right across the table from me with the same sinister smile he had on his face from the moment he saw me. He didn’t even bother to touch any of the food, his hands were folded neatly across the table like a proper business man would, which was odd because he looked nothing like a business man; but a dirty farmer. “Tell me about yourself, Briley.” I looked over to Jay to hopefully show enough desperation in my face to signal him a look to help me get out of any type of conversation with his dad. But oddly Jay didn’t bother to even acknowledge me, ever since his dad showed up he hasn’t even looked at me. “Um, there’s not much to tell.” I knew I sounded nervous, I’m not very good at confrontation, especially confrontation with a man who is trying to hunt you down. “Briley, everyone has something to share about themselves.” Razis eyes got narrower, looking at me waiting for me to speak. But I couldn’t. “Alright then, let’s cut to the chase. Son, bring Briley to her living accommodations that is set up for her for the time being.” This can’t be true; Razi already had a place set up for me, to imprison me for some reason. It was like he knew I was coming, he was expecting me. That means Jay was expecting me, and his mother as well. I looked up at Jay, eyes starting to fill up with water; he knew exactly what was going on this entire time. Jay grabbed me by the arm “let’s go.” still speechless I had no choice but to be cooperative and follow where ever Jay was bringing me. As we stepped outside the house I came to a sudden halt. “Why?” my voice trembling “you knew all along didn’t you? That he was after me.” Jay’s eyes never met mine; he was staring at the pile of dirt on the ground. “You’re going to be okay. He won’t hurt you. We just need you.” “Need me for what!?” I started getting angry now. “What could you possibly need me for!?” my voice was now at a higher volume. “I trusted you, you invited me into your home, you’re the first person that I have ever really talked to. And now you’re turning me in to your father who killed my mother!?” His eyes finally met mine “what? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jay said in a concerned voice. “No, I’m not buying that crap! You knew!” “I swear Briley I didn’t!” now Jay was yelling back. “Well, turns out I don’t trust you. You were watching me, at the willow tree, you knew exactly where I was going to be so you can lure me in. bringing me in to your father.” his eyes were glossy like they were about to fill up in tears. Razi came instantly to the scene; he probably heard us yelling at each other, Razi took me by the arm and started escorted me to my new living arrangements. As I was walking away from Jay, I turned around to see him staring back at me. He had to know that his father sent two men at my house searching for me, and then killed my mother. He has to know that his father is dangerous, he turned me in! I thought Jay was a nice boy, the first boy that I have ever talked to. But now, I hated him. And want no friendship from someone who lies. I will never trust anyone ever again. Its time I fend for myself, I’m going to escape, and run, run as fast as I can to a place that is safe. If only I knew where to start. Razi being very forceful and abrasive walking me toward this little shack out in the fields, old, rusty looking and with a barbed wire fence around it. once we reached the fence Razi put in a code to open the gates so I can get situated in my shack, the barbed wire fence and the code will be extremely hard to escape, but there has to be a way. Razi walked me in and there was one bed with no blankets and a pillow, a toilet and sink. That was it. I didn’t expect to live in a proper setting so I wasn’t surprise to what he gave me. “its not much, but you don’t really need much. You’ll be only good for one thing.” Razi said. “I don’t understand…why do you need me? What do you want?” Razi started walking toward me slowly, chuckling underneath his breath. “You have no idea do you?” he was starting to laugh now. And I felt a sudden rush of embarrassment knowing he knew something about me that I didn’t know. “Your mother and father were very wealthy people…I am a very wealthy man as well, but not the kind of wealth your parents had. Your parents had power, power that no one else had, they had followers, people to do work outside of being actually paid to do it. They had control of what was going on, not just in this pathetic town…but the world.” Was I even hearing this right? Was Razi saying that my parents were like some kind of rulers of the entire world that controlled everything? “Your parents soon wanted more power, but how could anyone get more power? I’ll tell you how sugar…you create a new world. A world not like this one, a world that I know nothing about, except that it exists, your parents called it cinrah “ and since both of your parents are finally dead I have every intention on gaining there power and unlocking this world that they created.” My head started to hurt, even worse then it did before. I was getting information thrown at me a million miles an hour, I couldn’t swallow up what razi was saying.  My parents don’t rule this world and a brand new world that they just so happened to create because they wanted more power. Plus even if they did, my parents were good people, they would never be like an evil dictator. I had this feeling if razi was telling the truth about all this, and he did take over this power, that everything will change. But change for the worse.  “My parents would never lie to me, they couldn’t have kept such a secret if it were true.” My voice was trembling and my mouth was so dry it tasted of dried blood in the back of my throat.  “Tell me briley, have you ever been into town before? No, you haven’t. Your parents kept you inside that big ol mansion to “protect” you from people like me. Because they knew if you ever got into the hands of someone else other than their own, they could lose what they have. But now that they’re dead, you’re all mine, and soon with your help I’ll have power…over everything. “I still don’t understand…” I was now scared. Scared of what razi meant by “I’m his” and why in the world he needed my help for “foolish girl, you have been living in lala land. Why do you think your parents kept you locked up for all your life? It’s not a coincidence.  You’re the key and you will help me whether you like it or not.” The sad thing is, I didn’t know how I was even supposed to help him unlock the world of cenrah. I still wasn’t able to wrap my head around this information. “We leave in the morning” razi interrupted my thoughts as he spoke. I looked at him with still a confused face; he realized this confusion and began to laugh. “Oh, sweetheart, don’t you worry this should fun.” I was angry now, not frightened or scared but pissed off. Pissed off about how my parents kept such a secret from me my whole life, pissed off that razi’s men killed my parents, pissed off that Jay my only friend that I ever had; tricked me. And pissed off that I had to help razi get what he wanted. Nothing was right, and I was powerless. I felt my bones weaken and my eyes start to tear up. I sat in silence and razi gave me the same bone chill smile, then walked out the shack door. Left all alone, it was warm outside I could still feel the summer heat, but yet my whole body was ice cold. I sat there started feeling sorry for myself. Wishing that everything could go back to normal. Even though I was never allowed to leave my home, I still lived a good life. Nothing to really complain about despite not really knowing what was going behind the scenes. Why in the world did my parents want power? Cenrah, I started to become curious of the world my parents kept such a secret from me. What was it all about? Was it dangerous, beautiful, or awful? Did humans like me live there? I think I wanted to see cenrah just as much as razi did. But I couldn’t let him get to it. It was me who should only have the right to control. I am the daughter of the rulers. I have ownership. But I wouldn’t even know where to start. In fact I can’t start, I’m cooped up in this hell hole of a dump and there is no way of getting out without being caught. I started to think long and hard and yet I came to a dead end of ideas. Until I heard the door swing open and I see Jay standing in the doorway. “What the hell do you want?” I said in a vengeful tone. “We gotta get outta here. now.” He said frantic “ he started inching toward me holding his hand out to guide me with him. I hesitated “why the heck would I ever go with you, for all I know you’re tricking me into another trap that your family has to keep me against my will.” I said my voice still cold. “Look, my father tricked me. He said all he wanted to do was help you. He told me that your parents had died and that you needed someplace to go. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to feel like some charity case. But when I heard you say that my dad had killed your parents, I knew that everything that my dad has ever told me was a lie.” “Even if you were trying to help me right now, where will we go? I can’t just leave this situation. If razi is right about my parents I feel I have some duty and obligation to take over.” Jay stared at me “you really want to find answers; I think it’s too dangerous to go up against my father. You saw what he did to your mother.” “But he needs me! If I’m really the key he wouldn’t dare lay a finger on me. Jay, I have to know what my parents have been hiding from me all these years. I can’t just run away with you and leave it. Even if I did, razi will find a way to find me. We just need to beat him to it. My parents must have had left me some clues. They would have to know that something like this would happen.” Jay kept staring at me then he slowly says “you’re right, whatever my father is up to can’t be good. You need to take hold of what your parents left you. where do you think we should start?” at first when Jay said were “WE should start”, I wanted to say there is absolutely no “we” but honestly I couldn’t do this alone, even if I didn’t trust Jay, he was better than nothing. So I swallowed my anger towards Jay and said “We should head back to my house, there has got to be something that is useful that can lead us to where we need to go first.”


Ch. 3

We leave the rusty shack without any notice from Razi. But I’m sure it won’t be long until he realizes that I’m gone, and his son, Jay, helping me run away from his father. That is one father and son relationship that was thrown out the window. That’s if Jay isn’t helping me. Maybe he’s setting me up for another trap. I guess I won’t find out until the end of all this. But I’m not sure where that is exactly, the end that is. But I have no other choice but to let him prove to me he is loyal. But I won’t let my guard down, not even for a second. We walk in silence not a word spoken to each other, back to the awkward silence but now worse because I have now have built a barrier between us that will probably won’t be broken. Maybe it was a good thing my parents kept me away from society because from what I have noticed so far in the outside world of my safe, secured home is that people will hurt you. So far every person I have seen outside of my parents friends have been ruthless human beings. “You know we’re going to have to talk to each other if we’re going to do this together ya know.” Jay finally breaks the silence. “I don’t want to talk to you.” my voice is almost gone from all the crying and yelling I have done from what has all happened. Jay just turns to me and sighs but doesn’t say another word. We reach my house and my stomach flips and the memories from just this morning start to replay in my head. Again, my eyes start to water up but I force myself to rid myself of the tears and move on. I now have bigger problems to face. Nothing has changed and everything is exactly the same as how I left it. I race to my mother’s bedroom because that seems like the most logical place to start. If there are any clues or information my mother would keep it close to her personal belongings.  I bolt up the stairs not waiting for Jay but he follows and open the two great red oak double hinged doors to my mother’s room. Her private sanctum what she liked to call it.  The smell of fresh linen and pine trees fill the room up with an intoxicating scent. Just yesterday she was in here sleeping in her warm queen size bed. I can still see her body imprints on the mattress at where she laid.  I start in her files, searching for anything that could be of use to me. I look over my shoulder forgetting that Jay is still here with me and notice that he is rummaging through my mother’s things. Even though the reason why we came back here was to search in my mother’s things for answers and clues; I wasn’t okay with Jay doing it. “Hey! Stop! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Jay looked confused but above all he looked like a small child who just got reprimanded by his father. “I’m just trying to help. Sorry.” For whatever reason I started to feel bad, that was the reason why I allowed him to come with me. So that he could help me. Despite my arrogance, I take in a long slow breath and I finally start to cool down. “Look, this is very hard for me so you should understand that it’s nothing personal. I just don’t think I can trust you. I can’t be sure if you’re lying to me.” Jay’s eyes look to me with concern and sincerity. “Briley, I’m telling you the truth, I had no idea what my father’s intentions really were. Now that I know he’s a murderous b*****d trying to gain power that isn’t rightfully his.” I could tell that was painful for Jay to say. “I just want to help make things right. I’m not like my father and I never will be.”  He starts walking toward me, hesitating for a moment he reaches towards me and puts his hand gently on my cheek. I don’t twitch I just feel the warm tenderness of his hand pressing against my cold sweaty face, feeling an electric shock bolt through my entire body. “I won’t make a mistake like that again. Let me help you.” his eyes are daunting, icy cool; I can get memorized in for hours. He pulls his hand away, but still has my gaze. I look away red faced, I have never had a boy touch me before like that. I look around at everything that needs to be checked before we leave. It is impossible for me to do everything quickly and efficient all by myself. My mom is dead, so it doesn’t matter who touches her things. She’s dead, so is everything that was in this room; dead. “Get to work.” I say quickly before I had changed my mind. We looked everywhere in her room, under the bed, the closet, her jewelry chest, bookshelf, drawers, dresser, and yet nothing had come up. “It doesn’t make sense. How can someone have a secret as big as having ownership to an entire different world called “cenrah” I say in an irritated tone, “and yet there is nothing to have proof of it!” I felt all anxiety well up back into my system. I look at the clock and we have been here for almost a full hour. By this time razi probably knows that we are both gone, and the first place he will look is my house. Its crunch time now, and the pressure to finding anything can help us is amped up.  “There is no more time to look, we have to leave before razi comes for us” Jay looks deep into thought, then he looks at me and tilts his head, “Briley, if you are the key to cenrah wouldn’t you think your mother would have left you clues that were more obvious to you? I don’t think she’s trying to hide anything.” I don’t understand what Jay is saying or what he is about to lead up to. “Your room, Briley. She had to have left you something there so you could find it easily in a time like this.” “But that’s impossible. If it were so obvious I would have known it all along!” I say as if he has no idea what hes talking about. I have lived here my whole life and my room is where I spend most my time in. I would have noticed something if it were there. “But you weren’t looking for it at the time. I think once you start searching it won’t be something that was meant to be searched for in the first place.” Time is ticking and I decided to dart for my room, probably for the very last time. I step foot in my room and everything is in its normal place. Nothing unusual, it was messy with clothes laying everywhere an unmade bed and I still had my old American girl dolls laying across my pink princess shelf that I have had since I was 8 years old. I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed that Jay was in my room witnessing the aftermath of a tornado of teenage sloppiness. But he didn’t even seem to notice. I scanned my room one too many times, going through everything that I possess.  And again I get nothing. By this time I’m sure that razi is on his way. I look over to see what jay is staring so intently at. Hanging on my bedroom door staring directly toward my bed one of the pieces of art my parents got me for my 5th birthday. Full of vibrant colors and shapes it was definitely an magnificent painting that you could get lost in without even trying. “Jay this is hopeless. I think we should just move on.”  Jay doesn’t respond, instead he tears down the painting and shoves it in my face. “Tell me what you see.” His voice is more urgent with excitement. I look down at the painting and see nothing but fluorescent shades of orange, green, pink and purple, with shapes all around. “I see a painting that my parents got me for my 5th birthday for decoration to my room.” I say flatly and not amused. “Look harder” he gives me a stern stare. I take another long are look and ever so lightly beneath the fluorescent shapes and colors of art, I see winding lines and land marks. I follow each line with squinting eyes and trace it to the ending point that leads up to tiny black wording that reads, cenrah. I look up at Jay and he is just smiling arms crossed. “All this time and I had a map hanging on my door.” It was right in front of me this entire time. “Now we can move on.” Jay says and grabs the painting and starts rolling it up. At first I am surprised that Jay is starting to take control of my mission, a part of me is angry that he is and wants him to leave me along. But another part of me likes it, and I want him to stay, I can already tell my feelings toward Jay are going to be confusing. Jay starts toward the door and I don’t move. “You coming?” Jay notices me not engaging in any movements. I take in one last glimpse of my room that I have called my safe haven for so long and start my way to the door and not looking back. “Let’s get outta here.”

Forcefully removing myself from my home was the hardest thing I had to do, besides seeing my mom get murdered, all I wanted was to be that little girl I once was and snuggle under blankets with my parents; feeling loved and safe. But that feeling is long gone and I don’t know if will ever return. On our way out we take another look at the map so we had some idea on where to start heading toward. “it looks like the map starts at where your house is, which is good.” Jay states. I look at all the hidden symbols and landmarks that the map has, must be destination landmarks. But why? Can’t we just head straight to cenrah? “What’s with all the pit stops? It’s almost as if these symbols mean something” I say questionably. Jay nods his head like he is agreeing. “I guess we will find out wont we? We need to start heading east. And our first landmark we need to reach is 100 miles. And that’s too much for walking distance. We need a train.” I look at the map and see our first symbol on the map and my face turns pale. It’s a snake. But maybe it is only a coincidence. There probably won’t have anything to do with snakes. I hope.  “Yeah, we need a train” I say with a squeak in my voice. “Briley, are you alright?” he must have noticed my lack of color in my face. I just nod my head yes and give him a sly smile and we both start heading toward town where the train station is at.

We don’t walk, we start running because at any moment razi could pull up in the driveway, and then we are screwed. We reach the train station and with the little money I have, I go to the ticket booth to buy ourselves tickets. “2 tickets for the east train please” the woman at the booth was middle aged and was in need in an eyebrow pluck but that was the only major thing that caught my eye. “Well I’ll be damned. Briley Trinscott daughter to Randy and Sandra Trinscott” she says with an almost sinister tone. “Now from what I have heard you are not allowed out on the town now are you missy?” she says with questioning glaring eyes. I’m too startled to even form words. How does she know my parents? And how the heck does she know who I am? I have never stepped foot into town before. This is my first time. “Now, if I were you I would run along home before something bad happens to ya.” She says with a cackle. At this point Jay is standing right behind me and steps in. “hey! 2 tickets please.” Jay says with a forceful tone. She eyes Jay up and down like a hawk. “Suit yourself.” She hands Jay 2 train tickets then looks to me again, Jay grabs my arm and starts pulling me toward the train to board. As we were walking toward the entrance to the train I hear the ticket booth lady yell in the distance. “You better watch your back Briley!” she doesn’t say it as a warning to help me. But a warning to tell me that I will I have a big red target on my back and she and anyone else will do anything to get hold of me.

At this point my whole body is pale and I tense up as we are sitting together in our seat section. Jay who is sitting across from me looks at me with worried eyes. “Don’t let her scare you. we are going to get through this.” Now tears start filling my eyes. I want to scream at jay and tell him that he is wrong. That I can’t get through this I have people who want me and want me for something I don’t even know how I can even be used. This whole im the key to cenrah crap is bogas. If I were a key, I would have felt something different inside me all along. Like maybe something supernatural. But no, I have felt like the same girl for 17 years now. I’m completely human and not the key to an unseen world that nobody even knows about. I think.  “Jay, don’t tell me I’m going to get through this when I have no idea what im even up against! I saw my mother be murdered. I was kidnapped from your father and now strangers from bus stations know more about me and my future than I do!” My heart rate at this point has exhilarated and I begin to sob. Jay moves over sitting right next to me. He brings his arm over my shoulders and start caressing my arm softly. I don’t shrug him off because at this point any comfort will do, even if it is a pity party. “Briley, look at me.” I don’t, I keep my eyes focused to the ground. Jay takes his hand and moves my chin upward so that I am facing his. Our noses barely touching, “I won’t let anything happen to you. You understand? I don’t care what it takes you will be safe with me.” Safe. That word seems foreign to me, but I like hearing it. Even though deep down I know I’m not safe with anyone I pretend for that moment that I am safe. Here on the train with Jay.

I wake up to the sounds of thunder and I suddenly realized that I have fallen asleep on Jays lap. He is sleeping but looking out the window watching the storm. I get up in a hurry not wanting him to think I wanted to be there in the first place. Or maybe I did. “How long was I out?” I ask. “Maybe an hour and a half, not too long, but you do snore.” He smiles at me. “Do not!” I protest.  We both start chuckling a little, it wasn’t even a funny remark but I couldn’t help but let loose for just that moment. “Our stop should be coming up soon. My guess in the next 15 minutes or so. We should look at the map to see where we need to go once we leave this train.” Jay pulls out the map that he keeps folded up in his back pocket; the colors of the paint are starting to shred because of it. He lays his finger at the snake like symbol and looks up at me. At the moment the train comes to a sudden halt.  Confused, but figuring that jay was wrong about the 15 minutes that we had left, we both cling to the window to see why we are stopped. Pitch black outside pouring rain with dangerous lightning bolts shooting through the sky. I look below us and notice the train has stopped on a bridge. Underneath this bridge is water; a rapid river. But no sign for a proper train station to let us go. “Something seems fishy.” Jay says with a worried tone. All of a sudden we hear pounding on the door. “Open up! Open up!” my heart starts to race. They’re after me, I know it. The girl from the ticket booth must have told them who and am, now they want me, just like razi wants me. There’s more pounding on the door and I see Jay break open our window. “Time to go.” jay says and he pulls me toward the open window. I look down and my stomach starts to feel queasy. I know this is the only way out but the roaring river scares me. This seems like it is suicide but it is the only choice we have. We hear more pounding and the door starts to open. We sit up on the windows ledge. I think I may just pass out and just our luck the train starts moving again. Picking up to high speeds gun shots startle me and the door is damaged enough so they can finally get in. “on the count of 3!” Jay yells “1…2…3…” and on three we are both tumbling into the crashing depths of the river.

My lungs were burning for oxygen I sucked in so much water when I hit I think I’m on overload, kicking and paddling as hard as I could to reach the surface; I don’t know when that will be because it’s so dark and rainy out I can’t see any light. My arm flails up into the air and so does my head gasping for desperate air, but soon gets dragged down the river from the fast moving rapids. I try turning my head around all angles trying to see if there is any sign of Jay. Nothing, Just black and rushing water. I start to panic but shake loose of it because I need to get out of this river. As tired as I was I paddled ever harder to shore. I reached the shore cold and lost. Not knowing what to do without Jay. I need him; he has the direction to where I need to go. Not only that I like the company and not knowing I have to do this alone. I wonder near the shoreline screaming Jays name and hear no response back. I can only conclude to one thing. He’s dead and the water swallowed him like it almost did me. I decide I should start to face the fact that I will be doing everything all on my own. I tell myself to suck it up and that I hardly knew him, but all I want to do is cry. I find a tree to stand under so I can receive some protection from the rain. Hopefully lightening doesn’t hit it. I kneel down trying to be the strong girl that I know I can be and try to think about what is next. But I don’t know I’m lost and utterly alone. Maybe we shouldn’t have jumped. I think I should find civilization and turn myself in. Have them use me for whatever they want. I start to overwhelm myself with all this thinking and start to get dizzy. Then all I see is black.


© 2013 hannah

Author's Note

Please ignore some grammar problems. I am in the process of revising! I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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