Halloween's Apocalypse

Halloween's Apocalypse

A Story by HorrorMaster

A dark horror fantasy about on Halloween night two demonic couples and all the demons from hell to destroy the world and make hell on earth.


Once a upon a dark time, on a stormy night in the forest called "Dark taverns". A beautiful chick named Fiona Alicie Darkholme was watching the sky as if hypnotized by its very sight. Her royal purple eyes would light up with every bolt of lightning that came down. She stood upon a dark tavern's rooftop by herself; the rain drenching her full (wardrobe and person). Fiona had always loved the rain and, even more, the storms that sometimes followed. The twilight's storm was mystifying to her; another lightning strike. Her black ears lay back against her head at this. Memories had begun to overtake her mind again, something that happened quite often. More than often, were the flashbacks haunting. She desperately shook her head and clutched it in her hands, screaming out “NO!” She collapsed to her knees in agony. She became very frightening and hurting. Wishing for someone to help her. She tries to get up, but couldn’t. A stranger appears next to her in the shadows wearing a black coat and finger armor. He helps her get up from the ground, before the ground of dark tavern’s open up the deeps darkness of hell. He wonders how beautiful and frightening she is. From the dark red cloak she had on, you could only see a shadow for her face for the hood was up as she had fallen to her knees. She looked up at the stranger in wonder then over to the hell gate that had been opened. “T-thank you…” she had spoken with a soft and fragile voice. Then she falls a sleep laying next to his chest. She opens up her eyes and stared at the stranger smiling. She was wondering where she is. “Where are we?” Fiona asked. “You are in the deep castle from hell where you belong my dear.” The Stranger replied. Fiona smiles at his long brown hair and his red dark eyes. She was wondering who is this stranger name and who he is?
“Who are you?” She asked, “I am Belial ruler of the dark demons who torture souls of humanity. I’ve live in this dark castle alone with my father for over 666 years.” "Fancy number," she said lightly. She noticed the comfort in his touch but pushed it away from her quickly. “.... What brings you here, my lord? To such a low commoner as myself?” Belial smiles at her “Well I belong here with my father, and tomorrow theirs going to be his birthday. I’ll like for you to join for my father’s birthday on Halloween.” she stared at him curiously and then thought over his proposal. “You don't even know me... why invite someone you just bumped into, my lord?”
“Because you are one of us, you’re a demon just like we are. I’ll love to get to know you more my dear. Please come join us to my father’s celebrating.” Belial replied to her. "You do realize how many different kinds of demons there are in this world and the next ones... I am not of the same origin as you are, my lord. Why a commoner like me? There are higher class women demons out there." As she looked to him, her purple eyes glinted as a bolt of lightning came down. Belial watch her eyes glinted as a bolt of lightning came down. “Calm down my dear, you are the only one I chose from all of the other women demons. We’ve watched you; we know all your haunting flashbacks and tomorrow is Halloween, on my father’s birthday. We will end this world. We want you to ruin this f*****g earth and have our demons ruler it. We will suffer all the people in this earth on my father’s birthday. We know you can turn into a wolf, bite their heads off. Think about it.”
She stopped dead in her thoughts and looked to him. "Y-you know? How do you know about my flashbacks?" She was dumbstruck. Not even her own family knew. She kept this from everyone; the pain was hers alone to bare. Belial look straight at her eyes as an evil smile face look that he has. “We know everything in your mind. We are the soul tortures and the mind readers. We know you can join us, rule this earth. Put everything from your flashbacks gone. Revenge them, kill them! Be one of us! Tomorrow will be the biggest day of our lives. Tomorrow will be the day the world will end. Everyone will  be tortured in our hell on earth. They will be our slaves. Think about all your exes and what they have done to you.”
She thought about each and every one of those exes. A scowl came upon her face and she delicately lifted her hood from her head to reveal blood red hair with jet-black streaks. Black wolf ears flickered and perked up as rain started hitting them now instead of her hood. "Would we be able to get back at all of them who has harmed me?" Surprisingly she was warming up to this man. “Yes my dear we will, oh yes we will.” Belial replied. A soft smile spread across her face revealing her fangs. "Good. Thank you, my lord...."
The next day they went to Belial’s father celebrations were all the demons and dark angels are at, standing outside into the deeps fire of hell. Waiting for their “Dark Lord” to come out from his castle. She had dressed for the occasions in a formal gown, black of course. It made her red hair stand out better along with her purple eyes. Her wings stayed folded behind her body while her tail swayed to and from. "When does this begin, m'lord?" She asked curious. In the night, she felt some tension ease up so she was now standing a bit closer to Belial. Her trust had been gained from him from his hospitality. “You will see my dear.” Belial replied to her.
The Dark lord came out of his castle. Everyone was cheering for him.
Fiona’s eyes widened and she immediately kneel in a bow with the utmost respect. "All hail the under lord!"
Then the Dark lord made announcement to all his demons and dark angel about his plain on his Birthday. “Greeting’s everyone and welcome to my birthday party. Today has come over us to ruler the world. We’ll make them our hell. We will show them our torture. We’ll show them fire. Today Halloween will belong to ours. Today we’ll ruler earth. I’ve welcome you HALLOWEEN’S APOCALYPSE!!!” As the Dark lord spoken and everyone cheered. She smiled at this and looked to Belial. "Your father?"
“Yep! Now get ready baby when is night time we’ll begin.” "Baby?" She questioned but liked when he had said it. It felt natural for her. A nodded and she lay her head against his shoulder
Now is nighttime on Earth. Everyone is outside in their costumes having parties and trick or treating. They were having a wonderful night; not knowing when this day is going to end. A little kid walking down the streets to each house getting candies with his mother. Lightening came from the sky striking a little kid. His mom screams in terror. She tried to get help, but then the grounds were broken apart. Hell flames were coming out of it. She tried to run away, but couldn’t. One of the demons drags her down into the deeps fire of hell. The demons and the Dark angel coming out from the ground. Torturing everyone, everyone were screaming in terror. One of the dark angels breath fire on the people skin, were they burn to death. Fiona and Belial came out from the ground also watching everyone dying. Belial grabs their soul and torture it.
She smiled and looked around. She sees a man walking and walks up to him as if in costume. A quick seduction and she broke his neck and drained his blood as she let his body become engulfed in purple flames that spread around his body so fast it was ash in seconds. Belial and his soul torture demons uses their wings to fly around the world very fast using their medieval blades cutting everyone’s heads off and decapitated them one by one.
Fiona watched in astonishment. She could never fly that fast. She was still recovering from a torn wings. but a human came up behind her and caught her off gourd holding a jagged blade to her throat tightly. She couldn't move. "Get off of me!" Belial hear her scream, then appears behind the human back. “Get the f**k off my girl.” He yelled then slice the human’s neck off with his blades. With a gasping breath of air she looked to Belial thankful. "You saved me!..." “You welcome my dear.” Belial looked at her beautiful purple eyes.
All around the world on Halloween night the demons were killing everyone and brutal torturing them in pain. The demons ruled the earth, but Fiona spotted someone that they didn’t kill. It was her ex boyfriend Sora. She turned around and saw Sora standing there, his green hair blowing in the breeze of the destructive night. "Sora?...." He nodded. with his childish attitude, he bounced over to her. He stared at Belial. "Who is this? Spawn of Satan?" "Uh..... Yeah?" Sora thought about taken her back. He wasn't expecting to be right on that one. "Who is he to you, then?" Belial stared at Fiona with a smile face. “She mine now and I love her. She is one of us now, so back the f**k off. Fiona kill your ex think about what he did to you. This is it baby.”
She looked over to Belial and gained a smile. she nodded and retracted her blades from along her shoulders and slashed deep into Sora inevitably killing him through hypodermia. As she turned to Belial she spoke to him softly. "I am yours, m'lord? your one to love?" Belial watch her kill her ex boyfriend and smile at her. “Yes my dear your one to love and we will rule this Apocalypse’s Halloween day together.” "Together we shall rule over this realm and forever reap the human's day of life. They shall all die a horrendous death that they have many a century since resisted." She looked to Belial and walked back over to him. Belial looks straight to her beautiful eyes and go on his knee’s. He saw a dead lady on the ground next to him. He has seen the lady wearing a wedding ring. He decided to use his blade to cut off the lady finger, just to take off her ring. Then he looks at Fiona and propose to her. “Fiona my loveliness, would you be my Dark queen and marry me. We shall rule this Armageddon earth together and make our Father happy.” She looked to the ring that he had commandeered from the woman's finger then back to him. "Marry you?" she asked. She looked into his eyes and got lost in them. A soft smile spread across her face and she felt herself nodding. Belial smile at her too watching her beautiful smile and waiting for the answer. “Yes my love, we will get marry tonight on Halloween.”
“Tonight?” she smiled and nodded again. “Alright. sounds good to me.” Belial hold her hands and use his soul powers to call all the demons, dark angels, and his Father for his wedding night. Everyone appears to him. They knew about the wedding when they’ve read Belial’s mind.
Now it’s time for the wedding begin. All the demons and dark angels were there. The people they’ve been torture and suffer were there too, but in cages. The water from earth turn into fire and made big waves all around them. It was hell on earth. Even an Antichrist priest was there also to do the wedding. "What about our wardrobes, Belial? I need a dress and you, a suit." She looked to her cloak in a frown. She didn't like how she looked under her cloak. That's why she hide her body. "Never mind, I can go like this." Belial shake his head and thinks about what Fiona and him needs to wear for the wedding. “No my love, I got something that you will wear for the wedding, so close you eyes.” He use his power to give her something to wear. It was a nice black dress that she has on with black fish net that has a black roses around her arms. Belial smile at her beautiful dress. “Ok now open your eyes.” She opened her eyes and looked at her dress. she had her wings hidden underneath the dress and her tail wrapped around it like a belt. "Not bad and what about you?" Belial haven’t decided what he should wear for the wedding, so he figure he ask Fiona to do the same. “I haven’t decided what to wear. Maybe you can use your powers on me on what should I wear.”
“Hmmm.…” She placed her hands in front of her and touched his shoulders lightly bringing a suit out of a purple flame. it had tailcoats at the bottom (those little flap things) a black suit with a red under suit. She smiled at her work. "I like it." she stepped back. “Mind if I bring a guest?” Belial wonders what her guest will be. “Sure, and who will that be?” She smiled and a small form appeared in her arms under her cloak. It rustled and moved about under the cloak. "Calm down, now. don't worry." Belial gotten very confused, his mind starts to wonder who will this guest would be. He starts to get worried and waiting for Fiona to answer his question. “I am calm, just wanted to know who this guest will be?”
"Not you...." The bundle moves again and the cloak falls from a face of a young female child. She had a wild mix of hair colors: silver, red, brown, and black. It was tied in pig tails. she was no more than 3 and had purplish blue eyes. She smiled and looked up at Belial. Belial eyes starts to tear a little and wanted to know what’s going on with Fiona. “Please tell me, what’s going on and why you wont tell me about this guest.” Fiona looked to him and cocked her head. she was still smiling however. "There is nothing going on. This is my daughter. Leena serenity." Belial got shock and wonder how come Fiona never tell him about her daughter. “You never told me about your daughter, who is the father of this child?”
"His name is Rown but he vanished a long time ago so I have been raising Leena all by myself for about a year now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I didn't want to expose her to such violence just yet." Leena looked up at Belial and smiled. She held out her arms wanting to be picked up. Belial smiles at her and her daughter. He happy that he going to married the girl who love and have his own daughter to be his Father. “Then I shall be her Father. We will rule the earth together as a family. I’ll make your daughter one of us once she gets to eight teen.” Belial smile happily. "Until then, I train her as the vampire she is. Sadly the demonic gene in her is recessive. She took completely after her father..." She wrapped her arms around them both and kissed her daughter's forehead. Belial smile at her vampire daughter.
One of the demons knock on their door and asking them, “Are you guys ready yet? “We’ve been waiting for you two for an hour. Lets start this wedding.” Her wolf ears twitched and she looked to the door. "They're growing impatient, Belial" She took her daughter back in her arms then set her down. "We have ourselves a flower girl." Belial laughed, “Aw how cute, here’s black roses, so she can throw.”
Now it’s time for the wedding. Everyone in hell on Earth was there looking at Belial; while he walking through to get the front where the Antichrist priest is. Everyone cheered at Belial while he waits for his love. Now everyone became silent. Gothic wedding music start to begin. Fiona’s daughter start throwing black roses while Fiona walking to her love. Belial smiled at her when she came up to him. Belial hold her hand and let the Antichrist priest speck. “Dear we beloved, we’re gathered here today for the marriage of Fiona and Belial. Fiona, do you let Belial to be your beloved dark king for sickness and heath?” “I do!” Fiona smiled. “Belial, do you let Fiona to be your beloved dark queen to death to us part?” “I do!” Belial smiled. “Then we have our self our Dark King and Queen. You may kiss your Dark Queen.” Belial and Fiona both kissed while everyone cheered and go to down and kneel. They bow down to Belial and Fiona.
Now on hell on earth, all the demons torture and decapitated the humans while their Dark king and Queen rise a family on this Halloween night. They both live happily ever after.

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

What think you about the story? Ignore grammar problems please

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Awesomely gruesome story, great imagination you have too!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Love halloween

Posted 11 Years Ago

Haha..b*****s always pull that s**t.. "Oh by the way.." BAM 3 three kids... D:
Also it was funny when you said "it had tailcoats at the bottom (those little flap things)" I laughed at that.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Awsome story i loved it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

creepy work. sure would be great if you read this to people on Halloween. great job man

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very dark and chilling, very good horror. You do horror very well. I do like the romance in it, for me it gave the story more depth.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very imaginative, though a bit hard to read in some parts, due to grammar errors Also confused on "He happy that he going to married the girl who love and have his own daughter to be his Father." I thought Fiona was marrying Beila's father?

Posted 12 Years Ago

The imagery is lovely, I'll give you credit for that, even though overall it's extremely cliche. Starting a story off that's mean to be creepy with "A dark and stormy night" seems almost a tad bit laughable. You need to watch things like that unless you purposely are making it cliche or amusing.
Your writing style is interesting and it holds the attention fairly well. On the downside, the lack of details make it seem a little like a script rather than a story. It's a good idea and as I said, not horrible. A few awkward sentences and perhaps a few typos, but other than all that, it was an enjoyable read.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great characters as always!
A piercing tale that is eerie and chills!
Always a pleasure to delve into a little horror befor the rest of the day!lol

Posted 12 Years Ago

Dark and eerie, your specialty. Another job well done. Awesome story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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