The Don'ts of Email Marketing

The Don'ts of Email Marketing

A Story by Horace Jenkins

Email marketing is very good while it is converting prospective customers to loyal customers and fans. But also too many emails are never replied this is not the system that is wrong, but the structure that you have taken which are not good. There are several traps that you should avoid with email marketing so that you get the best of it.

1. Refusal to incorporate new technology Technology is there to help our life become easier and efficient. If your company is so much rigid, it will get overtaken by time. Your company should be like the willow tree that bends to strong winds and this helps it from being broken or worse uprooted. With the new advancement with the internet more doors are opening and it's up to your company to spot and use them. Artificial intelligence has been a major focus in email marketing campaigns and we have seen how strong it is in converting leads to sales and even more save time. A major contributor is innovative software that is being created each day to help in marketing our products. You should buy and save time with marketing automation software. Embrace technology for your own benefit or get phased out of competitive marketing strategies.

2. Having words that trigger spam alert There is no bad thing than knowing your email was even never checked because you made a wrong phrasing of words. May email service providers have a detection program that automatically detects some words in your subject or within a few lines of the body and immediately classify it as spam. Many email users up to 80% rarely check their spam mail and will at most of the time clear it automatically how painful is it for you if your emails always end up in somebody's spam folder. It is best to avoid words that can be filtered by email providers.

3. Not leveraging the use of social media Social media has become a powerful tool. Almost 90% of people with an email account have a minimum of one social media platform account. Social media has become a common method of communication. You should ensure that within your email you include social media icon where clients can click on them and like or follow your company's page. You can always then do advertisement and promotion materials with your page which will 60% of the time translate to a new sale. If within your email marketing you don't use social media you can only expect average results.

4. emailing list that is not researched When acquiring emailing list you should have done proper research so that you can be assured you get the best out of your email marketing. When you have done research you should then segment each client according to age and demographic location so you are able to send personalized email. After the initial response from the client or visit to your site you can then further classify according to their purchase or subject of interest. This few tips will ensure you get the best out of your email marketing campaign and you shall be pleased with the results.

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Added on January 6, 2015
Last Updated on January 6, 2015